Reviews of Software & Service Providers

    An ethical, accessible platform for creating and sharing innovative art through the power of artificial intelligence.

    ClipFM is an automated tool that optimizes video content for social media by creating platform-ready clips with transcription and editing features.

    Cost-effective, user-friendly, and customizable project management tool powered by artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks, track progress, and prioritize tasks.

    Generate unique, relevant content ideas for blogs, websites and social media with this easy-to-use topic research tool.

    Quickly capture, organize and share meeting notes with Paxo's secure voice-identification technology.

    Discover new flavors and connect with the foodie community through an innovative recipe generator powered by cookAIfood.

    AI Nutrition

    AI-powered SaaS platform for end-to-end dubbing services with multilingual support and advanced editing tools.

    A cutting-edge, markerless motion capture tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence for high-fidelity motion data extraction using only iPhones.

    AI Art Tools

    An innovative platform combining biomarker data and personalized recommendations to empower individuals on their longevity journey.

    AI App Builders

    Lensto is an efficient photo editor app that uses artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds from images, offering numerous editing features while respecting user privacy.

    Datagen generates high-quality synthetic visual data for computer vision teams to enhance their training datasets.

    AI-powered research enablement platform offering a 5-part guide and live demos for conducting rigorous research with digital sticky notes, auto-coding, and raw data connections.

    Transform photos into personalized artwork with hundreds of styles using advanced Al algorithms.

    An intelligent logistics platform streamlining cargo transportation and management.

    Experience realistic conversations with your favorite fictional characters through advanced chatbot technology.

    AI-powered tool that assists entrepreneurs in improving their pitch and raising funds, unlocking the secrets of business valuation for increased investment returns.

    Deploy and manage high performance bare metal servers in seconds with the cloud native tools you already use.

    AI-powered solutions for processing large volumes of unstructured text data, providing insights for marketing, research, and customer service professionals.

    Ecrett Music is an affordable, user-friendly, and intuitive music creation tool that helps users incorporate the perfect customized soundtrack to their content.

    Offering unique vacation rentals and glamping experiences across the US, with flexible payment plans and expansion plans in place.

    AI App Builders

    Cradle's platform leverages machine learning models and tools to make protein design easier for a more sustainable world.

    NMKD Stable Diffusion offers a downloadable tool that generates high-quality images from text on Windows devices, prioritizing user privacy and providing flexible pricing options.

    Aistote is an adaptable, cross-platform, social learning tool using personalized quizzes and flashcards to simplify your study process.

    AI App Builders

    Revolutionary cloud-based tool delivering superior image quality through advanced upscaling, noise reduction and customizable enhancement features.

    Global DIY tourism platform offering personalized, budget-friendly travel experiences with resources and support.

    Creates personalized bedtime stories using generative artificial intelligence, allowing you to customize characters and story elements.

    Directly access and fetch data from a database without SQL knowledge using GPT-3 technology.

    AI-powered source separation service that extracts stems accurately and efficiently with multiple features.

    AI-powered call management system providing personalized customer responses and real-time interaction, integrating with popular business software.

    Provides cutting-edge GPT-powered machine learning solutions to improve contact center performance and customer experience.

    Knowmax empowers CX teams and digital channels with centralized, Google-like search engine and intelligent chatbots for efficient customer support.

    Rokoko offers a free, user-friendly motion capture tool for creating realistic, immersive animations with ease.

    AI-powered chatbot personalized with business data to improve customer support, lead generation, and other processes.

    Salee is a personalized messaging platform driven by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that automates lead outreach, saving time and increasing sales success.

    Revolutionizing protein drug discovery with machine learning-powered computational models.

    AIDA, powered by GPT-4 technology, is an advanced multilingual chatbot assistant offering unique, human-like responses and streamlined productivity tools for businesses.

    Advantis.AI's DeFi tool scans and safeguards against potential crypto scams while providing comprehensive insights for informed investment decisions.

    Blog Booster provides SEO-optimized, high-quality blog articles generated by its advanced ChatGPT language model to improve your website's search engine ranking.

    Mokker is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to generate high-quality product photos for e-commerce, online stores, and influencers.

    AI-powered website monitoring tool that provides comprehensive and real-time notifications for availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO and security issues.

    Comprehensive provider of realistic and natural speech-to-text and text-to-speech services, offering language solutions across various industries.

    Transform your text into stunning artwork using MobAI's intuitive and innovative image generation tool with a customizable aesthetic.

    AI-powered meeting tool that boosts inclusivity and productivity with automated summaries, action items, real-time Q&A, and data-driven metrics.

    Embolden is an ecommerce-focused, affordable, and efficient copywriting tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    MailMentor is an effective, user-friendly sales platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate personalized sales messages for businesses.

    Mygoodtape is an affordable, user-friendly transcription tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately convert audio files into text.

    AI Automation

    Multi-functional platform offering note-taking, data visualization, work assistant, educational tools, and regional innovation insights.

    Automates personalized email outreach and communication with potential customers, increasing conversion rates.

    Debuild is an innovative low-code tool that leverages artificial intelligence to speed up web application development, with features including React component generation and visual interface assembly.

    Generates stunning anime-style images using the power of Midjourney's platform and accessible through subscription services.