Reviews of Software & Service Providers

    Create personalized avatars, deep fakes and prank videos with any photo using Avatarify's advanced facial expression tracking technology.

    Providing personalized recommendations for clear, healthy skin with an accurate acne detection feature and scientifically validated information.

    A powerful browser automation tool for Instagram post automation, web scraping, and data extraction from web pages.

    Bardeen is a game-changing browser-based tool that automates repetitive tasks and controls web apps with customizable commands, leveraging OpenAI's Dall-E for enhanced productivity.

    AI-powered tool for automating daily tasks in businesses with features like data classification and email generation.

    Generates unique, mood-based music for videos and podcasts using advanced deep learning networks.

    AI-powered presentation platform that automates repetitive tasks and offers customizable, on-brand themes for corporate and business environments.

    Generate endless creative content for brands with, an advanced avatar generator for personal and professional use.

    Creates personalized bedtime stories using generative artificial intelligence, allowing you to customize characters and story elements.

    Advanced online photo editing tool with instant effects, versatile accessibility, and intelligent features for all skill levels.

    An innovative solution to identify and eliminate spam through advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. is an innovative, time-saving tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to craft SEO-friendly content with ease for WordPress websites.

    Free online tool using advanced artificial intelligence to remove unwanted elements from images, preserving their quality with ease.

    BHuman is an innovative platform that uses cutting-edge technology to create personalized videos at scale, enhancing communication efforts and boosting employee morale.

    BlackBoxAI is an innovative coding assistant using artificial intelligence to automate code generation from videos or questions, providing a more efficient and accessible programming experience.

    Text-to-speech tool offering natural sounding voices with various payment plans and unlimited storage.

    Utilizes GPT-3 language model to generate high-quality, unique content and overcome writer's block. is an innovative chatbot tool that facilitates real-time text to speech conversion, podcast creation, and customizable voice generation for enhanced user engagement.

    AI-powered tool for creating realistic 3D renderings and generating stunning artwork with a user-friendly interface.

    AI-powered book search engine with customizable settings and NFT marketplace for buying, reading, and selling books.

    AI Chatbot

    BoothAI replaces complicated and expensive lifestyle photoshoots with a cutting-edge, generative-AI powered image production platform.

    AI-generated cocktail recipe tool mentioned in a Reddit community for innovative technology

    Botdistrikt is an easy-to-use platform that enables businesses to build and manage chatbots without programming skills.

    AI-driven tool that reduces the hassle, cost, and time for online apparel retailers to create fashion photos using generative artificial intelligence.

    Generating high-quality content through automatic tools for businesses and individuals, including slogans, emails, blogs, and more.

    AI-powered writing assistant software that provides content improvement suggestions and streamlines the writing process.

    Create and share sophisticated, personalized applications without coding skills using Brancher's no-code platform.

    An intelligent social engagement platform that streamlines comment management using advanced artificial intelligence for efficient brand monitoring.

    Broadn is an innovative platform that offers a range of services, including community building, digital nomad planning, live sports streaming, and semantic search engine on top of Lenny's podcast.

    Easily extracts data from any website and converts it into structured formats with point-and-click interface, no coding required.

    Build custom-made web applications with ease using BuildAI, a platform that requires no specialized skills and increases business productivity.

    Buildt is an LLM-powered conversational semantic code search tool that enables developers to work with large codebases easily.

    CaliberAI is an advanced defamation-detection tool designed to minimize risks in digital publishing using custom thresholds and near real-time flagging.

    Generates unique, high-quality app icons for multiple platforms using a customized favicon generator and offers full copyright ownership.

    An intelligent logistics platform streamlining cargo transportation and management.

    AI observability platform for continuous monitoring, analysis, and explainability of machine learning models.

    Video collaboration tool allowing users to ask data questions and receive immediate answers in data format.

    Chatbase is an innovative tool that creates chatbots by utilizing user data, providing analytics for Dialogflow bots and API access for website integration.

    Create and interact with personalized chatbots using a user-friendly platform equipped with pre-built apps and training options for improved responses.

    Cutting-edge chatbot app providing accurate, personalized information through seamless conversations with virtual assistants.

    Enhance your search engine efficiency with ChatGPT's advanced language model integration for accurate and conversational real-time answers.

    Chatty Cat is an unofficial third-party tool that allows users to access ChatGPT through WhatsApp, with potential risks to privacy and security.

    CheckForAI is an easy-to-use detection tool that verifies the authenticity of written work with high accuracy. is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the creation and management of checklists, procedures, and standard operating procedures for organizations.

    ChefGPT is an innovative and user-friendly tool that provides personalized meal suggestions based on available ingredients, equipment, and skill level.

    AI App Builders

    Circle Labs is an advanced, customizable, and secure artificial intelligence tool that automates customer support operations for businesses.

    A web-based, brush-selective tool using artificial intelligence to remove unwanted elements from images.

    Cleanvoice is an innovative artificial intelligence tool that enhances audio recordings by eliminating filler words, mouth sounds, and stuttering for high-quality professional podcasts.