Revolutionized podcast streaming platform utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence to understand entire podcasts and enhance search, chapters, sharing, and transcripts.

About Fathom.fm

Fathom.fm is an innovative AI-driven platform that uses advanced AI technology to bring control over text to the world of audio conversations, which opens up new opportunities for human dialogue. The platform allows anyone to become part of engaging conversations and enhances the way people search, discover, and learn from them through the power of podcasting. Unlike traditional keyword-based search engines, Fathom.fm's intuitive nature enables natural language search queries, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their search expertise.

The platform was founded in 2018 by Ken Miller and Paul Bloch, a team of professionals with extensive expertise in AI-powered technology. Fathom.fm combines a range of AI-powered tools, including automated transcription, question-answer search, relevant chapter and title creation, recommendation engine, and much more. All of these features work together to improve the listener's overall experience and foster growth for podcasters of all sizes. With their mobile-friendly and user-focused design, Fathom.fm offers an optimal user experience, providing a simple and intuitive layout for podcasters to manage their content.


Fathom.fm is an AI-driven platform that offers advanced AI-powered tools for improved discoverability, growth, and user experience of podcasts. The platform offers automated transcription, question-answer search, relevant chapter and title creation, recommendation engine, and much more. Fathom.fm uses advanced AI technology to analyze podcast content and recommend it to users who are genuinely interested in the topics covered, enhancing the listener's experience. Fathom.fm's intuitive nature enables natural language search queries, making podcast content searchable and accessible to everyone. With their mobile-friendly and user-focused design, Fathom.fm provides a seamless user experience for podcasters to manage and grow their podcasts.

Company Overview

Fathom.fm is an innovative AI-driven platform that focuses on bringing the same control technology has over text to the world of audio conversations, making way for the next phase of human dialogue. Their ultimate objective is to allow anyone to become part of interesting conversations without limitations, delivered through the power of podcasting.

Founded by Ken Miller and Paul Bloch as the Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder and Chief Design Officer respectively, Fathom.fm aims to make quality conversations more accessible to everyone. Currently, the internet is mostly unorganized and cluttered, making it challenging to sift through the noise to get to what truly matters. Fathom.fm seeks to change all of that.

To accomplish their objectives, Fathom.fm has developed an imaginative approach to conversational AI where hyper-dimensional vectors get assigned to every aspect of human conversation, from small phrases to more significant concepts that make up chapters, whole episodes, or shows. This allows them to spread podcast content far and wide, matching it with listeners who are interested in hearing it.

What's more, Fathom.fm makes podcasts searchable just like text. Unlike keyword-based search engines like Google, you can ask natural language questions like "Where will AI take us?" and jump straight to spots in podcasts where the discussion is happening. The intuitive nature of the platform ensures that everyone can use it to find what they're looking for, regardless of their search expertise.

In addition to the above capabilities, Fathom.fm's speech-to-text transcription service offers a game-changing advantage to businesses. This affordable and accurate service with 90%+ accuracy is an excellent solution for any business - whether large or small. Fathom.fm's intelligence comes from consumer products they have tested in the market themselves. With Fathom, you can identify patterns and relationships that are otherwise unseen, opening the door for powerful opportunities like topic segmentation, highlight extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization, and more.

Overall, Fathom.fm is a platform that values conversation, and its AI-driven technology is set to enhance the way people search, discover, and learn from conversations. With Fathom.fm, individuals, businesses, and organizations alike can discover new perspectives, discover hidden correlations, and enhance their overall experience of the digital world.


Transcription and Search Functionality

Automated Transcription

Fathom.fm's tool simplifies the process of podcast transcription by automating the process. Once users start following a podcast, Fathom transcribes the episodes and stores them in a searchable database. Automated transcription not only saves time and effort, but also makes it easier to search for keywords and phrases within the audio.

Question-Answer Search

Fathom's transcripts offer users access to captions and readable transcripts, with the help of AI-powered speech recognition technology. This allows users to search for specific topics or phrases within the audio content using natural language queries. Fathom's question-answer search feature enables users to ask questions within the app and have them answered based on the content of the podcast, something no other podcast platform provides.

Content-Based Chapter and Title Recommendations

Fathom uses advanced AI technology to analyze podcast content and create relevant chapters and titles based on the topics discussed. This feature eliminates the need for podcast producers to manually create titles and timestamps for episode content. Subsequently, this saves time and effort, freeing up producers to focus on creating engaging content for their podcast audience.

Recommendation and Audience Growth

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Fathom's AI-powered recommendation engine picks up on podcast topics and ensures that the podcast is recommended to those who have an interest in listening to the specific content. This optimizes the number of people who subscribe and listen to the podcast, as it is tailor-made to their preferences. Additionally, podcasters can use this function as a basis to improve their podcasts, as the engine provides information on the topics that generate the most interest among listeners.

Episode Previews

Fathom's episode previews feature plays short highlights of the most interesting and profound moments of podcast episodes to attract prospective listeners. This feature attracts new listeners who have never heard of the podcast to give it a try. It also reinforces the interest of existing listeners by providing them with exciting glimpses of upcoming content.

Podcast Management and Integration

Embeddable Search Widgets

Fathom is creating embeddable widgets that use AI-powered search and Fathom-hosted podcasts to integrate with users' websites and other platforms on the web. This feature provides fans with additional ways to interact with the podcast, thus expanding its reach and streamlining its dissemination across different platforms.

Podcast Claiming

Claiming your podcast on Fathom allows the app to display all the content of your podcast and make it searchable for anyone using Fathom's search. This feature makes it easier for users to find relevant content and increases the audience for the podcast.

Mobile-Friendly and User-Focused Design

Fathom's mobile-friendly and user-focused design provides a seamless user experience. Its simple and intuitive layout prioritizes user engagement and makes it easy for podcasters to upload and manage podcast content.


What is Fathom.fm?

Fathom.fm is an AI tool that helps podcasters grow their audience, enhance their listener’s experience, and improve discoverability.

How does Fathom.fm work?

Once you claim and add your podcast to Fathom.fm, the tool will transcribe and analyze your episodes using advanced AI technology. Fathom.fm creates relevant chapters, titles, and transcripts for your episodes based on the content and topics inside. It also recommends your podcast to listeners who are genuinely interested in your content and provides intelligent search features, making your podcast more discoverable.

How does Fathom.fm help in growing the podcast audience?

Fathom.fm plays short highlights of your podcast’s most interesting and profound moments to listeners who have never heard of you, as well as the listeners who already love you. This feature acts like a radio or TV ad and improves the chance that someone will tune in to your podcast. Additionally, Fathom.fm’s recommendation engine ensures your podcast is being recommended to users interested in the topics and content you cover, thus increasing the likelihood of gaining loyal listeners.

What makes Fathom.fm different from other podcast platforms?

Fathom.fm goes beyond being just a podcast directory. It is an AI-powered search engine that makes your podcast searchable for anyone using Fathom’s search tool. When your listeners ask questions, Fathom will find answers from inside your podcast episodes – something no other podcast platform provides. Also, Fathom.fm offers a widget that can be embedded on your website and various web platforms to enable users to interact with your podcast in new and exciting ways.

What tools are included in Fathom.fm?

Fathom.fm provides an array of advanced AI-powered tools primarily focused on increasing listener experience and discoverability. The main features include: transcribing your episodes, creating relevant chapters and titles, offering readable transcripts, providing intelligent search features, recommending your podcast to listeners who are genuinely interested in your content, providing a search engine for your podcast, creating embeddable widgets to make it easier for fans to interact with your podcast, and offering a recommendation engine that is tailored to your content.


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