Forethought is an innovative human-centered platform that automates customer support, predicts and deflects tickets using machine learning, and enhances the overall customer experience.

About Forethought

Forethought is a customer service AI platform designed to improve customer experience by providing optimal solutions to streamline the entire customer service process. With their generative AI-powered platform, businesses can resolve complaints and answer knowledge-based queries. Forethought uses natural language understanding models that offer state-of-the-art customer service by analyzing dialogue data and knowledge-based articles. This enables businesses to accelerate their return on investment (ROI) by providing speedy implementation with an expert-led team that outperforms the competition. Forethought is ISO 27001 certified for SOC 2 compliance, ensuring data privacy and security. Their diversely skilled team, including founders, Deon Nicholas and Sami Ghoche, who have led teams at Facebook, Palantir, Dropbox, and LinkedIn, are dedicated to providing businesses with the best technology to improve customer satisfaction. Forethought also promises to eliminate traditional chatbots that customers dislike with its Generative AI Platform that streamlines top support team operations, maximizing efficiency and boosting customer satisfaction levels.


Forethought's Generative AI Platform provides top support teams with streamlined operations to maximize efficiency, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The platform's natural language understanding models ensure state-of-the-art customer service by analyzing dialogue data and knowledge-based articles. Forethought's ISO 27001 certification guarantees data privacy and security, while their diverse team includes highly skilled engineers from Facebook, Palantir, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. Forethought offers speedy implementation with an expert-led team that outperforms the competition, promising to have the most diverse and talented team in the industry. With their Generative AI Platform, Forethought eliminates traditional chatbots, providing personalized self-serve experiences that anticipate customer needs, and infuses generative AI throughout the entire support ticket lifecycle. Forethought's personalized suggestions and insights, customized API calls or templates, omnichannel capabilities, and recommended workflows optimize customer support, enabling users to maximize their ROIs. Forethought offers simple, transparent pricing and an AI tool built on the user's own data, ensuring accurate issue resolution from the first day of use.

Company Overview

Forethought is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses revolutionize their customer service experience. The platform provides end-to-end solutions to streamline the entire customer service lifecycle from resolving customer complaints to ticketing and knowledge assistance. With natural language understanding models, that train themselves on real conversations and knowledge-based articles, Forethought offers state-of-the-art customer service right from the get-go. Forethought helps businesses accelerate their return on investment through speedy implementation by their expert-led team that outperforms any other solution on the market. Keeping data privacy and security in mind, Forethought has a proprietary technology that follows strict security design reviews and is ISO 27001 certified for SOC 2 compliance. Forethought believes in the power of diversity in creativity and innovation, and therefore, they welcome people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and perspectives. Their goal is to have the most diverse and talented team in the industry. The founders of Forethought, Deon Nicholas and Sami Ghoche, are skilled engineers who have led teams at Facebook, Palantir, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. Deon was a World Finalist at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest and named to Forbes 30 under 30. Sami was also named to Forbes 30 under 30 and is passionate about soccer. Forethought's team includes professionals from all fields that bring different experiences to their collective solutions for customer service operations. The company promises to put an end to traditional chatbots that most people dislike by providing its Generative AI Platform that has been designed to streamline customer support for top support teams. Forethought has received recognition from well-known personalities in the industry such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr., Sean “Diddy” Combs, and LL Cool J. The company is committed to building the future of customer support operations by providing businesses with the best technology to improve customer satisfaction. Experience first-hand the power of Forethought's Generative AI Platform and how it has driven efficiency and ROI for top support teams by scheduling a demo on their website.


Generative AI-Powered Intent Detection

Personalized Self-Serve Experience

With Forethought's generative AI-powered intent detection, customers are provided with a personalized self-serve experience. Forethought tracks customer intent and provides intelligent recommendations on new intent clusters, making it easier for customers to find the information they need quickly and effectively. By analyzing customer interactions, Forethought's AI-powered platform can anticipate what customers need, leading to a more efficient and satisfying experience.

Workflow Builder

Custom Experiences with Built-In Generative AI

Forethought's Workflow Builder eliminates the black box of AI. Access pre-built workflows or easily build custom experiences with built-in generative AI. This means that users are not tasked with building an AI system from scratch or using generalized templates; instead, they can create a customized workflow that is tailored to their specific needs. The platform's built-in generative AI provides suggestions and learns from existing data to provide further customizations. By integrating generative AI into workflows, customers benefit from an efficient and effective experience.

Integration With Any System

Forethought's Workflow Builder also enables users to create custom API calls or use templates to integrate with any system and deploy across multiple channels. Users can easily deploy workflows across different channels, empowering customers with order details and account information automatically. This streamlines the support process and results in faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Zendesk Integration

Omnichannel Capabilities

Forethought's integration with Zendesk's Sunshine Conversations and omnichannel capabilities allows users to track the effectiveness of individual workflows, and adjust them based on performance. The platform's AI-enabled ticket deflection minimizes the chance of reoccurring issues and helps speed up ticket resolution times. Customers can receive support in multiple languages, further optimizing the support experience.

Generative AI Across Entire Support Ticket Lifecycle

Boosting Efficiency and Customer Experience

In contrast to traditional chatbots, Forethought infuses generative AI across the entire support ticket lifecycle. Forethought learns from data and Large Language Models (LLMs) to provide customized suggestions and insights, further bolstering efficiency and the customer experience. Customers are provided with more relevant information and relevant suggestions, leading to faster resolutions and higher satisfaction levels.

Customized Suggestions and Insights

The platform's AI capabilities enable it to provide customized suggestions and insights, based on the specific data of each individual customer experience. By understanding the context of previous interactions, Forethought can guide customers towards solutions that best meet their specific needs, providing an efficient support experience and reducing the need for follow-up interactions.

Expert-Led Implementation

Accelerated ROI

Forethought accelerates ROI with expert-led implementation, allowing users to deploy and integrate the platform in weeks instead of months. The company's experienced CX team provides white-glove service every step of the way, ensuring continued ROI year after year. By providing a highly supportive implementation process, Forethought offers users a seamless and efficient experience, resulting in faster resolutions and higher satisfaction rates.

Recommended Workflows and Analytics Optimization

Maximizing ROI

Forethought's platform offers optimization of customer support through recommended workflows, content, and analytics, enabling users to maximize their ROIs. By providing customization and personalized insights, users benefit from a support experience that is uniquely designed to meet their specific needs. With analytics optimization, users are able to track and analyze these interactions, constantly adjusting workflows and strategies to achieve better customer experiences and increased ROI.


At Forethought, our pricing varies based on the volume of tickets and agents who would leverage our AI tool for customer support. We offer customized pricing plans to fit the needs of your specific organization. Our team will work with you to determine the best plan that fits both your budget and the level of support you require.

One of the benefits of Forethought is that we keep our pricing simple and transparent. You won't have to worry about any hidden fees or unexpected costs. We want to make sure that implementing Forethought is a seamless experience for your team.

Another advantage of Forethought is that our AI tool is built on your own data, which means there is no need for major overhauls or a ton of upkeep to stay relevant. Our AI starts helping the moment it starts ingesting your data, resulting in faster and more accurate issue resolution.

Our pricing plans are designed to provide value to both B2B and B2C organizations. Our text-based approach is a strong choice for B2B organizations that are navigating complex issues with content and question-type. Meanwhile, our AI can also help B2C organizations with auto-routing issues, finding highest-priority tickets, and more.

If you are interested in using Forethought's AI to improve your customer support, please contact us to discuss pricing options that best fit your business needs.


What is AI for customer support and how does Forethought's tool differ from other chatbots?

AI for customer support involves using machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language understanding (NLU) to help automate and improve customer interactions. Forethought's tool is different from other chatbots because it is built on NLU and NLP, making it more effective at understanding the nuances of customer queries and delivering accurate answers. Forethought's AI is also trained on your organization's data, making it more personalized and capable of resolving customer inquiries without human intervention.

How can AI be used for customer support?

AI can be used for a variety of tasks in customer support, including auto-routing issues to the right place for resolution, finding the highest-priority tickets, removing spam from the queue, and surfacing better knowledge and responding to email tickets using macros or articles. AI can also be used to help customers self-serve on the website. Forethought believes in using AI to help deflect tickets when necessary and leverage self-service mechanisms to enhance the customer experience.

How does Forethought's AI implementation differ from other AI solutions?

Forethought's AI implementation is simple and easy to maintain, as it is built on your organization's data and can retrain whenever necessary. The AI starts helping from the moment it ingests your data, and Forethought doesn't require major overhauls or a lot of upkeep to stay relevant. This makes it a great solution for fast-growing companies that don't have time for clunky AI.

What type of knowledge can Forethought's AI ingest?

Forethought's AI can learn customer-facing knowledge, such as help articles, cloud docs, and macro templates that companies have manually created as "sources of truth." The AI can also learn other, more unconventional sources of knowledge, including past customer service tickets and email conversations containing collective knowledge that is organically generated by your organization every day. Forethought's AI can index your entire corporate knowledge in a few days, making it a fast and efficient solution for companies.

How does Forethought's AI enhance the customer experience?

Forethought's AI is trained to interpret the underlying intent of customer queries without requiring a set of keywords, making it more effective at delivering accurate answers. The AI can also differentiate depending on the customer needs and problems, providing targeted solutions that enhance the customer experience. Forethought's AI leverages NLU and NLP to understand the nuances of customer queries and detect sentiment and context clues to provide comprehensive and accurate solutions. Additionally, Forethought's AI doesn't require the same level of implementation as other AI solutions, meaning it can start helping to resolve issues in a matter of days or weeks instead of months.


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