HelloScribe is an innovative, artificial intelligence-powered writing and brainstorming tool for marketing professionals that enhances their creativity and accelerates content creation.

About HelloScribe

HelloScribe is an AI-powered writing tool that streamlines the writing process, making it fast and easy with over 100 tools. The AI tool generates high-quality, original content for various applications while utilizing a mathematical probability approach combined with a Large Language Model (LLM). HelloScribe is particularly unique because it doesn't plagiarize content, and its generated content is based solely on the user's inputs. In addition, there is no word limit, and HelloScribe can read and write in over 50 languages. The app works on desktops, mobile phones, or tablets and provides a secure platform with the highest level of encryption. HelloScribe has three subscription plans – the Basic, Pro, and Business plan – each designed to cater to varying user requirements.


HelloScribe is an AI-powered writing tool that efficiently generates quality and original content for various writing applications via a Large Language Model (LLM) powered by mathematical probability. With 100+ tools, HelloScribe allows for endless copy without any word limit and supports over 50 languages. The app provides secure data encryption while being accessible on a desktop and mobile devices. HelloScribe comes in three pricing plans (Basic, Pro, and Business) depending on the user's needs and requirements.

Company Overview

HelloScribe is an AI-powered writing tool that allows you to generate high-quality and original content seamlessly. With over 100 tools that generate a variety of written content using artificial intelligence, you can create press releases, ad copy, headlines, social media posts, media pitches, blog posts among others, effectively and efficiently

Using a Large Language Model (LLM) and mathematics probability, HelloScribe converts your written text instruction into applicable output. The tool also generates fresh ideas for use in your work, thereby saving you the time and effort of coming up with new ideas on your own or going through numerous iterations, thereby cutting down on costs and maximizing your efforts.

HelloScribe's high-quality and original content generation sets it apart from its competitors. The tool does not plagiarize or copy existing work. Rather, it creates unique content that is tailored to your inputs and predictions based on the best possible response to your query. Before publishing, we recommend that you use any third-party plagiarism tool to confirm the text's authenticity. However, we encourage you to utilize our Research Companion tool for your due verification processes.

HelloScribe provides a secure platform that ensures all your data is encrypted to the highest level. Whether your document is created within the platform or your login and billing information, you can be confident that they are secure. Please refer to HelloScribe's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information regarding data privacy and protection.

One of HelloScribe's key advantages is that it does not have a word limit. You can create endless copy without any hindrances. Additionally, HelloScribe can read and write in over 50 languages, making it a globally accessible AI writing tool. The application can be used from your desktop, mobile Phone, or tablet through the web application available at app.helloscribe.ai. However, it is not available as a native Android or IOS app yet.

The Squad plan of HelloScribe allows you to add up to five members of your team and provides unlimited generations. If you wish to add more than five members to the Squad plan, please send us an email. With HelloScribe, you can effectively create excellent copy and innovative ideas ten times faster than traditional writing with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Tell us what you think of the app by sending your feedback to [email protected]


Large Language Model

Predictive Text Generation

HelloScribe uses a Large Language Model (LLM) to predict a series of words that correspond with your input. This means that when you type in your request, such as a headline or blog post, HelloScribe will generate a response that is most likely to be accurate based on what you’ve inputted. This feature ensures that you get better outcomes and saves time compared to manually brainstorming ideas.

100 Tools Generating Different Types of Text

Diverse Applications

HelloScribe has over 100 different tools that generate unique and high-quality content. The AI tool enables you to create text for different applications, such as press releases, ad copy, headlines, blog posts, media pitches, emails, social media posts, and more. The platform can generate fresh ideas for your work and use specifically chosen words and sentences, ensuring that the output is grammatically correct and very efficient. This feature enhances creativity and the variety of outputs you can get from the tool.

Original and Quality Content

No Plagiarism

HelloScribe generates high-quality and completely original content, without resorting to plagiarism. The AI tool creates unique content based on your input, using mathematical probability to predict the best likely response to your query. It ensures that the content is authentic, truthful, and coherent while utilizing proper grammar and structure. Furthermore, you can check the output against any third-party plagiarism tool before publishing your content. We suggest using the Research Companion for additional support.

High-Level Encryption and Unlimited Word Limit

Data Security and Endless Copy

HelloScribe ensures that data protection is a top priority through the use of the highest levels of encryption for all data, including any document you create within the platform, as well as your login and billing information. You can rest assured that all data is secure and meets industry standards. Additionally, there is no maximum word limit in HelloScribe, allowing you to create endless copy. It is beneficial when working on lengthy documents or using HelloScribe for producing multiple outputs.

Access in Over 50 Languages

Easy Access from Anywhere

HelloScribe is a Web application that you can access from anywhere. Whether you are working on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, you can get the support you need whenever and wherever you are most comfortable. Additionally, HelloScribe can read and write in over 50 different languages, allowing you to choose from various languages that are most convenient to you without compromising quality. The algorithm adjusts to the language of your input/request and customizes algorithms for presenting the best results.


HelloScribe's pricing is designed to help you create flawless copy and winning ideas 10x faster without breaking the bank. They offer three different subscription tiers, each with unique features and benefits. The Basic plan starts at $19/month and includes unlimited documents, 50,000 word counts, and the option to add up to 5 team members. The Pro plan is priced at $49/month and includes all the features of the Basic plan plus priority support, custom theme and branding options, and the ability to add up to 15 team members. The Business plan, priced at $99/month, is the most inclusive option and includes all the features of the Basic and Pro plan, plus priority onboarding, concierge service, and the ability to add up to 25 team members.

Overall, HelloScribe's pricing is incredibly reasonable given the range of features they offer. Whether you're a small business or a larger company, there's a plan for you. Plus, the option to add team members ensures that your entire team can benefit from the app's features, making it a cost-effective solution for your entire organization. With a focus on streamlining the content creation process and providing a user-friendly experience, HelloScribe is a great investment for anyone looking to save time and produce high-quality content. Additionally, their commitment to customer feedback and willingness to continually improve the app ensures that you will always have access to the best tools and resources for your content creation needs.


What is HelloScribe?

HelloScribe is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps streamlines the writing process by providing suggestions for grammar corrections, sentence structure, word choice, and tone. HelloScribe assists writers in optimizing their copy to make it more effective and engaging for the intended audience.

What does HelloScribe do?

HelloScribe is a writing tool that uses AI to optimize your copy. It analyzes your writing and generates suggestions for grammar corrections, punctuation, and syntax improvements. HelloScribe also comes with a powerful dictionary that suggests synonyms and alternative expressions to help you write more engaging copy. In addition, the platform provides a detailed analysis of your text, which assists with editing, formatting, and content creation.

How does HelloScribe work?

HelloScribe uses the power of machine learning to suggest alternative words and phrases to make your copy more engaging. HelloScribe works by analyzing your writing for issues with syntax, grammar, and punctuation. It then compares your writing to a vast corpus of writing resources to find ways to improve the quality of your writing. The platform's AI also suggests sentence rewrites that are more concise and impactful. HelloScribe is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

Who can benefit from using HelloScribe?

Everyone can benefit from using HelloScribe! Whether you are a business professional, student, blogger, or content writer, HelloScribe can help you create high-quality and effective writing. The platform is especially useful for individuals who struggle with writing or who want to improve their writing's overall quality. HelloScribe can assist you in rewriting text, rephrasing unclear statements, and editing to make your writing more concise and reader-friendly.

What makes HelloScribe different from other writing tools?

HelloScribe stands out from other writing tools because of its AI-powered capabilities. Instead of simple grammar checks that you see in most writing tools, HelloScribe provides insights and suggestions for sentence rewrites that capture the intended message in a more effective and engaging manner. Furthermore, HelloScribe focuses on making your writing fit best for the intended audience, making it a must-have tool for professional writers and marketers.

What type of documents can I upload to HelloScribe?

You can upload almost any type of document to HelloScribe, including essays, articles, cover letters, and even social media posts. HelloScribe works great for any kind of text editing that happens digitally. Although, if you want to scan a physical document, you need to convert it to the digital format first.

Is my data secure with HelloScribe?

Yes! HelloScribe takes data security seriously and uses the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is secure. Your uploaded articles or documents are deleted from their servers automatically after 24 hours, unless you choose to keep them or share them. There are no third-party services that they use to send your data, and they do not share any content you upload with any other parties.

What plans does HelloScribe offer?

HelloScribe offers three subscription plans to choose from, depending on your level of usage. The Basic plan is ideal for light users and comes at no cost while using its limited features. The Pro plan is for frequent users, and it offers all the features unlocked except for the "Premium features," and it's priced at $29.99/month. Finally, the Enterprise plan is suitable for companies and large teams and offers custom requirements such as integrations with other software at a customized price.


If you’re looking for alternative AI-powered transcription tools that offer similar features as HelloScribe, there are several options available on the market, including:


Otter.ai is an AI-powered transcription tool that can generate live transcripts of meetings or interviews. In addition to transcription, it also offers collaboration features, such as the ability to assign tasks and highlight important sections of the transcript. Otter.ai provides integrations with other apps including Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet.


Trint is another AI-powered transcription tool that uses machine learning technology to convert audio into text. It allows users to edit and collaborate on the transcript on the platform, with features such as annotations and speaker identification. Trint can be integrated with various video conferencing and recording software, such as Zoom and Skype, to transcribe recorded content.


Temi offers AI-powered transcription with a fast turnaround time for recorded content. It uses natural language processing technology to transcribe audio in real-time. It offers various editing tools to improve the accuracy of the transcript, such as speaker identification and timestamping. Temi can also be integrated with other apps, including Dropbox and YouTube.


Rev.ai provides AI-powered speech-to-text transcription services that support a wide range of audio and video file formats. It offers industry-specific solutions for various sectors, including media and entertainment, legal, and education. Rev.ai also offers features such as speaker identification, custom vocabulary, and timestamps.


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