Reviews of Software & Service Providers

    The Gen Z Translator is an innovative tool that converts any text into Gen Z slang powered by the OpenAI API.

    An innovative artificial intelligence tool that accelerates research and note-taking with efficient data gathering and analysis.

    Generating creative, original, and photorealistic full-body and face images of non-existent humans through an easy-to-use and advanced generativeAI tool.

    Revolutionizing protein drug discovery with machine learning-powered computational models.

    AI-based tool providing personalized, time-saving performance evaluations through 360-degree reviews.

    Generate surreal videos and images with just one click using Genmo's coherent and stylish Artificial Intelligence.

    Generates high-quality 3D textured shapes directly from images using PyTorch and NVIDIA Diffrast-Light.

    Offering unique vacation rentals and glamping experiences across the US, with flexible payment plans and expansion plans in place.

    AI App Builders

    Generate images in Photoshop using Stable Diffusion integration, providing a platform for creating and experiencing art through deep learning algorithms.

    Transforming 2D floor plans into fully furnished 3D layouts and virtual tours, utilizing advanced machine learning technology.

    Generate, modify, and expand images at scale with's suite of cutting-edge, free generative artificial intelligence tools.

    AI-driven marketing tool generating compelling messaging, designing effective websites, and automating lead generation.

    Create infinite, non-repeating ambient soundscapes based on location, weather, time of day, and environment for relaxation or focus.

    GGPredict is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that selects top players in various gaming categories, provides training servers, and offers updates on platform improvements.

    AI Games

    Personalized gift recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence, simplifying the gift-buying process.

    Discover ancient wisdom from Bhagavad Gita through an intuitive, free-to-use, and responsive spiritual guidance platform powered by GPT-3 language model.

    An innovative platform for learners, readers and writers that utilizes curation data and Artificial Intelligence to provide personalized summaries and simplified knowledge sharing.

    Multi-functional platform offering note-taking, data visualization, work assistant, educational tools, and regional innovation insights.

    Gling is an innovative video-editing tool, leveraging artificial intelligence to efficiently remove unwanted footage and silence for improved YouTube content.

    GlowAI offers personalized skincare routine recommendations based on user's skin type and budget.

    GoCharlie is an advanced content-generating tool that helps creators produce highly-engaging marketing content in seconds, using its proprietary personalized artificial intelligence engine.

    AI experiment allowing non-technical individuals to teach an OpenAI GPT-3 model a new topic for text-related tasks.

    GPT for Sheets is an integrated, versatile writing assistant that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your text within Google Sheets and Docs.

    Generates high-quality text quickly and easily for content creators, writers, and anyone who needs to generate text promptly.

    A no-code platform for non-technical users to easily build and deploy advanced, customized language-based web apps, Discord bots, and automated workflows.

    GPUX.AI is an innovative tool that provides secure, GPU-powered video media delivery and live stream ingestion services with free Egress support.

    GrowthBar, an innovative SEO tool, empowers businesses by providing valuable insights and data for efficient keyword research and optimization strategies.

    Personalized workout routines generated by an advanced algorithm considering goals, habits and limitations.

    Detects vulnerabilities in source code using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    HairstyleAI is an innovative app that uses artificial intelligence to generate customized hairstyles for its users, allowing them to try out different looks from the comfort of their own home.

    Free online photo editor with advanced object removal capabilities using a single brush, suitable for users without prior image editing experience.

    HandyPlugins offers an array of tools, including the innovative Handywriter - an all-in-one content creation tool powered by Artificial Intelligence.

    Community-driven platform providing open-source generative audio tools for music creation and diffusion.

    AI Art Tools

    Harvey is an innovative customer support tool for teams, employing sentiment analysis and automation to close non-actionable conversations and expedite service.

    Hello History is an innovative chatbot app that provides engaging conversational experiences with historical figures using artificial intelligence.

    HelloScribe is an innovative, artificial intelligence-powered writing and brainstorming tool for marketing professionals that enhances their creativity and accelerates content creation.

    AI-powered command line interface that enables users to interact using natural language, supporting debugging of various commands.

    Building a narrative multiverse through the intersection of machine learning and immersive entertainment.

    HirePeople is an end-to-end recruitment platform that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the hiring process and improve candidate selection.

    AI-powered hiring tool designed for startups to streamline their recruitment processes.

    AI-powered email marketing software with diverse features for efficient campaign management and high-quality content generation.

    Hot Reach uses LinkedIn data to create personalized outreach messages and increase targeted awareness for your product. is an easy-to-use platform providing a range of powerful image editing tools, like the Stable Diffusion image generator and API integration.

    Hourone is an Artificial Intelligence company that creates virtual humans for professional video communications through their advanced, end-to-end video production software.

    An artificial intelligence-powered tool for interacting with APIs and increasing productivity.

    HumataAI is an instant data insights tool that synthesizes, summarizes and extracts valuable information from files, making it a time-saving resource for researchers, students and professionals.

    Generating professional, unique icons for applications and websites with ease through automated artificial intelligence processes.

    Innovative business planning software guiding entrepreneurs and organizations through the entire process of developing, validating, and presenting investor-ready business plans.