AI-powered presentation platform that automates repetitive tasks and offers customizable, on-brand themes for corporate and business environments.

About is an amazing AI-powered presentation design tool that aims to transform the traditional way of creating presentations. The tool uses AI algorithms and a smartly-designed user interface to allow anyone to create stunning presentations with ease. With years of experience in design, writing, and software development, the team behind has created a revolutionary tool to help users to create presentations that are aesthetically pleasing and effective at conveying their intended message. The tool's AI-powered Design Intelligence, customization options, effective visual communication, and effortless presentation building features make creating professional-grade presentations a breeze.

TLDR is an innovative AI-powered presentation design tool that uses smart AI algorithms and an intuitive user interface to create stunning presentations with ease. The tool comes with Design Intelligence, smart slides, and automated design, allowing anyone to create presentations without worrying about design elements. The tool also includes customization options with customizable themes, brand assets, and background options, as well as effective visual communication features and effortless presentation building options. integrates seamlessly with other productivity products and tools such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Dropbox, Trello, and Miro, making it easy to use without leaving workflow. The tool offers flexible pricing options to cater to various presentation needs, and also provides a year of free service for students with valid .edu emails.

Company Overview is an innovative AI-powered tool that aims to revolutionize presentation design. The company's mission is to empower anyone to create stunning visual stories that will stand out and win. The team behind has years of experience in presentation-related fields, including writing, designing, and software development.

The founder, Mitch Grasso, has over two decades of experience building and leading tech companies from ideation to market leadership. His previous company, Sliderocket, was acquired by VMware in 2011. With, Grasso and his team have set out to build a groundbreaking presentation tool that incorporates the intelligence of a designer. The tool uses AI algorithms to help users visualize their ideas and provides countless customization options that make creating professional presentations easy and efficient.

One of the key features of is the ability to know what is on a slide, what could be added later, and how to adjust the layout when necessary. This feature eliminates the need for users to spend endless hours aligning arrows or tweaking circles. Instead, the tool provides suggestions for layout, content placement, and design, ensuring that presentations are both aesthetically pleasing and effective at communicating the intended message. is committed to delivering a superior customer experience and maintains an uncompromising dedication to simplicity and inclusivity. The company values teamwork and believes that the best outcomes are achieved through inclusive debate and collaboration. The tool has already helped thousands of users in multiple countries and companies to create stunning presentations quickly and easily.

If you're interested in helping to change the way people think about visual communication in work and life and want to join a team that challenges the status quo, is the place for you. The company is growing and looking for talented people who share their vision and want to help shape the future of presentation design.


AI-Powered Design

Design Intelligence's Design Intelligence is an AI algorithm that identifies and adjusts the layout, content placement, and design of slides with ease. The tool knows what is on a slide and what could be added later, ensuring that users won't waste endless hours aligning arrows or tweaking circles.

Smart Slides

Smart Slides enable users to insert and customize pre-built charts, tables, timelines, image layouts, and word clouds without any design skill required. The tool combines AI and design to provide a professional look and feel to presentations while allowing users to remain in control of the content.

Automated Design

The tool eliminates the need for users to worry about design elements by automating the process. With, users won't have to waste time worrying about the arrangement, color schemes, and font types for their presentation designs.

Customization Options

Theme and Color Chooser offers pre-defined color and font pairing options, including modern, professional, creative, and minimalistic themes. Additionally, users can create custom themes and select their own font pairings for slides, visuals, and text. The available customization options ensure that the presentation design is catered to the user's style and preferences.

Branding Options

The tool enables users to add custom logos, colors, and fonts to their presentations, ensuring a consistent brand message. Users can also annotate and export to PDF or PowerPoint formats to retain brand identity while sharing presentations with their audience.

Background Options offers a range of customizable backgrounds users can choose from, including solid colors, gradient fills or custom images; this feature makes creating a dynamic background or adjusting existing ones incredibly easy.

Effective Visual Communication

Easy-to-Use Interface is an easy-to-use tool that enables users to create professional presentations effectively. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface, paired with the tool's AI design, ensures that the user can easily produce stunning presentations without any prior design experience.

User Collaboration

The tool's team-centric approach enables user collaboration in designing the presentation. The tool saves users time by enabling them to share presentations with members of their team and allow them to make necessary changes. The team-centric feature ensures that each team member works cohesively on the presentation design, saving time and reducing confusion.

Effective Storytelling's unique ability to provide storytelling structure to presentations ensures that users can present their ideas clearly and effectively. The tool provides a carefully structured framework that enables users to convey their intended message with ease.

Effortless Presentation Building

Real-time Editing

The tool offers real-time editing, allowing users to collaborate on presentations with team members in real-time. The feature offers efficient remote working capabilities, enabling team members to edit and update presentation designs simultaneously.

Instant Syncing provides instant syncing, making it easy to share presentations with members of the team or generate multiple versions of the presentation without the need for multiple file copies. With, instant syncing ensures that each team member has access to up-to-date files at all times.

Seamless Integrations

The tool offers seamless integrations with popular tools such as Google Drive, Slack or Dropbox, meeting the needs of individual users or teams. The integrations ensure ease-of-use when creating and sharing presentations, as well as easing the collaboration on design among team members.

Integrations is a powerful presentation tool that integrates seamlessly with other productivity products and tools. Here are some of the integrations that are available:

PowerPoint Add-in's PowerPoint add-in is the best way to update your presentations with stunning and professional designs. With access to hundreds of customizable smart slides, millions of free photos and icons, and real-time design rules, creating engaging and visually appealing presentations has never been easier. The customizable slide library makes it easy to get a head start on your presentations, and with on-brand colors, logos, and fonts, you can create presentations that are consistent with your company's image. To use the add-in, create a new presentation or open an existing one in PowerPoint, choose the add-in, and start adding slides from the customizable library. Edit the slides as you please in the application, and choose "Save as PPT" when you are done.

Google Slides Integration can be integrated with Google Slides, providing even more flexibility and convenience for users. Just like with the PowerPoint add-in, users can create new presentations or open existing ones in Google Slides, and use to create stunning and professional designs. All the features available in the PowerPoint add-in are also available in the Google Slides integration. To use the integration, simply install the Google Slides add-on, and start creating beautiful presentations in Google Slides.

Dropbox Integration can be seamlessly integrated with Dropbox, making it easy to access files and images from your Dropbox account and use them in your presentations. With millions of free photos and videos available in's image library, combined with the ability to access files from your Dropbox account, creating engaging and visually appealing presentations has never been easier. To use the integration, simply connect your Dropbox account to, and start accessing your files and images from within the application.

Trello Integration can be integrated with Trello, allowing users to easily create and share presentations with their team or clients. With Trello, users can create boards and cards that can be easily shared with their team or clients, and with, they can create stunning and visually appealing presentations that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow. To use the integration, simply connect your Trello account to, and start creating and sharing presentations.

Miro Integration can be integrated with Miro, allowing users to easily create and share presentations with their team or clients. With Miro, users can create boards that can be easily shared with their team or clients, and with, they can create stunning and visually appealing presentations that can be seamlessly integrated into their workflow. To use the integration, simply connect your Miro account to, and start creating and sharing presentations.

Other Integrations

In addition to the integrations listed above, is constantly working to integrate with other products and tools used for productivity. If there is another integration that you would like to see, you can contact the support team at [email protected] and let them know. is always looking for ways to improve and enhance its platform, and user feedback is always welcome.

Pricing offers a variety of pricing options to fit your presentation needs. Starting at just $12/month, the Basic Plan allows you to create as many presentations and slides as you need, while using built-in AI to generate slides, presentations, text, and images. With the ability to revert your slide to a previous version and export your presentation to an editable PPTX file or import existing files to your library, you can ensure your presentation is always up to date.

For teams, the Business Plan offers additional features starting at $40/user/month. With the ability to edit presentations with your team and organize them in shared folders, import pre-existing PowerPoint content into your presentations, and keep your team on-brand with a shared custom theme, your team can stay organized and collaborate seamlessly. Curate a searchable library of shared slides and create custom presentation structures for your team to start from and re-use. Upload brand assets to create a centralized library for your team.

For larger teams over 50 people, the Custom Plan offers unlimited themes, templates, and slides, as well as the ability to have your team securely sign in using Azure, Okta, or OneLogin. You can also provision and manage users through your identity provider and retrieve comprehensive logs of workspace activity. Rest assured your team will be first in line if a question or issue should arise. Pricing for the Custom Plan is available upon request.

For ad hoc projects, offers a one-time fee of $45. The Team Plan makes it easy for your company to create on-brand presentations and collaborate seamlessly from one account. You'll have the option to try the Pro features for 14 days before purchasing, with unlimited access to all Pro features including Custom Fonts, Analytics, and the Desktop Player. After the trial expires, your credit card on file will be charged automatically unless you cancel your Pro subscription before the 14 days are up. offers both Smart and Classic Slides with the ability to use Custom Fonts, Analytics, and the Desktop Player with the Pro Plan. Smart Slides are templates that intelligently adapt to your content as you work. Blank Classic Slides allow more creative freedom, best for when you need more control over your design. You may cancel your subscription by downgrading your account to our Basic Plan on the Billing section of your Profile. If you cancel within 24 hours of your initial purchase or renewal, you may be eligible for a full refund.

We also offer a year free for students with valid .edu emails through our education plan. For more information or to request a refund, contact [email protected]. If you have any questions or would like to learn how can help your company, contact [email protected]. We're excited to hear from you!


What is and how does it use AI? is a cloud-based presentation tool that utilizes AI to create dynamic and professional presentations quickly and easily. The AI technology works by analyzing the text and imagery used in a presentation, then suggesting design elements that will enhance the overall look and feel. This process saves time and ensures that user's presentations have a consistent and polished look.

Is the AI in reliable?

Yes, the AI in is reliable. The technology has been thoroughly tested and is constantly being improved by the development team. In addition, the AI is designed to work in tandem with the user, allowing for customization and control over the final product. Users can accept or reject the AI's suggestions, ensuring that the final version meets their requirements.

What features does offer? offers a range of features that allow users to create engaging and effective presentations with ease. Some of these features include:

  • Customizable templates
  • Smart slide composition and animation
  • A library of visual assets
  • Real-time collaboration with multiple users
  • The ability to import data and charts

Can be used for all presentation types?

Yes, can be used for all presentation types, including: sales pitches, educational lectures, project proposals, and more. Because of its AI technology, users can tailor the design and content to fit the audience and purpose of the presentation.

Is user-friendly?

Yes, is very user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those without design experience. Users can choose from a variety of pre-made templates or start from scratch. The AI technology guides the user through the design process, suggesting layouts, color schemes, and imagery that will enhance the overall look and feel. The final result is a presentation that looks professionally designed and customized to the user's needs.

Company Results

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