Reviews of Software & Service Providers

    Digital First is an innovative marketing platform leveraging artificial intelligence to expedite the creation and execution of effective marketing plans.

    User-friendly interface offering cutting-edge machine learning solutions without extensive training or expertise.

    An ethical, accessible platform for creating and sharing innovative art through the power of artificial intelligence.

    Generates images with features like optimization, analytics, filters and cloud storage through various subscription options.

    DreamhouseAI is an innovative interior design tool powered by artificial intelligence, helping users transform their living spaces with ease.

    Generate stunning photorealistic and diffused images with's cutting-edge artificial intelligence models.

    Generate personalized avatars and profile pics using powerful artificial intelligence technology.

    DreamStaging.AI is an innovative virtual staging tool that uses artificial intelligence to instantly generate professional interior design variations for empty rooms in various styles and room types.

    AI-powered SaaS platform for end-to-end dubbing services with multilingual support and advanced editing tools.

    A tool that summarizes the first three Google search results using a few-shot prompted 2nd model call, with ongoing development for extended features and CLI integration.

    Ebi.AI provides conversational chatbot solutions for businesses, automating customer service and support operations through an advanced platform.

    User-friendly application that leverages example-based synthesis to create hand-drawn animations from existing footage.

    AI-powered call management system providing personalized customer responses and real-time interaction, integrating with popular business software.

    An all-in-one writing assistant tool for Mac, iPhone and iPad that enhances writing speed and quality through seamless integration across applications.

    A user-friendly tool that simplifies complex concepts with easy-to-understand explanations, catering to users of all ages. is an OpenAI-powered tool that intelligently helps you manage, prioritize, and respond to emails faster and better.

    Maximizes productivity with a ChatGPT-like assistant for vehicle inspections, class scheduling, and Mac desktop integration.

    Endel is an innovative, science-backed, cross-platform ecosystem that creates personalized soundscapes to promote wellness and relaxation through the power of sound.

    AI App Builders

    EndlessVN is an infinite, free-to-play storytelling game powered by artificial intelligence, offering a unique experience with each playthrough. generates captivating thumbnails for YouTube videos, transforms photos into 3D images, and creates viral posts for social networks.

    Enzyme: No relevant details provided about this company or its services/offerings.

    AI App Builders

    Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images using's advanced, free-to-use, and continuously improving artificial intelligence tool.

    Create your own affiliate store with ease using Evolup's advanced SEO features and integration with Amazon's affiliate program.

    AI-powered image editing tool for easy, quick photo adjustments and retouching with presets, advanced features, and up to 10x faster processing.

    ExamCram, an innovative app that employs artificial intelligence to enhance your studying experience for improved efficiency.

    AI App Builders

    A Chrome extension that utilizes an in-browser chat assistant to explain documents through the power of artificial intelligence.

    Extrapolate is an innovative aging app using artificial intelligence to generate realistic photos of how users may look as they age.

    AI-powered tool that creates personalized illustrated stories and graphics based on user input.

    Facial Assessment Tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze facial features and provide cosmetic recommendations for improvement.

    AI Testing Tools

    An innovative artificial intelligence tool providing fashion advice to users, with limited information available on its features and effectiveness. simplifies deep learning for coders with fast methods, popular libraries, and interactive computing support while providing the latest techniques for improved accuracy, speed, and reliability.

    Revolutionized podcast streaming platform utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence to understand entire podcasts and enhance search, chapters, sharing, and transcripts.

    AI-powered platform for creating, managing, and publishing social media content with powerful analytics and collaboration tools.

    Real-time risk assessment intelligence for businesses and professionals through an all-inclusive background checking app.

    FigAI is an advanced terminal intelligence tool, translating natural language into Bash commands for seamless coding integration.

    A new neural network architecture from Google that creates in-between images for temporal up-sampling and slow-motion effects in videos.

    Finding Words is a revolutionary language learning platform that helps users master new languages through interactive lessons and personalized feedback.

    Findly is an innovative B2B tool that offers accurate and actionable data insights in minutes, without the need for SQL or Python knowledge. is an innovative, cost-effective meeting assistant that records and analyzes voice conversations, providing conversation intelligence through transcription and chatGPT-like features.

    FlairAI: a cutting-edge design tool utilizing artificial intelligence to create high-quality product photography for branded content quickly and efficiently.

    London-based startup using artificial intelligence to alter spoken language and dialogue in movies for wider audience reach.

    A cutting-edge platform offering customizable, scalable audio and video content creation using 75+ languages, 900+ voices, and advanced text to speech technology.

    An innovative plugin for Photoshop featuring Neural/3D Layers, Generation window, and Depth2Image for advanced image editing with the integration of Stable Diffusion.

    Forethought is an innovative human-centered platform that automates customer support, predicts and deflects tickets using machine learning, and enhances the overall customer experience.

    A content intelligence platform utilizing natural language processing and machine learning to optimize content for search engine visibility while improving quality.

    Create subtitles for multiple languages with this free, user-friendly tool utilizing advanced speech recognition technology.

    G3DAi {Jedi} is an innovative artificial intelligence tool designed to offer cutting-edge solutions for various industries and needs, with a focus on data privacy and protection.

    Discover virtual characters and chat with friends in a customizable, immersive world with Gemsouls.