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EdenAI connects businesses to diverse range of free-to-use, affordable, and accessible cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools through a single API.

About Eden AI


Eden AI is a platform that provides access to multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools through a single API, without the need for a credit card. The platform features a vast array of machine translation engines, text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines, sentiment analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), keyword extraction, language detection, summarization, question-answering, semantic search, syntax, anonymization, object detection based on image analysis, and speech analysis. Founded in 2023, Eden AI focuses on providing businesses high-quality AI tools to improve their productivity and efficiency while offering prompt customer service.


Eden AI is an accessible platform that connects businesses to a diverse range of AI tools through a single API without charge or the requirement of a credit card. The platform offers features such as text, image, video, speech analysis, summarization, question-answering, semantic search, syntax, and anonymization. It allows access to multiple machine translation engines, text analysis and NLP engines, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and language detection. The tool offers prompt customer service and the flexibility to integrate AI engines and propose new AI categories. Eden AI offers a wide range of integrations with applications and web services, has a paid license for additional services, and has various pricing options but remains budget-friendly.

Company Overview

Eden AI is a platform that provides access to a diverse range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools through a single API. Founded in 2023, the company offers a unique API that connects users to the best AI engines without the need for a credit card. Eden AI gives users access to several generative AI APIs for creating content like text and images, with more to come.

The platform features a large number of machine translation engines from the best AI APIs that allow users to translate from one language to another and detect the language of a given text string. Users can also access numerous text analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines, including sentiment analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), keyword extraction, language detection, summarization, question-answering, semantic search, syntax, anonymization, and others.

Eden AI provides a single API that gives access to various image analysis technologies that detect faces, places, logos, and objects in images and let users anonymize faces, find similarities, and more. The platform also allows users to access video analysis features for detecting faces, objects, text, logos, explicit content, tracking persons, and objects. With one single API, users can access multiple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies that extract information from handwritten or scanned documents like invoices, resumes, tables, receipts, IDs, and passports.

The company provides access to various speech analysis technologies from multiple providers through a single API, enabling users to convert speech-to-text and text-to-speech. Eden AI offers a standardized API for all providers that is easy to integrate and allows users to change their AI engine anytime for free and in a few seconds. The platform also ensures equal performance while getting users the cheapest provider available.

Eden AI values its clients' time and offers prompt customer service, addressing any questions or concerns users may have. As a company, Eden AI aims to provide high-quality AI tools accessible to businesses that can help improve their productivity and efficiency. All rights reserved by Eden AI, © 2023.


Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing Engines

Access to a Large Number of Providers

Eden AI's platform provides users with access to a large number of text analysis and natural language processing engines from the best providers. This feature enables users to choose the best processing engine that works for their specific needs.

Keyword Extraction

Keyword extraction, also known as keyword detection or keyword analysis, is a text analysis technique that consists of automatically extracting the most important words and expressions in a text or a document. With the keyword extraction feature, Eden AI enables users to extract relevant information from text with ease.

Text Moderation

Text moderation scans text for offensive, sexual, explicit or suggestive content to ensure that it adheres to certain guidelines or policies. Eden AI's text moderation feature helps users keep their content safe and appropriate for their intended audiences.

Sentiment Analysis

Extract Emotions and Feelings

Sentiment analysis allows users to extract emotions and feelings in a given string of text. Also called opinion mining, it uses natural language processing (NLP), text analysis, and computational linguistics to identify and detect subjective information from the input text. Eden AI's sentiment analysis feature enables users to understand how their content is being perceived by their audience.

Named Entity Recognition

Named entity recognition, also called entity identification or entity extraction, is an information extraction technique that automatically identifies named entities in a text such as places, people, brands, and events, and classifies them into predefined categories. Eden AI's named entity recognition feature helps users identify and classify entities in their text.

Language Detection

Language detection automatically defines the most likely language in which a text or document is expressed. This feature is particularly useful for users who deal with multilingual content and need to quickly identify the language of a text. Eden AI's language detection feature helps users save time and resources by automatically detecting the language of their content.

Text Summarization and Quality Improvement


Summarization is the process of reducing a text to a shorter form while keeping the most important information. Eden AI's summarization feature helps users save time by extracting the most relevant information from long texts.

Grammar and Spell Check

Grammar and spell check technologies are designed to help writers improve the quality of their written work by automatically detecting and correcting misspelled words, errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Eden AI's grammar and spell check feature helps users ensure that their text is free from errors and is of the highest quality possible.

Question Answering

Question answering generates an answer to a question based on a set of documents. This is useful for question-answering applications on sources of truth, like company documentation or a knowledge base. Eden AI's question answering feature enables users to find the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

Search and Anonymization

Semantic Search

Semantic search allows users to do a semantic search over a set of documents. This means that you can provide a query, such as a natural language question or a statement, and the provided documents will be scored and ranked based on how semantically related they are to the input query. Eden AI's semantic search feature helps users find relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Syntax Analysis

Syntax analysis, also called parsing, is used to carry out a syntax analysis of a given text to reveal the syntactic components and their grammatical relationships. Eden AI's syntax analysis feature helps users understand the structure of their text and how different components are related to each other.

Text Anonymization

Text anonymization's intent is privacy protection. It is the process of removing personally identifiable information from text so that the people described by the data remain anonymous. Eden AI's text anonymization feature helps users protect the privacy of their customers by removing any personally identifiable information from their text.


Eden AI offers various integrations to streamline and automate tasks in your workflow by connecting different applications and web services. Below are some of the integrations that come with Eden AI:


Bubble is a no-code web and mobile app development platform that allows you to create and launch applications quickly without having to write any code. With Eden AI, you can further automate tasks and workflows by integrating with Bubble. For example, you can set up an automation where an email notification is sent to a team member every time a new user signs up on your Bubble app. Moreover, Eden AI can assist you in using Bubble to create custom workflows and forms that will help your team work more efficiently.


Eden AI provides users with a $10 free credit to start using their platform. There is no requirement for a credit card and users only pay for what they need. With the Eden AI platform, users can budget and use multiple AI APIs in one place and pay only for their API calls. Pricing for the AI APIs provided on the platform depends on the volume of data processed and varies for each service provider. However, Eden AI does not apply any additional cost and receives payment through their partnerships with these service providers. The "Growth" and "Enterprise" packages require paid licenses and provide access to additional services.

Users can access the Eden AI platform and get their API key for free. The platform offers many specialized providers depending on the technology. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are also available for all technologies. However, users can put their own API keys to use the accounts they already have, only with the "Growth" and "Enterprise" plan.

The hosting of the platform depends on the chosen offer: "Free" and "Growth" packages offer hosting managed by Eden AI on Amazon Web Services servers, while the "Enterprise" package allows for hosting on the server of the user's choosing, including on premise.

If users ever want to integrate their engine to one of the categories or propose a new AI category, Eden AI is open to suggestions. The integration of an engine is free, but Eden AI charges providers a commission on the revenues generated by the platform.


What is Eden AI?

Eden AI is a tool that aggregates a large set of image analysis features from various well-known providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

What image analysis features are available on Eden AI?

Eden AI offers various image analysis features, which include object detection, face detection, explicit content detection, landmark detection, logo detection, similarity search, and image anonymization

How do I perform object detection on Eden AI?

To perform object detection on Eden AI, you need to perform a POST request to the API endpoint with the image file you want to analyze and the list of providers you want to use. The API call will return a JSON object containing the standardized response. Ensure to verify that the MIME type used to submit an image for object detection is supported for the provider you intend to use.

What is explicit content detection, and how can it be used on Eden AI?

Explicit content detection is a technology that detects adult-only content in images. To use explicit content detection on Eden AI, you need to perform a POST request to the API endpoint with the image file you want to analyze and the list of providers you want to use. The API call will return a JSON object containing the standardized response. The nsfw_likelihood score value is computed as the maximum score of the item classes handled by the provider, each with a score between 1 and 5.

What programming languages can be used with Eden AI?

Eden AI is programming language constraints-free. This means that users can use any programming language using a unique API.

Eden AI

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