Hourone is an Artificial Intelligence company that creates virtual humans for professional video communications through their advanced, end-to-end video production software.

About Hourone

Hour One AI is a groundbreaking company that specializes in creating virtual human-like characters using advanced technology. The company's tool, Reals, offers businesses the ability to produce high-quality videos with lifelike expressions and customizable avatars, making it easier to communicate with audiences in a personalized and engaging way. Hour One's approach has helped establish the company as an industry leader, with recognition from major players such as NBC Universal, DreamWorks, and Berlitz, among others. Hour One's solutions are scalable and cost-effective, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. The company prides itself on providing exceptional communication solutions that showcase its ability to create unique, lively characters that capture the attention of target audiences.


Hour One AI offers a unique tool, Reals, that allows businesses to create high-quality videos with human-like virtual narrators. The tool provides a dynamic selection of over 100 virtual humans to choose from, with the ability to tailor their voices and movements to fit the content being produced. The platform also allows users to create videos in over 60 languages and customize their layout templates, ensuring brand consistency. Hour One's tool automates video creation, allowing businesses to produce hundreds of videos simultaneously with minimal effort. The platform integrates with various tools and workflows, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and social media platforms, to streamline the publishing process. Hour One offers different pricing packages to suit businesses of varying scales and needs, with a Try Before You Buy program that is completely free. Hour One prides itself on providing exceptional communication solutions that showcase its ability to create unique, lively characters that capture the attention of target audiences.

Company Overview

Hour One AI is a leading company in the virtual human creation industry. The company specializes in crafting lifelike virtual characters that replicate real-life people and convey human-like expressions through text. This technology provides an unparalleled ease and scalability that enables businesses to elevate their messaging quality effortlessly.

The company's self-service creator platform, Reals, empowers businesses to harness Hour One's advanced technology and produce fully-realized videos at scale within minutes. Hour One's approach has enabled them to proudly serve industry giants such as Berlitz, NBC Universal, and DreamWorks, with a reach that extends across various industries, including HR, e-commerce, and SaaS.

With headquarters situated in Tel Aviv and New York City, Hour One continues to maintain a strong presence across these locations. The company prides itself on its achievements and offers its services to businesses globally, rendering them capable of keeping their brand messaging fresh with their virtually created, uniquely-expressioned characters.

Hour One's cutting-edge technology and approach allows businesses to personalize their communication with their audiences, leading to deeper engagement and a better understanding of the message being passed across. The company's virtual human creation tool allows businesses to overcome the traditional problems of production, and provides a cost-effective alternative for companies looking to streamline their narrative communication process in the contemporary business landscape.

The company has several case studies that showcase its ability to create unique and lively characters that capture the attention of their target audiences. These case studies help to solidify Hour One's reputation as a leading industry player committed to delivering exceptional and unmatched communication solutions. With all rights reserved, Hour One aims to continue its groundbreaking efforts in the virtual human creation industry.


AI-Powered Virtual Humans

Dynamic Selection

Hourone offers a dynamic selection of 100+ AI-powered, photorealistic virtual humans to enhance your video content. These visual aids provide a human element to your text-based content, making it more engaging and relatable.

Customizable Avatars

With Hourone, you can customize your very own avatar to match your brand. This feature allows you to choose and design the perfect virtual human that aligns with your brand's values, aesthetic, and messaging. You can also tailor your character's facial expressions and movements to fit your video content.

Voice Customizations

You can tailor your character's voices with a diverse range of tones, cadences, and accents, ensuring the perfect vocal combination for your content. This feature allows you to give your video content a personal touch, making it more relatable and human-like.

Multi-Language Videos

Over 60 Languages

Easily create videos in multiple languages like never before. Choose from over 60 languages in Hourone's library, add your text, and watch the magic unfold. You can reach a wider audience and communicate more effectively by providing video content in their native language.

Translation Technology

Hourone uses machine learning technology to provide accurate and nuanced translations. The system optimizes sentence structure and formatting for each language, ensuring that the translated version flows seamlessly and reads naturally.

Consistent Branding

You can ensure that all your videos meet your brand requirements and have a consistent look by customizing your branding elements across different languages. From logo to colors and fonts, Hourone allows you to define your brand and maintain your brand personality across various international markets.

Automated Video Creation

Integrating with API

Hourone allows you to create hundreds of videos simultaneously by integrating its API to import all your text and convert it to humanized content. This feature helps you save time and distribute your content effectively across different platforms.

Content Uploading

You can use your existing images, videos, PowerPoint slides, and sound files to create humanized videos automatically by uploading them to Hourone. This feature helps you turn your existing content into engaging video content without additional efforts or resources.


Hourone allows you to invite colleagues to join a video project and work together on creating the videos. This teamwork feature provides an efficient way for different stakeholders to manage and deliver project requirements, multiple perspectives and feedback, and a collaborative working environment.

Customizable Video Appearance

Layout Templates

You can apply one of Hourone's many layout templates to give your video a slick and professional look. This feature enables you to create studio-quality videos with less effort and resources, making editing accessible to a wider audience.

Caption Options

If you need to add captions to your videos, Hourone has you covered. This feature provides an easy way to upload your captions, and the tool will do the rest for you.

Content Sharing

You can download the video as an mp4 or use the embed code to share it on your social channels or add it to your website, landing pages, product description, ads, and e-commerce store. This feature makes it easy to share the content you create on different platforms effectively.


Hour One is designed to seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and workflows, simplifying the video creation process. With Hour One, you can instantly share your videos on social networks and communication platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet, for a more efficient workflow.

Social Media Platforms

Hour One excels in its ability to integrate with social media platforms, allowing users to easily publish and distribute their video content. You can easily share your videos with your followers on Facebook and Twitter, and even post them directly to LinkedIn. With Hour One platform, users can create up to 6 different video formats tailored to various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, which is especially useful for businesses and marketing teams who want to make the most of their social media engagement.

Zoom and Google Meet

Hour One is also compatible with popular communication platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet. Users can record their video meetings, upload them to Hour One, and quickly edit them for later use. Hour One enables users to automatically transcribe their Zoom and Google Meet meetings, making the process of editing and publishing meeting recordings effortless. This functionality allows users to smoothly integrate Hour One into their workflows, making it ideal for businesses and organizations looking for a user-friendly and effective solution for video editing and publishing.

CRMs (Salesforce and HubSpot)

Hour One can also integrate with popular customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as Salesforce and HubSpot. Businesses can extract data from these CRMs and use it to customize and personalize their videos, making them more engaging and relevant to their audiences. This integration enables businesses to streamline their video creation and publishing process, ultimately saving time and resources.

YouTube and Vimeo

The automatic export feature built into Hour One, allows users to export videos to popular video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Hour One allows users to export videos in a range of formats and sizes to appropriately suit their needs, complete with customized thumbnails and meta-data. This functionality provides users with a hassle-free and time-saving solution for sharing their videos on these platforms, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to expand their online presence.


Hourone offers a range of pricing plans to suit your needs. First up is the Basic package for AI video tool, which costs $300 per member per month when billed monthly or annually. This plan gives you access to 31+ 3D templates and the ability to share via link in 1080p.

The next level up is the Professional presenter-led video suite for commercial use, which costs $2,388 per member per year, billed monthly or annually. This plan includes everything in the Basic package as well as 20 monthly templates (2D only) and the ability to share via link in 1080p. It's perfect for businesses looking to make high-quality videos for commercial use.

For those looking for industrial-grade AI video production at scale, Hourone offers an Enterprise package. This plan includes everything in the Professional package and access to Contact Us + 3D templates, as well as the ability to share via link in 4K resolution. Pricing for this plan is available upon request, so if you're interested, be sure to get in touch with the Hourone team.

Hourone also offers a Try Before You Buy program, which is completely free and doesn't require a credit card. This program gives you access to 10 (per month) 2D templates and the ability to share via link only in 1080p resolution. It's a great way to test out Hourone's offerings before committing to a paid plan.

Finally, Hourone offers an annual plan option that gives you 2 free months when you sign up. This is a great way to save money if you know you'll be using Hourone long-term. The annual plan is available for all of Hourone's pricing packages.

No matter which plan you choose, Hourone's AI video tools will help you create beautiful, professional-quality videos with ease.


What is Hourone's AI tool?

Hourone's AI tool is a video creation platform that allows users to create humanized videos with the use of AI-powered virtual humans or customized avatars. This tool provides a dynamic selection of over 100 virtual humans to choose from, with the ability to tailor their voices with various tones, cadences, and accents. It also allows users to create videos in multiple languages with the option to add captions and customize the video layout to match their brand. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and can create hundreds of videos simultaneously by integrating with their API to import text.

What are the benefits of using Hourone's AI tool?

There are several benefits to using Hourone's AI tool. Firstly, the tool allows users to create high-quality videos with human-like virtual narrators that are able to deliver key messages in a clear, concise, and engaging way. Additionally, users can save time by creating hundreds of videos simultaneously, making the platform ideal for brands or individuals looking to produce a large volume of content. The tool also enables users to create videos in multiple languages, catering to a more diverse audience, and helps maintain brand consistency by allowing users to apply custom brand elements to their videos.

What types of media files can be uploaded to Hourone's tool?

Users of Hourone's tool can upload a variety of media files including images, videos, PowerPoint slides, and sound files to create humanized videos automatically. The platform allows users to integrate their existing media with the AI-powered virtual humans to create engaging and dynamic video content. There is also the option to upload captions and invite colleagues to collaborate on video projects.

How many languages are available on Hourone's AI tool?

Hourone's AI tool offers over 60 languages to choose from, catering to an audience in multiple regions and languages. Users can simply select their desired language and input their text to create videos with humanized virtual narrators. This feature is ideal for brands or individuals looking to develop video content targeted at different market segments.

How can I share my completed video content?

Once a video is created on Hourone's AI tool, users can download it as an mp4 file or use the embed code provided to share it on social channels, websites, landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and e-commerce stores. This feature enables users to reach a wider audience with their video content and promote their brand across various channels. The platform also ensures all videos created are copyright protected, giving users peace of mind when sharing their content.


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