The Best AI Text to Speech Tools

    Ad Auris is an innovative platform that enables users to convert articles into audio format and curate them into personalized playlists.

    Voice cloning software and generative artificial intelligence models for dubbing workflows, transcription, translation, and speech-to-text.

    Article.Audio converts written content into high-quality audio using advanced text-to-speech technology with customizable human-like voices and personalized audio tags.

    Text-to-speech tool offering natural sounding voices with various payment plans and unlimited storage.

    An open-source platform for generative voice technology, providing advanced speech solutions to enhance various applications.

    A cutting-edge platform offering customizable, scalable audio and video content creation using 75+ languages, 900+ voices, and advanced text to speech technology.

    AI-powered text-to-speech tool with 600+ voices in 80+ languages for high-quality voiceovers in advertisements, e-learning, product demos, and more. is a text-to-speech tool providing over 120 natural-sounding voices in 20+ languages for creating engaging voiceovers, audiobooks, tutorials, and more.

    Create natural-sounding voiceovers, transcriptions and translations using cloud-based text-to-speech technology.

    A collection of various tools and resources that incorporate artificial intelligence to enhance podcasting and education experiences.

    AI-powered voice actor tool for creating natural-sounding voices in 15 languages for games, movies, and the metaverse.

    An adaptable text-to-speech tool with customization features including custom voices and sound clips, powered by SMML settings.

    Advanced text-to-speech tool utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, supporting all languages and punctuation marks.

    SteosVoice is a free, user-friendly tool offering unique and tailored high-quality voices for content creation using advanced speech synthesis technology.

    A cost-effective, user-friendly tool for creating synthetic voices with real-time voice effects and voice cloning.

    Good Tape is a secure transcription service using OpenAI's Whisper technology, offering accurate and efficient audio to text conversion in over 90 languages.

    A versatile, free text-to-speech tool offering speech synthesis in multiple languages for various industries. Expanding global reach through seamless dubbing, subtitle & caption translation in 15+ languages using human-assisted, cost-effective, user-friendly platform.

    Create hours of high-quality audio content in seconds with user-friendly, customizable options and affordable pricing plans.

    Transform written text into lifelike, natural-sounding audio using over 600+ TTS voices in 142 languages and accents.

    LOVO is an innovative and versatile text-to-speech tool that generates realistic voices for engaging content creation.

    Generates high-quality music from text captions, with conditioning on text and melody for rapid music production in various styles.

    SpeechGen is an online tool that converts text into lifelike speech in multiple languages and voices, with customizable parameters and storage options for various user needs.

    Revoicer is an innovative text-to-speech tool generating lifelike voiceovers in 30 languages, perfect for quick and cost-effective professional audio production.

    Generate studio-grade synthetic voices for e-learning, podcasting, and content creation with ease.

    EdenAI connects businesses to diverse range of free-to-use, affordable, and accessible cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools through a single API.

    Generate human-sounding voices in over 25 languages for speech-enabled applications like RSS feeds, websites, and videos with real-time streaming capabilities and custom voice options.

    BigSpeak offers automated speech-to-text conversion, meeting transcription, and text-to-video generation with advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

    Create realistic text-to-speech audio content in over 230 languages and dialects with user-friendly, synthetic speech technology.

    Exceptional speech synthesis powered by Microsoft's advanced technology, offering a variety of voices and styles.

    Narration Box offers high-quality voiceovers and narrations in 20 languages, with features such as audiobook creation and monetization tools at an affordable price.

    Natural-sounding text-to-speech software for personal and professional use, assisting with reading difficulties and enhancing accessibility.

    Cost-effective solution for game developers, content creators, and advertisers with a suite of realistic text-to-speech tools and over 40 available voice actors.

    Comprehensive provider of realistic and natural speech-to-text and text-to-speech services, offering language solutions across various industries.

    AI-driven text-to-speech platform that allows users to transform written text into lifelike audio narratives