AI-powered hiring tool designed for startups to streamline their recruitment processes.

About HireYaY

HireYaY is an AI-powered solution by Visionful Limited that provides businesses with suggestions for crafting job postings to attract top talent. The platform's AI technology offers personalized messaging, skill, responsibility and qualification suggestions for job postings based on job seekers' pain points. Its salary insights option helps employers to make informed decisions about salaries based on industry and location-based salaries. The solution's one-click distribution and optimized career page features provide a hassle-free job application process for companies and potential employees.


HireYaY is a reasonably priced, AI-powered tool that helps create job postings that connect businesses with top talents. The solution offers skills, responsibility, and qualification suggestions, personalized messaging based on job seekers' pain points, location, and industry-based salary insights as well as an optimized career page to reduce drop rates. Partnerships with top job boards and integration with over 4000 applications via Zapier further enhance the Hiring process. HireYaY's integrations include a one-click resume download, LinkedIn and Glassdoor integration, filtering questions and applicant location, and internal notes. It is a simple, user-friendly tool available for free sign-up, and the pricing model is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Alternatives such as StatusToday, Mya, X0PA AI and Textio are similarly powerful tools that can enhance your hiring process with AI-powered solutions.

Company Overview

HireYaY is an AI-powered tool designed by Visionful Limited to help businesses craft the best job postings to attract top talents. The platform provides AI-guided suggestions for skills, responsibilities, qualifications and even personalized messages based on pain points to ensure that job postings are optimized for maximum attraction.

One of the standout features of HireYaY is its Salary Insights, which enables employers to get a better understanding of industry and location-based salaries. This insight allows them to create salary ranges that reflect their location and industry for job seekers to see, helping businesses to make smart hiring decisions based on market insights.

HireYaY’s Candidate Profile allows an employer to parse every uploaded resume, displaying the candidate’s employment history, qualifications and skills. Employers can view candidate profiles with ease, and the profile gives vital information for making informed hiring decisions.

HireYaY’s partnership with top job boards via its One-Click Distribution feature ensures that an employer's job postings are provided to job boards with a single click. This feature ensures that businesses reach the job seekers on the right online platforms, which in turn increases the chances of getting more quality candidates.

HireYaY’s Optimized career page feature is designed to reduce high drop rates in the job application process. Each submission will be parsed to create a clean candidate profile that displays skills and experience. HR administrators can find recruiting staff easier as resumes are easy to manage.

The seamless automation of HireYaY via the Zapier platform is another key feature. HireYaY connects to over 4000 applications via Zapier and is available for all platform users to access. Sign up is free and straightforward, with millions of job seekers to reach through no credit card required.

As a service by Visionful Limited, a registered company in England and Wales, HireYaY has established itself as an excellent AI-powered recruiting tool businesses can rely on.


AI-guided Job Postings

Skill and Responsibility Suggestions

HireYaY's AI technology guides users in crafting the best job post to attract top talent. The tool suggests skills, responsibilities, and qualifications needed for the job post. Additionally, AI technology can craft a personalized message tailored to the job seeker's pain points, increasing the chances of attracting a qualified candidate.

Optimized Job Postings

The AI-guided job posting tool can ensure that the job posting is optimized to attract the desired candidates. The tool can use keywords tailored to the job seeker's search queries, increasing visibility on search engines and job boards.

Personalized Messaging

HireYaY's AI can take into account a job seeker's pain points to create a personalized message. This messaging can increase the likelihood of getting a response from a qualified candidate who has previous experience dealing with similar pain points.

Salary Insights

Location Specific Salary Insights

HireYaY provides salary insights specific to the location of the job posting. Users can use this tool to know the average salary of the industry in the area, making it easier to make informed decisions about salary offers.

Industry Specific Salary Insights

The tool also provides insights into salaries specific to the industry of the job posting. Users can get insights into how much they should offer in relation to other companies in the industry and area, helping them stay competitive.

Salary Insights to Increase Application Rates

Offering a salary range on a job posting can increase the likelihood of job seekers applying. HireYaY's salary insights can help users create a job post that offers a competitive salary, leading to more applications.

Candidate Profile

Resume Parsing Technology

The HireYaY tool can parse every uploaded resume to create a clean and easy-to-read candidate profile. The tool extracts skills, qualifications, and employment history from the resume to provide a quick overview of the candidate's qualifications, experience, and fit for the job.

One-Click Resume Download

Users can easily download the uploaded resume to take a closer look at a candidate's qualifications and employment history. The tool's resume parsing technology makes it easy to see critical information quickly, allowing users to make informed decisions about whether to pursue a particular candidate for a job opening.

Automated Distribution

HireYaY has partnered with top job boards to ensure that the job posting is distributed widely. Posting a job on HireYaY can automatically distribute the job posting to partner job boards, increasing visibility to potential candidates.

Optimized Career Page

Less Tedious Application Process

The hiring process can often be long and tedious, leading to high drop-out rates. HireYaY's optimized career page reduces the number of steps in the application process, resulting in lower dropout rates.

Simple Candidate Profile Review

Each submission is parsed, so the user can view a candidate profile with skills and experience in one place. Users can see the qualifications, employment history, and other relevant information quickly, making it easier to make informed decisions about which candidates to pursue further.

Integration with Other Applications

HireYaY can be connected with more than 4000 other applications via Zapier and Make. This integration allows users to automate their hiring process further and make it more efficient.

Easy Sign-Up

No Credit Card Required

Users can sign up for HireYaY for free without providing a credit card. This enables users to test the product before committing to a subscription plan, allowing them to decide if HireYaY suits their needs.

Reach Millions of Job Seekers

HireYay is a tool that enables employers to post their job openings on a site that is accessible to millions of job seekers worldwide, increasing the visibility of the job posting and the probability of attracting suitable candidates.

Free Sign-Up

Users can sign up for HireYaY for free, allowing them to view candidates and post job openings without incurring additional expenses. The tool's drag-and-drop interface is simple to navigate, and users can begin posting jobs and receiving applications quickly.


HireYaY offers several integrations to enhance the job posting and application process. Here are the available integrations:

One-Click Distribution to Partners

HireYaY allows users to finalize integration with partners such as Adzuna, Talent.com, Monster, BeBee, Work In Startups, Jooble, and Tribajo. Once set up, job postings can be distributed to these job boards with just one click.

LinkedIn and Glassdoor Integration

HireYaY intends to add LinkedIn and Glassdoor to its distribution channels, subject to approval from LinkedIn and Glassdoor. This integration would allow job postings to be shared on these popular job search websites.

Partnership Program

HireYaY offers a partnership program for any job board that would like to receive the tool's XML feed of job postings.

Zapier and Make.com Integration

Users can integrate HireYaY with Zapier and Make.com to further streamline their job posting and application processes. This integration is available subject to approval from Zapier and Make.com.

Templates for Social Sharing Cards

HireYaY offers multiple social sharing card templates to help users create visually appealing posts that stand out and attract applicants.

Book Interview

HireYaY's "book interview" feature automates the scheduling process by sending a link to applicants to book a time for an interview. The link is linked to the user's own calendar and calendar app.

Auto Reject and Rejection Feedback

HireYaY's "auto reject" feature allows users to automatically reject applications that do not meet certain requirements, while the "rejection feedback" feature notifies the candidates of why their application was rejected.

Filtering Questions and Applicant Location

HireYaY offers filtering questions at the beginning of the application process to ensure that applicants meet certain requirements before continuing. Additionally, the "applicant location" feature helps users automatically reject applications that do not meet their location requirements.

Internal Notes

HireYaY grants the ability to add internal notes to the application process, which can help users communicate and collaborate with their team.

Views and Conversion Rate and CPC/CPA Boost

HireYaY's "Stats" feature allows users to view how many people are viewing their job posts and how many are converting into applicants. Additionally, users may opt-in to the "CPC/CPA boost" feature that enables integration with programmatic job advertising platforms to boost traffic to job postings based on the set budget.

Overall, HireYaY's integrations help users make their job posting and application process more efficient and effective. Whether it's distributing job postings to job boards with a single click or automating the rejection process, HireYaY seeks to enhance the hiring experience.


HireYaY offers a job posting service that is affordably priced per job, with a discount available for larger job listings. The pricing model is straightforward and simple to understand. The standard price per job is competitive and provides excellent value for the service offered. For companies looking to hire just a few employees, the option to pay for job listings on an individual basis may be the right choice.

However, for those that have multiple positions to fill or want to take a more substantial approach to hiring, HireYaY offers a discount for bulk job postings. Companies can save up to 50% off each job listing when purchasing 10 or more. This bulk pricing option provides an excellent opportunity for companies to maximize their recruitment efforts and save on overall costs.

HireYaY's pricing model is designed to be flexible and fair for companies of all sizes, ensuring that they can get the best value for their investment. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges, and the company is transparent about the costs upfront.

With HireYaY, companies can access a reliable job posting service that delivers excellent results without breaking the bank. The website is user-friendly and straightforward, making the posting process easy and hassle-free. With no long-term contracts, companies can use the service as they see fit, according to their hiring needs.

In summary, HireYaY offers a competitive pricing model that provides excellent value for companies of all sizes. Whether looking for individual job postings or bulk listings, there is an option to fit any need or budget. The service is user-friendly, and the transparency around the pricing structure is commendable. HireYaY is an excellent choice for companies that want to attract top talent while keeping recruitment costs manageable.


What is HireYaY's job skills generator?

HireYaY's job skills generator is a tool that generates a list of skills needed for a particular job based on the job title and industry. It helps employers identify specific skills necessary for a role and helps job seekers identify the skills they need to possess to be successful in a particular job. The job skills generator is available for any job, ranging from entry-level positions to executive-level roles. The generator considers various factors to generate an accurate and relevant list of job skills needed for a specific job. These skills can help employers narrow their search for the ideal candidate and help job seekers determine their qualifications for a job more efficiently.

Why is it essential to include skills in a job description?

Skills in a job description serve as an essential component for both job seekers and employers. For job seekers, it gives them an indication of what the job entails and what qualifications are required. Job seekers can more easily identify if they meet the necessary qualifications for the job, resulting in a more efficient application process. For employers, including specific skills in the job description can help determine the most qualified and suitable candidates for the role, saving time during the interviewing process. Furthermore, including relevant skills in a job description can help improve search engine optimization and increase the likelihood of being seen by potential candidates.

How can skills help employers assess a candidate's qualifications?

When employers include specific skills in a job description, it helps them to assess the relevance of a candidate's experience to the job description by comparing keywords in the job description to the skills listed on the applicant's resume. This method helps employers identify the most qualified candidates for a role and can also highlight potential areas of improvement for a candidate's resume by identifying areas where their experience may not match the requirements of the job description.

Can the job description generator be used for any type of job?

Yes, the job description generator can be used for any job, ranging from entry-level positions to executive-level roles. The generator takes into account various factors, such as the job title and industry, to generate an accurate and relevant list of necessary job skills. Employers and job seekers can use the job description generator to improve the hiring process for any job.

Is there a fee for using the job skills generator?

No, there is no fee for using HireYaY's job skills generator. To get started, you can sign up for a free account to access the job description generator. Your first job posting is free, and no credit card is required to create an account. You can utilize the job skills generator to create accurate and relevant job descriptions to find the most qualified candidates for any job.


If you're looking for AI-powered tools to streamline your startup's recruitment process, here are some alternatives to consider:


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Mya is an AI-powered chatbot that streamlines the recruitment process by automating candidate screening, interview scheduling, and other administrative tasks. Its key features include answering candidate questions, interview preparation, scheduling, and providing feedback on the candidate experience.


X0PA AI offers AI-powered hiring tools that can screen candidate resumes and highlight those who are best suited for the job. It also uses machine learning algorithms to predict which candidates are more likely to accept offers, helping employers to optimize their recruiting efforts.


Textio uses AI to analyze job descriptions and suggest language that is more inclusive and persuasive. It can also help companies to identify potentially biased language and make adjustments to improve the diversity of their candidate pool. Its features include real-time guidance, analytics, and a library of best practices.


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