Generated Photos

Generating creative, original, and photorealistic full-body and face images of non-existent humans through an easy-to-use and advanced generativeAI tool.

About Generated Photos

Generated Photos is an innovative platform that uses AI technology to produce original, high-quality images from scratch. Unlike stock photos, all the pictures on the platform are free from copyright restrictions, royalty demands, or distribution rights, meaning users can download and utilize them without any fear of infringement claims or copyright violation. With Generated Photos, businesses and individuals alike have access to unique, high-quality images for personal and commercial use, catering to entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, bloggers, web designers, and content creators. The extensive range of images is continually growing, making the platform cutting-edge when it comes to creative technology. Using the platform's seamless API, developers can integrate the photorealistic and diverse generated images with their applications and workflows. The platform's software-generated photorealistic images effortlessly solve the problem of bursting costs or assembling large teams to create human images.


Generated Photos is a platform that offers original, high-quality images that use AI technology. The platform has images free from copyright restrictions and offers a vast collection spanning various categories, providing unlimited image output without bursting budgets. The AI-powered text-to-image feature enables users to accurately generate unlimited images that match their vision, incorporating realistic textures and lighting in 3D modeling and animation software. The platform offers flexible pricing options and easy integration with other APIs and platforms, making accessing AI-generated images affordable and reliable. Other reliable alternatives include the Artificial Intelligence Painter, GANbreeder, DALLE, and Artbreeder.

Company Overview

Generated Photos is an exciting platform that makes use of AI technology to produce original, high-quality images from scratch. Unlike stock photos, all the images on this platform are free from any copyright restrictions, royalty demands, or distribution rights. This means that users can download and utilize these images however they choose, without any fear of infringement claims or copyright violation.

At Generated Photos, we understand that everyone needs access to unique, high-quality images from time to time. That is why we offer an extensive range of images that can be downloaded for personal use without any charge. All we ask is that you include a link back to our site in return. If you need commercial-quality images, we do offer individual downloads and API access on a per-license basis.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, developer, blogger, web designer, or content creator, you will find plenty of amazing options on Generated Photos for any project you are working on. Our AI technology ensures that we can create fresh faces easily without having to worry about bursting funds or getting large teams together - you can come to us directly or make use of our API to bring your vision to life. We are consistently expanding our toolkit to enable cutting-edge creative technology designed to offer a seamless user experience for all users.

If you are looking for a reliable platform for high-quality, original images, you can never go wrong with Generated Photos. With our platform, you can quickly give your project the visual edge it needs to stand out from the crowd.


AI Image Generation

No Copyright or Royalty Restrictions

Generated Photos uses AI technology to create original high-quality images from scratch that are free from any copyright, royalty, or distribution restrictions. This means that users can download and use these images for personal projects without any fear of infringement claims or copyright violation.

Vast Collection of Images

The platform offers users a vast collection of images that can be downloaded for personal use, and if you need commercial-quality images, the company offers individual downloads and API access on a per-license basis. The collection comprises of numerous categories that include images of diverse people and ethnicity, facial expressions, and poses, among others.

Seamless User Experience

The AI-powered image generation feature provides an intuitive and seamless user experience. The AI technology ensures that the images generated are fresh-faced, unique and without the need for large teams. Users can come to the platform directly or make use of the API to bring their vision to life.

AI-Powered Text-To-Image Conversion

Creating Images from Text Descriptions

Generated Photos offers a text-to-image feature that allows users to create images from text descriptions. The AI-powered tool uses a series of algorithms that recognize underlying relationships from a set of data through a process that mimics how the human brain works. These tools can generate high-quality, realistic images that match text descriptions. Gone are the days when designing and creating images were expensive with Generated Photos affordable text-to-image conversion feature.

Accurately Generated Images

The AI technology featured in the text-to-image conversion feature is trained on thousands of images, which increases the accuracy and realism of the generated images. This enables users to create images that match their vision accurately.

Unlimited Image Output

Users are not limited to the number of images they can generate using this feature. The AI technology ensures that users have a seamless experience by allowing them to create numerous images with ease.

API Access

Flexible Integration With Your Workflows

The Generated Photos API is designed for seamless integration with your workflow. The interface ensures that integrating the API with your project is a seamless process, provided you have experience working with APIs.

Adjustable Parameters

The API offers adjustable parameters that can be used to filter search results and customize generated images. These include the resolution, number of images to generate, emotion, gender, age, and facial features that the resulting images should exhibit.

Easy and Flexible Billing

If you need commercial-quality images and access to the API, Generated Photos offers flexible billing methods that are easy to understand. Users can acquire API access based on their licensing needs, which serves to avoid confusion associated with fixed pricing.

Free and Paid Downloads

Free Personal Use Downloads

Generated Photos offers a wide range of images that can be downloaded for free, provided that they are used for personal projects only. All they ask is for users to include a link back to their website.

High-Quality Commercial-Quality Images

If you need commercial-quality images, Generated Photos offers paid downloads that are affordable and of high quality. Whether it's individual downloads or access to the API, the company's vast collection can offer images that match the specific needs of your project.

AI Generated Images for Blogs and Social Media Posts

Generated Photos offers AI technology-created images that can be used for blog posts and social media posts. The images are free from copyright, so users can edit, crop, or resize them as they see fit. The company also offers a vast collection of backgrounds and ready-made template designs that can be used to make social media posts stand out.

Realistic Texture and Lighting

High-Resolution Textures

The Generated Photos platform offers artificially, intelligently generated high-resolution textures that can be incorporated into any digital project.

Easy Integration with 3D Modelling/Animation software

The textures exhibited on Generated Photos platform can be easily incorporated into 3D modelling and animation software. These textures are realistic and have higher resolution and significantly better lighting than textures created manually.

Realistic Lighting

The AI technology used to create textures and lighting mimics human natural lighting conditions, which ensure that the generated images have a high degree of realism. These AI-powered lighting conditions make the platform's images more appealing to the eye, especially when used in projects that demand photorealism.


The Generated Photos tool offers seamless integrations with other APIs and platforms, making it easy for developers to utilize realistic stock photos for their applications. The tool uses API keys for authentication and offers integration with the following platforms:


The Generated Photos API integrates with Pipedream, a platform for building and deploying integrations and workflows. Pipedream securely stores API keys for easy authentication to Generated Photos APIs in both code and no-code steps. With this integration, developers can effortlessly create workflows, automate tasks, and generate realistic photos without worrying about authentication hassles. Whether you're building an app or creating a stock photo library, the Pipedream integration streamlines the authentication process, making it quick and easy to access and utilize Generated Photos APIs.


Generated Photos offers flexible pricing options for their API photo service. The pricing is based on the number of requests made for AI-generated images, with packages ranging from 5,000 requests to 1,000,000 requests per month. The pricing varies starting from $49 per month up to $1,490 per month, depending on the number of requests required.

It is important to note that photos accessed via API can be used for up to 3 days after the subscription is canceled, and the images cannot be used for machine learning without prior consent from Generated Photos.

The subscription-based payment model ensures that customers have access to a consistent and reliable stream of AI-generated images. By offering tiered pricing options, customers can select a package that aligns with their budget and usage needs.

Generated Photos is committed to building an exceptional toolset for creative technology, and part of that commitment means offering a pricing model that caters to businesses of all sizes.

Overall, the pricing for the Generated Photos API photo service is competitive and flexible, offering businesses an affordable solution for accessing AI-generated images. With consistent pricing and a reliable product, Generated Photos is a top choice for businesses that want to integrate AI technology into their image-based applications.


What is Generated Photos?

Generated Photos is a platform that provides original, high-quality human images created through AI technology. Our images are free from copyright restrictions, royalty demands, or distribution rights, making them easily accessible for users for personal use without any charge. However, if you require commercial-quality images, they can be downloaded by API access or individual downloads based on a per-license basis.

How does Generated Photos create its images?

Generated Photos uses a machine learning technology called StyleGAN to create images. This technology is capable of generating human-like facial features from scratch using robust neural network-based generative models. Our technology uses a mix of hundreds of thousands of real humans' faces to make the images look as genuine as possible while producing fresh faces that don't exist.

Can I edit the images I download from Generated Photos?

Yes, you can. Our images are provided to you freely, and you can decide to use them however you choose, including editing them to suit your project requirements. You can resize, crop, stretch, or compress any of the images to fit your design. Our images are designed to be versatile enough to fit your project purposes while still maintaining high quality.

What are the image file types available on Generated Photos?

Our generated images are available in PNG format, making the images flexible and accessible for any project type. This file format ensures a transparent background, making integrating the images into other projects seamless.

What is the quality of the images I'll find on Generated Photos?

Our images are designed to be of high quality by using advanced AI technology. Although our images are computer-generated and not real photos taken by a camera, they appear genuine and realistic. Our technology and team continuously work together to achieve the best quality possible at all times.


Generated Photos is a remarkable AI tool for generating realistic and diverse facial images effortlessly. However, there are other alternatives to consider:

Artificial Intelligence Painter

AI Painter utilizes artificial intelligence to create photorealistic artworks, bringing pictures to life. With the tool's advanced algorithms, users can transform any photo into an aesthetically pleasing and realistic artwork.


GANbreeder is another AI-powered tool that generates unique and surreal images by combining multiple images. It employs Generative Adversarial Networks algorithms to create bizarre but aesthetically pleasing visuals.


DALLE is a cutting-edge AI tool that can generate high-quality images from textual prompts. With DALLE, users can generate a wide variety of images, including photorealistic ones that look like they were captured in real life.


Artbreeder is a web-based AI tool that combines images to generate unique ones. It offers users unlimited creative possibilities and various editing options to create their unique images, including diverse facial images.

Generated Photos

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