The Best AI Meeting Assistants

    Airgram is an innovative meeting management tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to make meetings more productive and secure.

    Krisp is an innovative, real-time noise cancellation software that eliminates background disturbances and enhances audio quality during communication through any conferencing or messaging app.

    AI meeting assistant software that transcribes and analyzes conversations to provide actionable insights and streamline productivity.

    A multilingual, accurate, and accessible automated meeting transcription assistant with timestamps, summaries, and integrated video conference platform compatibility.

    Streamline meeting processes with real-time transcription, automated follow-up, and meeting intelligence powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

    A user-friendly tool for asynchronous communication that uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to transcribe and summarize meetings, enabling seamless video messaging and download functions.

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    Vowel is an all-in-one platform that streamlines meetings by offering customizable templates, real-time transcription, and action item tracking.

    Magical's suite of advanced generative tools automates the meeting process, from generating agendas to finding ideal times to summarizing key points and action items.

    Quickly capture, organize and share meeting notes with Paxo's secure voice-identification technology.

    Timz.Flowers is an innovative platform that boosts productivity by automating tasks and providing efficient meeting summaries using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    AI-powered tool to streamline, summarize and follow up on video meetings for efficient collaboration.

    Grain is an intelligent tool that summarizes customer meetings and provides accurate insights for informed decisions. is an advanced and secure meeting note transcription tool with a 14-day free trial, offering automatic summarization, encrypted communication, and multi-platform compatibility.

    An artificial intelligence company that builds a continually learning system to transcribe meetings, track action items, and generate summaries while optimizing procurement processes.

    Usemotion is an automation and artificial intelligence tool that helps increase productivity by scheduling tasks, building to-do lists, and planning meetings, ensuring the perfect schedule for users.

    Jamie is an intuitive, customizable, and versatile tool that generates automated meeting summaries, capturing essential points, action items, and decisions in moments.

    Laxis 2.0 is an advanced conversation analysis tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to extract valuable insights from discussions, boosting productivity and customizable for various businesses.

    Transform your meetings with Meetly's automated meeting notes and increased productivity features.

    Cloud-based video conferencing platform for streamlined remote work productivity with real-time collaborative note-taking and advanced features.

    An advanced artificial intelligence tool for scheduling meetings and sending personalized automated outreach to prospects.

    Personalized speech analysis tool enhances spoken communication worldwide with real-time feedback, seamless integration, and valuable insights.

    Maximize meeting productivity with Sembly's searchable meeting records and personalized analysis summaries.

    AI-powered meeting recorder with automatic transcription and summaries, making meetings more productive and efficient.

    AI-powered meeting tool that boosts inclusivity and productivity with automated summaries, action items, real-time Q&A, and data-driven metrics.