AI-powered voice actor tool for creating natural-sounding voices in 15 languages for games, movies, and the metaverse.

About Replicastudios

ReplicaStudios is a leading provider of AI-generated voice actors and innovative text-to-speech tools. The company is the forefront of AI voice technology, with a team of talented voice actors working to train the AI for realistic performances in games, films, and other industries. ReplicaStudios' AI voice library boasts over 40 voices and counting, with new additions being made weekly. ReplicaStudios aims to enhance creative opportunities through AI technology, providing solutions for creators who have budgetary constraints by offering natural-sounding performances quickly and on-demand without requiring the services of a voiceover artist or studio.


ReplicaStudios is leading the way in AI voice technology, offering customizable AI voice actors, realistic text-to-speech tools, and collaborative features that simplify voiceover production. Creators can experiment with different voice performance styles, inflections, and emotions to produce lifelike voiceovers, thus streamlining content creation and saving time in production. ReplicaStudios' services range from production cost savings to as a proof of concept, convincingly presenting the argument for the need for AI-generated voices in the entertainment and media industries. The company offers a range of affordable pricing plans, beginning with a free plan. Additionally, the team at ReplicaStudios provides excellent support services for creators who may require assistance.

Company Overview

ReplicaStudios is a company at the forefront of AI voice technology, providing AI generated voice actors and realistic text-to-speech tools. It all begins with a talented voice actor spending hours training the AI how to perform, copying their unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range. The result is an AI voice you can use in your games or films, with 40+ voices and more being added weekly to their growing AI Voice Actor Library.

At Replica, they believe in exploring new creative ways to use AI voice technology and invite questions or concepts for discussion. They offer solutions for creators who lack the budget to hire a full cast of voice actors, by providing a voice for every project. The use and security of AI voices are taken seriously with the rapid advancements in synthesized audio technology, ensuring voices are only used for good.

Replica Voices are perfect for saving on production costs or as a proof of concept to secure a greenlight by using placeholder voice acting in your movie or game. AI voices still have untapped potential and ReplicaStudios is here to provide natural-sounding performances quickly and on-demand without the need for a voice-over artist or studio. Experience the creative opportunities that AI voices bring and join the cutting edge of technology with ReplicaStudios.

They have offices located in Suite 201, 850 New Burton Rd, Dover, DE 19904 in the United States and at 60 Berwick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD 4006, in Australia.


Realistic Text-to-Speech

Efficient Content Creation

Replica's realistic text-to-speech tool accelerates content creation and experimentation for game development or any project requiring voiceover. With Replica's text-to-speech tool, you can create lifelike voiceovers without having to record every character dialogue manually. It's a time-saving tool that allows creators to focus on the big picture of their project.

Customizable AI Voice Actors

Replica provides AI-generated voice actors that have human-like inflections and tones, representing a wide range of realistic emotions. Replica offers a range of controls that enable creators to direct AI-generated voice actors just like human actors. This feature includes adjusting speech rate, volume, emphasis, volume, and pitch to sculpt the perfect vocal sample. With Replica, creators now have the ability to experiment with the voice performance style and pace quickly. It's like Photoshop for your voice.

No More Walls of Texts

Stories can be developed iteratively with character dialogues produced inexpensively and quickly with Replica's realistic text-to-speech tool. This feature saves time while providing a more interactive and immersive player experience. No longer will players have to read wall-of-texts as developers can integrate voiceovers into the project quickly.

AI-Generated Voice Actors

Simplified Voiceover Production

Replica provides all the necessary tools to simplify voiceover production. With Replica's audition tool, creators can choose a voice character from their vast voice library and experiment with dialogue speaking styles to create new takes. Besides, creators can modify pitch, speech rate, volume, and emphasis to create something entirely unique that resonates with their brand or character. With Replica, creators no longer need to be in-person or use expensive equipment for voiceover production, making workflows more remote-friendly.

Creative Collaboration Made Easy

Replica offers collaborative script-writing and prototyping tools to facilitate remote teamwork. This feature allows teams to collaborate on a project in real-time by sharing the project with clients or team members, receive approval, or showcase the latest version of their work. It's a streamlined way to produce high-quality content while maintaining an effective communication cycle.

Export with Ease

Creators can export their generated audio into any format their project needs. Replica supports multiple audio formats, and creators can download individual audio files or multiple files. Furthermore, creators can bridge the gap between prototyping and needing human voice actors by utilizing tools for correcting minor voiceover errors. This feature enables creators to produce content more quickly, allowing them to meet tight deadlines while maintaining high-quality performance.

Promotional Audio Material

Personalised Audio for Listeners

Creators can use Replica's tool to create personalized audio promotional material that's relevant to individual listeners. The tool allows creators to export promotional audio in the voice of the artist, advertiser, streamer, or podcast host, among others. This feature optimizes audio advertising at scale, expanding the range of voices and the budget.

Import Scripts Easily

With Replica's script writing tool, creators can import existing scripts, adding dialogues and choosing speaking styles to create unique takes quickly. This feature allows creators to capture takes in a few seconds, enabling them to export the final version into their project. With Replica, scriptwriting and voiceover production become more accessible, allowing creators to bring their voiceover projects to life quickly.

Accessible and Global Presence

Replica is accessible worldwide, with offices in the United States and Australia. Creators worldwide can take advantage of replica's voice actor generation and realistic text-to-speech tools to create excellent content more efficiently. This feature's global presence ensures that creators worldwide can use Replica to create the best voiceovers for their projects.


Replicastudios offers AI-generated voice actors and realistic text-to-speech tools for users who need professional-sounding voiceovers for their projects. The good news is that you can get started for free without having to enter your credit card details.

The free plan comes with some limitations, however. You are only allowed to use two AI-generated voice actors, and output length is restricted to a maximum of 3 minutes. Upgrading to the Pro plan unlocks more voices, including natural voice tones and emotions, and increases the output length limit to 15 minutes. Pricing for the Pro plan starts at $49 per month, which is billed on a monthly basis. If you prefer an annual billing cycle to save you some money, the Pro plan costs $468 per year, equivalent to only $39 per month.

The ultimate plan, dubbed the Scale plan, is geared towards businesses and enterprises that require high-volume voiceovers on a regular basis. It has all the features of the Pro plan, with the addition of custom branding, usage reports, and multiple user accounts. Pricing for the Scale plan is only provided upon request, which means you’ll have to contact Replicastudios to get a quote that is tailored to your requirements.

In summary, if you are an individual creator or small business owner, the Pro plan is the perfect option for you. It delivers excellent quality and features that are worth the price. Larger organizations that require enterprise-level voiceover services should consider the Scale plan, which can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Finally, regardless of which plan you choose, Replicastudios offers excellent support that is available 24/7. You can reach out to their support team via email or live chat, and they will be more than happy to assist you with any queries that you may have.


How do I create voice over dialogue using Replica?

To create voice over dialogue on Replica, start by pressing the big plus icon and creating a speech block. Type in what you want to say and then pick a Replica Voice from the Voice Menu. You can then click the Play icon to the left of the speech block to render the audio, and it will play automatically after it finishes processing. To play the entire dialogue from top to bottom, click the big play icon on the bottom left of your Replica screen.

How do I toggle between the character and style menu?

To toggle between the character and style menu, click the character bubble to activate the character selection menu. To open the style selection menu, click inside the speech block you are working on.

How do I apply emotions and styles to my dialogue?

To apply a style to an entire block of text, click once inside the speech block to activate the style menu. Select any style, and it will get applied to the entire speech block. Soon, you will be able to apply style to only a portion of your speech block by selecting the text you want to style; then, activate the style menu, and select any style you want to apply to only that portion of the speech block.

How do I export my audio files when done?

To export your audio files, click the EXPORT option on the top right side of the menu bar. It will take you to the export page. Select all the speech blocks you want to export and all the languages you wish to export to. Then, click Download to begin processing and downloading your finished files. Note that it can sometimes take several minutes to download all your audio files. If you close the window or lose your internet connection after clicking Download, your files will be waiting for you to download from the Project Menu.

Why does my dialogue sometimes sound great and sometimes sound noisy?

The quality of the Replica Voices varies depending on how often the Voice AI model is trained to improve. Also, when you apply styles to text, the AI has a harder time predicting how that speech should sound, so it gets it wrong more often. The AI would need to predict 22050 consecutive values correctly in order to create one second of speech at 22050 Hz. However, in the future, Replica will offer higher quality bitrate and sample rates.

How long does it take to render speech?

On average, you would wait between 10 - 60 seconds for each speech block, and it varies between these times depending on how many other people are using the product at the same time, how many speech blocks you are trying to render in one go, and other such factors. Replica will launch a paid feature where the speed will be so fast that all your audio will be rendered in real-time. Each time you modify the text, character, or style for any speech block, this speech block will need to be re-rendered.

Why does the emotion and style sometimes not work as expected?

The AI in Replica learns to cluster emotional attributes from audio passages on its own, without any explicit conditions set by us. When you are using Replica in 'inference' mode and you pick a style from the style menu, we are actually picking a pre-labeled audio track from a big emotional dataset, and we ask the AI to estimate emotion from that labeled audio track and apply the emotion to the speech it is rendering for you. Sometimes, the AI cannot find a good match for a particular emotion or style from our emotion dataset, and in such cases, you might experience a situation where the rendered speech doesn't sound right. We are working to add more emotion data and provide a better UX for you to add a particular emotion to a sentence. We will soon release a feature where you can record yourself performing a dialogue, and our AI will extract the emotion content from your voice to apply it to your character's voice.

When will Replica offer more voices?

Replica will add more voices to the Free Beta over time until it launches Replica V1. When Replica V1 launches, you can upgrade to the paid plan to have access to hundreds of voices. As part of Replica V1, you can upload audio data for any existing character voices that you may have and own the rights to use, and we can offer you Replica voices characters. These custom Replica voices will be secure and private, accessible only by you. Contact Replica Studios to find out more.

How can I vote for features?

You can submit feedback from the feedback form, which you can see on the right hand side of any Replica screen, to vote on a particular feature. Replica prioritizes its release roadmap by understanding the features that are in most demand, so your feedback is crucial.


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