Create hours of high-quality audio content in seconds with user-friendly, customizable options and affordable pricing plans.

About Beepbooply


Beepbooply is a versatile AI tool that offers over 900+ natural and realistic speech patterns from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. It revolutionizes audio content creation by allowing users to generate hours of high-quality audio within seconds, thus saving time and money. Customizable audio options, a user-friendly interface, and scalable content generation are some of the tool's features. With text-to-speech support for 80+ languages, Beepbooply is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals worldwide who want to expand their audio content offerings. There are four pricing plans, ranging from free to $79 per month, to fit different audio creation needs.


Beepbooply is a powerful AI tool that allows users to create hours of high quality audio content within seconds, making it perfect for anyone who wants to expand their audio content offerings. With over 900+ natural and realistic speech patterns and customizable options, the tool is user-friendly and scalable, regardless of the user's audio experience. The four pricing plans offer affordability and scalability to fit different users' audio creation needs.

Company Overview

Beepbooply is a cutting-edge AI tool that offers over 900+ natural and realistic speech patterns from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Founded with the aim to provide high-quality audio content to businesses and individuals alike, this powerful AI tool has revolutionized the way we think about creating audio content.

With Beepbooply, you can generate hours of high quality audio content within seconds, making it the perfect solution for those who are pressed for time and money. Whether you need a voiceover for a video, narration for a podcast, or multilingual support for customer service, Beepbooply has got you covered with the latest AI voices on the market.

One of the most impressive features of Beepbooply is its flexibility. You can choose from over 900+ voices across 80+ languages and mix and match different voices to fit your needs. Additionally, you can adjust settings like pacing, pitch, volume, and speaking styles to create a truly custom audio experience. Each language offers multiple voices, each with their own unique sound.

Using Beepbooply is simple and user-friendly. Just type in the text you wish to convert to speech, and click the "Generate voice" button to generate your audio file. Once the audio is generated, it can be saved, listened to, and downloaded - for free!

Save time and money on equipment and voice artists, and create hours of high-quality audio content with a click of a button. Beepbooply provides text to speech support for 80+ languages, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to expand their audio content offerings.

Experience the power of AI-generated audio with Beepbooply today.


Customizable Audio options

Adjustable Settings for Realistic Audio

Beepbooply offers its users with multiple adjustable audio settings like pacing, pitch, volume, and speaking styles, which facilitate the creation of truly custom audio content. Users can tailor the audio output to suit their preferences through the interface. Each language offers multiple voices, each with a unique sound, allowing for the creation of high-quality audio content that can cater to specific requirements.

Over 120 Unique Accents and 900 Voices Available

With Beepbooply, users can access over 900+ natural and realistic speech patterns from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon across 80+ languages. The voices are natural-sounding and can be used to generate hours of customizable audio content within seconds, making it the perfect solution for those who are pressed for time and do not have the resources to hire professional and costly voice-over artists. This sophisticated feature allows users to create exceptional standard audio in multiple languages and dialects that resonate with their audience from anywhere in the world.

Fully Customizable Audio Formats

Beepbooply gives users the option to convert text into multiple audio formats with different bitrates. Users have the choice of selecting from different audio formats such as MP3, WAV, and others, depending on their preferences. The audio can also be saved, downloaded, and listened to at a later time. The tool's flexibility, combined with customized voice settings and formatting options, allows for an audio experience tailored to individual needs.

User-Friendly Experience

Simple & Easy-to-use interface

Using Beepbooply is a breeze. Its simplistic interface has streamlined the process of generating voiceovers by enabling users to create a high-quality audio recording with the touch of a button. Simply type in the text you want to convert to speech, select your options and click on the "Generate voice" button. Beepbooply will then generate your audio file. No technical or professional voice-over skills are required, making it a perfect fit for people with no experience in audio production.

Quick Turnaround Time

The speed with which Beepbooply can convert text to high-quality audio is surprising. Within a matter of seconds, users can generate multiple files that can be used directly in their projects. This level of speed and efficiency is unmatched in its field, and it allows users to get their hands on audio recordings faster than any other alternative method.

Free Text-to-Speech Support for 80+ Languages

Beepbooply provides text to speech support for over 80+ languages without any additional cost. This means that users can have access to an enormous variety of languages and accents, providing an unparalleled level of language support that allows businesses to reach a broad global audience. Multinational companies stand to benefit the most as they can generate audio content swiftly and affordably for clients speaking various languages.

Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Cost-Effective Solution for Audio Content Creation

With Beepbooply, users eliminate the need to hire expensive voice-over artists and invest in costly recording equipment. The tool's scalable pricing structure is tailored to businesses of all sizes, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to expand their audio content offerings.

Scalable Content Generation

Beepbooply offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for generating high-quality audio content. There is no limit to the amount of audio content that Beepbooply can generate, and with its user-friendly interface, users can create hours of audio content within seconds. This scale is perfect for businesses that often require frequent content production and audio streaming and prefer having control over their content creation through a self-service tool.

Quick and Compliant Implementation

Users can integrate Beepbooply with their products or services with ease and a minimal amount of time. Beepbooply is cloud-based, so the user doesn't need to invest in or maintain any hardware. The tool also meets strict regulatory compliance standards, so compliance departments of any organization can rest assured that their audio content complies with regulations.

Multiple Use-Case Scenarios


Beepbooply enables users to create captivating videos quickly and efficiently by adding professionally produced audio content to their project using realistic AI-generated voiceovers. It is ideal for businesses and professional video editors who require high-quality audio for their end products.


The growing popularity of podcasts requires high-quality and engaging sound bites. With Beepbooply, users can create natural-sounding audio with a single click. Users can take advantage of the tool's 900+ voices and customizable options to generate an exceptional standard of audio content for their podcasts.

Customer Service

Beepbooply offers customer support teams the perfect solution to create multilingual support. With a wide range of languages and voice options available, businesses can provide customer support in their clients' native language, which is essential in retaining customer loyalty and trust. The tool's customization options enable teams to tailor their audio to suit their specific brand's style and tone.


With Beepbooply, users can make their presentations more compelling by adding high-quality audio to their PowerPoint slides, making them more engaging and professional-looking. The tool enables users to convert the presentation text into speech and add voiceovers that resonate with their audience.

Education & E-learning

Beepbooply is an innovative tool for educators and e-learning instructors. They can use it to create high-quality audio content that can engage their audiences and make their courses more engaging. The tool's easy-to-use interface and the ability to generate audio content in multiple languages within seconds make it a popular choice among teachers.


Beepbooply offers a range of pricing options to meet your text to speech needs. Whether you're looking to create voiceovers for videos, work on multilingual support for customer service, or simply generate audio content on demand for any personal or commercial use, Beepbooply has got you covered. With over 900+ voices to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your needs with just a click. The AI voices provided by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are designed to produce natural and realistic speech patterns, ensuring high-quality audio every time.

The base plan for Beepbooply is completely free, offering access to over 900+ voices across 80+ languages. The free plan allows you to generate audio with a click of a button and offers basic customization options like pacing, pitch, volume, and speaking styles. However, if you're looking for more advanced features and customization options, Beepbooply has three premium plans to choose from.

The first premium plan is the Starter plan, which costs $7 per month and offers a higher quality of audio, access to advanced customization options such as speech rate and word emphasis, and the ability to mix and match different voices. With this plan, you'll have the ability to create hours of high-quality audio content in seconds.

If you're looking for more advanced features, the Pro plan is a great option for $25 per month. The Pro plan offers everything from the Starter plan but also includes unlimited downloads, the ability to save custom voice settings, and the ability to create longer audio files. This plan is great for those who are looking for more control over their audio content and want to create longer pieces with ease.

Finally, for those who work with audio content as part of their profession, the Team plan offers even more advanced features for $79 per month. This plan is perfect for professionals who need to work on multiple projects at once and offers access to a project management dashboard, allowing multiple team members to collaborate on the same project with ease. The Team plan also includes premium support and custom API integration, so you can seamlessly integrate Beepbooply with your existing workflows.

Overall, Beepbooply provides an affordable and efficient way to generate high-quality audio content without the need for expensive equipment or voice artists. With a range of pricing options to choose from, you can select the plan that best fits your needs and budget.


What is Beepbooply?

Beepbooply is an AI tool that generates natural, high-quality audio content with over 900+ speech patterns from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. It offers a variety of voices across 80+ languages and multiple voices per language. The tool is user-friendly and versatile, perfect for individuals and businesses looking to create realistic audio content without the need for expensive equipment or voice artists.

What languages does Beepbooply support?

Beepbooply offers a wide range of language support, with over 80+ languages to choose from. Some of the most commonly used languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Each language also provides multiple voices, which are customizable in terms of pitch, volume, and speaking style. With such flexibility, Beepbooply is suitable for any business or individual looking to expand their audio content offerings.

What is Beepbooply's pricing model?

Beepbooply offers a free tier that allows for 10,000 characters of voice generation per month with downloads for basic voices included. There is also a free tool with 3,000 characters per day for basic voices at If more characters are required, there are paid plans available that start at $7.00/mo. The pricing is affordable and competitive, making it an accessible tool for anyone looking to create high-quality audio content.

Can I use the generated audio for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the generated audio content for commercial purposes. Beepbooply offers a commercial license that allows businesses to create and use audio content generated by the tool for commercial purposes. However, it is important to note that some restrictions do apply, such as the prohibition of using generated audio content for malicious or harmful activities.

Is the generated audio content realistic and natural-sounding?

Yes, Beepbooply's AI-generated audio content is natural-sounding and realistic. The tool offers over 900+ voices across 80+ languages, with multiple voices per language. Each voice is customizable in terms of pitch, volume, and speaking style, allowing users to create a truly unique audio experience. The generated audio content sounds human-like and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as voiceovers for videos, podcasts, and customer service channels.


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Company Results

A cutting-edge platform offering customizable, scalable audio and video content creation using 75+ languages, 900+ voices, and advanced text to speech technology.

AI-powered text-to-speech tool with 600+ voices in 80+ languages for high-quality voiceovers in advertisements, e-learning, product demos, and more.

Create natural-sounding voiceovers, transcriptions and translations using cloud-based text-to-speech technology.

Advanced text-to-speech tool utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, supporting all languages and punctuation marks.