SlidesAI is a privacy-focused, text-to-presentation tool that uses GTP technology to create visually appealing slides from large pieces of text.

About Slidesai

Slidesai is an innovative tool that simplifies the presentation creation process with the use of AI technology. The tool allows users to create engaging, professional slides quickly and effortlessly by generating presentation content from any piece of text. Its customizable color and font presets, custom design creation, and the option to preview and edit before finishing empowers users to customize their presentations entirely. Slidesai offers a free plan and paid plan designed for professionals who use presentations as a vital part of their business and marketing operations. Slidesai currently integrates with Google Slides, and innovative features, such as the upcoming integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, are in the works.


Slidesai is an AI-powered tool for creating engaging presentations quickly and effortlessly. It generates presentation content from any text input and allows users to customize their presentations entirely. Slidesai offers a free plan, a paid plan for business and marketing professionals, and flexible subscription options. The tool integrates seamlessly with Google Slides, and innovative features, such as the upcoming integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, are in the works. Customers can enjoy excellent customer service via chat widget and email support.

Company Overview

Slidesai is a company that specializes in providing its users with an AI-powered tool that allows them to easily create professional and engaging slides from any text in no time. With the company's tool, users can say goodbye to tedious and manual slides creation by entering the text they want to create their presentation from. Whether you want to write directly into the text box or paste it in from any source, the tool provides a seamless and effortless process.

Slidesai allows users to give their presentation some personality by choosing from pre-designed color and font presets or creating their custom look. The tool's ability to create a presentation in under 2 minutes while saving hours of effort is impressive. Moreover, users can preview their presentation and make final adjustments before presenting.

With a $0 plan available, students, educators, business professionals, and marketers can take advantage of the company's tool for a small fee. In terms of usability, the company has made its tool available through the Google Workspace Marketplace, and users can install it with ease, generate slides, and cancel their subscription anytime.

As Slidesai is an AI-powered tool, users need not worry about creating an account separately. The tool can run on Google Slide Presentations and create an account automatically, saving users time and effort. Additionally, the company offers a chat widget for users to reach out when they can't find what they're looking for or when they desire to use another presentation software.

In conclusion, Slidesai is an innovative company that simplifies the presentation creation process by utilizing AI technology. Therefore, it enables users to create professional and engaging slides quickly and effortlessly. While the company's tool currently integrates with Google Slides, the company is continually working on integrating with Microsoft PowerPoint as well.


Automated Slides Creation

AI-powered Presentation Content Generation

Slidesai offers an AI-powered tool that automates the process of creating presentations. Its robust technology generates presentation content from any piece of text, whether written in its text box or copied from a source. By employing data analytics and machine learning, Slidesai helps users create professional and engaging slides with ease, eliminating the need for manual processes that take up significant time and effort.

Effortless Outline Creation

With Slidesai, users don't have to spend hours coming up with presentation outlines. The tool handles this task on their behalf. Instead, they can focus on other critical aspects of their work. The AI-powered approach extracts essential information from the text and seamlessly arranges it into a well-structured outline. This feature ensures the delivery of insightful and organized presentations that resonate with the audience.

Quick and Simple Presentation Creation

Slidesai significantly simplifies the process of presentation creation, allowing users to create high-quality presentations in under two minutes. The tool's AI-powered technology generates presentations in a quick and straightforward process, ensuring that professionals invest their time and effort in other critical aspects of their work. This feature also eliminates the need for a dedicated presentation team, which saves money and increases efficiency.


Pre-Designed Color and Font Presets

Slidesai's AI tool comes with a variety of pre-designed colors and font presets, allowing users to choose from an assortment of professional and vibrant styles suitable for any presentation. Users can easily apply these presets and customize their presentations using a drag-and-drop feature. This feature adds to the efficiency and convenience of creating presentations, giving users much-needed flexibility and freedom.

Custom Design Creation

Slidesai offers a feature that empowers users to customize their presentations entirely. Users can create their own designs and apply them directly to the presentations they create, ensuring the unique and tailored appearance of each presentation. This feature allows users to effortlessly customize colors, typography, layout, and other aspects of their presentations, making Slidesai a highly flexible and modern tool.

Preview and Edit Before Finishing

Before finalizing a presentation, Slidesai offers the option of previewing and making any final adjustments, ensuring that customers are entirely satisfied with their presentations. This feature empowers users to enhance the quality of their presentations effortlessly. They can modify specific aspects of their presentations, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements and expectations of the audience.

Pricing and Plans

Free Plan

The free version of Slidesai offers a perfect plan for students and educators who may have limited funding. The free plan empowers users to generate high-quality presentations without having to spend a single penny. This feature allows users to test the Slidesai AI tool's efficacy before investing, making Slidesai an efficient and cost-effective option for users.

Paid Plan for Business and Marketing Professionals

Slidesai provides users with a paid plan designed for professionals who use presentations as a vital part of their business and marketing operations. This feature includes a wide range of advanced tools that enhance the productivity of marketing and sales teams. The paid version grants users access to unlimited presentations, custom design features, and team collaboration tools, among other valuable features.

Flexible Subscription

Slidesai features a flexible subscription system that empowers users to cancel their subscriptions at any time quickly. This feature is advantageous for individuals and businesses with short-term requirements, allowing them to manage their costs and avoid unnecessary expenses. It also provides Slidesai with an excellent opportunity to listen to feedback from its users to improve its services continually.

Integration and Compatibility

Works with a Regular Gmail Account

Slidesai can integrate with your regular Gmail account, allowing you to use it with ease. You don't need a Google Workspace account to use Slidesai, saving you the cost and hassle of setting up an additional account. This feature provides users with maximum convenience, ensuring that Slidesai is accessible to all kinds of users.

Integration with Google Slides

Slidesai works seamlessly with Google Slides, enabling its users to create high-quality presentations with minimal effort. The AI tool generates presentation content, making it possible for professionals to create data-packed and well-structured presentations with clarity and precision. With this feature, Slidesai helps users deliver informative and persuasive presentations that resonate with their audience.

Innovative Features in the Pipeline

Slidesai has a set of innovative features lined up, including integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, which will enhance the productivity and efficiency of its users. The company's product development team continuously works on improvements to meet the changing needs and requirements of its users, ensuring that they get the best user experience from the AI tool.

In conclusion, Slidesai allows professionals to create presentations in under two minutes with its AI-powered tool. The tool's technology empowers users to generate presentation content from any piece of text, eliminating tedious manual processes while ensuring the delivery of professional and engaging presentations. Slidesai also features customizable color and font presets for presentations, custom design creation, and the option to preview and edit before finishing. The pricing plan consists of a free version designed for students and educators and a paid plan for business and marketing professionals. Slidesai works seamlessly with Google Slides, saving users the cost and hassle of maintaining additional accounts. Innovative features, such as the upcoming integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, are currently in the works, ensuring that Slidesai will continue evolving to meet its user's ever-changing needs.


Slidesai offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Its "Good enough to get started" plan is perfect for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of AI-powered presentations. This plan is completely free of cost and is a great way to get started with creating engaging presentations. On the other hand, the "Perfect plan for students and educators" is a more comprehensive package that is specially designed to cater to the needs of students and educators. This plan costs $10 and includes all the features of the free plan plus a range of additional benefits.

For business and marketing professionals, the "For Business & Marketing Professionals" plan is the ideal choice. This plan is tailored to meet the specific needs of professionals and includes advanced features such as analytics and integrations with various marketing tools. Priced at just $20, this plan is an excellent investment for those who are serious about creating impactful presentations.

Slidesai's pricing plans are affordable and offer great value for money. What's more, the company offers excellent customer support and is always available to answer any questions or concerns. If you have any queries, you can reach out to the Slidesai team via the chat widget on their website. So, whether you're just getting started with creating presentations or are a seasoned professional, Slidesai has a pricing plan that is perfect for you.

At SlidesAI they are confident that their AI-powered presentations are unmatched in the industry. They offer exclusively their AI-powered presentations to other businesses with their custom plan, pricing is only available upon consultation. This is perfect for companies who want to revolutionize their presentations and take their performance with their audience to the next level.

In conclusion, Slidesai provides affordable, comprehensive AI-powered presentation packages that are especially helpful when conveying a message to an audience. Its customer service program is among the best in the industry and Slidesai is always available to answer any concerns you may have.


What is SlidesAI?

SlidesAI is a tool powered by AI technology that allows users to create professional and engaging presentation slides quickly and easily. It automates the process of generating a slide outline and content from any text, and users can customize the look and feel of their slides to fit their specific needs or brand.

How does SlidesAI work?

SlidesAI uses AI technology to analyze the text input provided by the user and generates a slide outline and content based on that text. The tool uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify key takeaway points and summarize them into bullet points. It also creates images, graphs, and icons based on the text to help illustrate the points.

What sets SlidesAI apart from other presentation tools?

SlidesAI leverages AI technology to automate the time-consuming process of creating a presentation, making it a faster and more efficient tool than traditional presentation software. Additionally, the tool allows for great customization in terms of font, color palette, and design, ensuring that users can create a unique and branded presentation that meets their specific needs. The tool is also continuously improving and updating to ensure that users have access to the latest AI technology and features.

What pricing plans does SlidesAI offer?

SlidesAI offers various pricing plans to suit different user needs, whether it's a small business or a large corporation. The tool offers monthly and annual billing options, with prices starting as low as $15/month. Users can also try the tool for free with a limited number of slides before committing to a paid plan.

What is the quality of the slides created by SlidesAI?

The quality of the slides created by SlidesAI is impressive, with engaging visuals and clear, concise summaries of key points. However, the quality of the slides heavily relies on the text input provided by the user. If the text input is poorly written or lacks substance, the quality of the slides will also suffer. Additionally, SlidesAI does not guarantee complete accuracy, and it is recommended that users review and edit the slides to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Is SlidesAI reliable and secure to use?

SlidesAI takes user security seriously and uses standard SSL encryption to protect users' data in transit. The tool also implements various security measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches. However, the tool has been flagged for either trying to manipulate the upvote system, poor customer reviews, or shady practices, and it is currently under review. Users are advised to exercise cautious use of the tool until further notice.

Can SlidesAI be used for non-business-related presentations?

Yes, SlidesAI can be used for any presentation needs, whether it's for business, education, or personal use. The tool is designed to assist in creating engaging and professional slides quickly and efficiently, regardless of the presentation's purpose.

What kind of support does SlidesAI offer to its users?

SlidesAI offers email support to its users, and a dedicated support team is available to address any questions or concerns users may have. Additionally, there is a detailed FAQ section on the website that provides answers to common questions, along with a number of video tutorials and user guides to help users get started with the tool.


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