Turbohire is an innovative recruitment platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and data-driven insights to streamline the hiring process for both employers and job seekers.

About Turbohire

Introduction: In the fast-paced digital world, companies are turning to innovative and automated technologies to streamline their recruitment processes. Turbohire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform that centralizes the entire recruitment process from job requisition to offer letter release, while also solving compliance challenges across multiple geographies. With features including passive candidate sourcing and nurture campaigns, real-time and shareable dashboards, automated resume parsing and candidate ranking, and intuitive interview scheduling and feedback collection, Turbohire provides a stress-free and user-friendly recruitment experience. TLDR: Turbohire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform that uses algorithms to optimize every action, providing fast and technically sound hiring decisions. The platform streamlines the recruitment process through automated solutions, including resume parsing, candidate ranking, passive candidate sourcing, and real-time and shareable dashboards. Turbohire prioritizes automation and intelligence at each stage of the hiring funnel, enabling businesses to scale their team rapidly while keeping an easy-to-adopt interface and full automation. The platform offers flexibility, customization, and real-time data to make better-informed decisions about talent. Turbohire's pricing plans are tailored to different organizations' needs and budgets while providing them with the flexibility to choose a plan that works best for them.

Company Overview

Turbohire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform that centralizes the entire recruitment process from job requisition to offer letter release while giving the user maximum flexibility to customize workflows. The platform prioritizes automation and intelligence at every step of the hiring funnel, helping users to scale their team within a short span of time. Turbohire enables its users to build a great candidate experience from the first touchpoint on their careers page to candidate onboarding. In addition, Turbohire solves compliance challenges across multiple geographies with a secure and compliant platform.

The company believes in research and development, trying to understand the recruiter's activities and how those expedite and affect their decision making processes. Turbohire envisions deciphering and deepening the understanding of 'professional talent' globally across industries, roles, and seniority. The company is advised by industry leaders who understand technology, talent, and overall HR domain. Turbohire's ultimate vision is to automate up to 95% of the recruitment activities to enable better and faster decisions about talent.

Turbohire's platform offers a myriad of features to streamline the recruitment process, including reaching passive candidates and nurturing them, ranking candidates for jobs to streamline screening, allowing interviewers and candidates to find slots easily, engaging with candidates and collecting documents & information, and automating phone screening and interviews. The platform also provides real-time and shareable dashboards for recruiting, which helps stakeholders streamline the recruitment process.

Turbohire has raised $2 million in pre-Series A funding round led by Mumbai Angels, The Pentathlon VC, and The Chennai Angels. The company is always looking to add new members to its team and invites individuals with a passion for innovation, research, and development to come and join its cause.


High Volume Hiring Funnel Automation

Automated Intelligence from Requisition to Offer

Turbohire's AI-powered platform brings automation and intelligence at every step of the recruitment process, from requisition to offer. With this feature, businesses can set up a high-volume hiring funnel easily and effectively. The platform helps scale a team within a short span of time while maintaining an easy-to-adopt user interface and full automation. Turbohire's automation ensures a great candidate experience, from the first touchpoint on a business's career page all the way through to the candidate onboarding process.

Compliance Challenges Solved, Secure Platform

Solving compliance challenges across multiple geographies is a breeze with Turbohire. Its secure and compliant platform helps recruiters maintain compliance at every step of the recruitment process. Turbohire intelligence can be easily consumed into users' systems of choice using RESTful APIs, making it an ideal choice for large enterprise businesses who aim to streamline their recruitment processes across different geographies.

Real-time, Shareable Dashboard for Recruiting

Keeping tabs on the recruitment cycle has never been easier with Turbohire's real-time dashboard feature. It enables users to monitor recruitment activity and view analytics on a live, shareable dashboard in real-time. With Turbohire, users can view data on active and potential candidates, and track activities of various stakeholders involved in the recruitment process. It also provides customizable reports and a rich reporting library that can help businesses build advanced reports for effective decision-making.

Candidate Sourcing and Engagement

Automatic Resume Parsing and Candidate Ranking

Turbohire makes it easier to find the right candidate by parsing every resume into smart cards that enable filtering based on years of experience, previous roles, or skills, etc. It further tags every candidate with an AI-generated score that automatically brings the best candidates to the top of the list. This feature saves recruiters time in screening hundreds of resumes and allows them to focus on selecting the top candidates suitable for the specific role.

Passive Candidate Sourcing and Nurture Campaigns

Recruitment teams need to reach out to passive candidates for hard-to-fill roles. Turbohire makes passive sourcing options easier, allowing recruiting teams to reach out to candidates in their internal database or set up nurture campaigns for candidates from sources such as LinkedIn. The platform also offers automated permission management and audit tracking to make vendor sourcing a breeze.

Streamlined Communication and Structured Data Collection

Turbohire helps streamline communication with candidates by automating templatized communications such as bulk emails and platform-agnostic communication over SMS/WhatsApp. The platform also enables structured data collection from candidates through forms; candidates are allowed to submit video responses to go beyond their submitted resume and express themselves better for the job. This feature helps businesses efficiently collect all necessary information from candidates in a structured manner and prevents any loss of critical data.

Optimized Interview Process

Intuitive Interview Scheduling and Feedback Collection

Turbohire enables interview scheduling by highlighting the free time slots of interviewers. It further provides an automated scheduling mechanism that helps brokers time between candidates and interviewers. During interviews, interviewers can easily understand the candidate profile and review their previous evaluations to provide structured feedback after the interviews. This feature ensures a stress-free, streamlined interview process where both candidates and interviewers can focus on the agenda and not worry about the logistics of scheduling.

Pre-Screen Assessments and Offer Letter Builder

Turbohire helps businesses streamline their recruitment process by making it easier for hiring managers to conduct pre-screening assessments and offer letter approvals. The platform makes it easy to get approvals from hiring managers on shortlisted candidates, who can review the candidate's profile and score as well as view interview evaluations. The feature also enables businesses to draft an offer letter with an offer letter builder, with the platform automating any necessary salary calculations through automated formulas for easier HR processes.

Candidate Onboarding and Engagement

Turbohire helps businesses through the entirety of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding and engagement. The platform enables businesses to customize their offer approval workflow for internal approvals and digital signatures for offer letters. Moreover, Turbohire enables collection of vital documents required for candidate onboarding and enables candidate engagement post-offer. This feature ensures a seamless transition process for candidates from being an active candidate to being recruited as a valuable team member.


TurboHire's intelligent recruitment tools work seamlessly with dozens of industry partners to deliver a systematic and structured recruitment experience. The platform comes loaded with powerful APIs that can be implemented into a range of systems, allowing for integration with a wide ecosystem of tools and services. Here are just a few of the integrations that TurboHire offers:

HRMS Tools

TurboHire integrates with a wide range of HRMS tools to reduce paperwork and save time. From managing employee data to tracking productivity and managing tasks, these integrations help streamline HR processes and improve efficiency. Among the many tools that integrate with TurboHire are the Oracle HCM Cloud, Zoho People, and BambooHR.

Job Boards

TurboHire lets recruiters post job listings to multiple job boards at once, giving their posts maximum exposure and increasing the likelihood of attracting top-quality candidates. Integrations include job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, as well as country-specific boards like Naukri and Career24.

Communication Tools

TH's integrations with the basic communication tools we use daily like mails, text messages, and group messages. With integrations like Gmail, Outlook, and WhatsApp, recruiters can stay directly in touch with candidates and potential employees throughout the hiring process.

Assessment Tools

To evaluate candidates during the pre-screening stage of the hiring process, TurboHire offers integrations with various assessment tools like MyAnatomy, Adaface, and Mercer Mettl. From technical knowledge to skills and behaviour, these tools help recruiters assess candidates more accurately and efficiently.

Scheduling Tools

TurboHire integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other scheduling tools to streamline the interview and communication process. With these integrations, recruiters can schedule candidate tasks and communications directly from their calendar, ensuring that everyone is on the same page throughout the hiring process.

Video Conferencing Tools

For remote interviews and meetings, TurboHire integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. Recruiters can take advantage of these integrations to conduct interviews and communicate with candidates from anywhere in the world.

Background Verification Tools

TurboHire integrates with several background verification tools to ensure employee safety and security. Integrations like IDfy, Millow, and Helloverify offer real-time verification of candidate data, allowing hiring managers to verify crucial information before making a final hiring decision.


Turbohire offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the needs of different organizations. The pricing plans are not available at this time due to an error preventing access to g2.com. However, Turbohire offers a range of packages, including the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

The Starter plan is designed for small teams and allows for unlimited job postings, resume parsing, intelligent candidate recommendations, one-way video interviews, workflow management, candidate feedback, and email collaboration. Customers who opt for this plan also get access to ATS integration, calendar integration, automation, and custom workflows.

The Professional plan is suitable for mid-sized organizations and includes all the features of the Starter plan. Customers who choose this plan can access additional features, including advanced reporting and analytics, advanced AI-based matching, custom assessments, multiple review stages, custom hiring processes, and video interview analytics.

The Enterprise plan is tailored for large organizations and includes all the features of the Professional plan. Customers who opt for this plan can also enjoy custom integrations, dedicated account management, advanced security, and compliance features, advanced analytics, unlimited users, and custom branding. Enterprise customers also get access to Turbohire's API.

Turbohire's pricing plans are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of organizations of different sizes and industries. Organizations that require a more customized plan can reach out to Turbohire's sales team for a quote. The company also offers a free trial for customers to test out the platform before committing to a plan.

Overall, Turbohire's pricing plans provide customers with the flexibility to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget. The company's plans are competitively priced, making them accessible to organizations of different sizes and industries. Additionally, customers can take advantage of Turbohire's free trial to make sure the platform is right for their organization before committing to a plan.


What is Turbohire?

Turbohire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform that simplifies the entire hiring process, from job requisition to offer letter release, providing users with flexibility to match their workflows. Turbohire emphasizes automation and intelligence at each stage of the hiring funnel and assists users in scaling their team rapidly. It enables users to build an outstanding candidate experience from the initial touchpoint on their job sites to candidate onboarding, and it helps solve compliance challenges across different geographies with a secure and compliant platform.

What features does Turbohire offer?

Turbohire's platform offers various features to optimize the recruitment process, including reaching passive candidates and nurturing them, sorting and ranking candidates for the jobs to streamline screening, enabling interviewers and candidates to find available slots quickly, engaging with candidates and collecting their documents and information, and automating phone screening and interviews. It also provides real-time, shareable, and user-friendly dashboards for recruiting that help stakeholders minimize the recruitment process.

How does Turbohire solve recruitment challenges?

Turbohire helps streamline the recruitment process by offering features that reduce manual processes and therefore reduces human error. The AI-powered recruitment automation platform uses algorithms to optimize every action, providing fast and technically sound hiring decisions while giving users real-time data to support their choices. Turbohire eliminates biases in recruitment by using a rating algorithm to standardize the hiring process objectively, minimize candidate selection errors, and enabling team members to make informed and data-driven judgments.

What is Turbohire's ultimate vision?

Turbohire's main goal is to automate up to 95% of the recruitment process to facilitate better and faster decisions relating to talent. It aims to develop a deep understanding of 'professional talent' worldwide across businesses, positions, and seniority levels to enhance its product's effectiveness.

What is the story behind Turbohire?

Turbohire believes in research and development aimed at finding recruiters' routines and how it hastens their decision-making process. It is guided by industry leaders who understand both technology, talent, and overall HR fields. With this in mind, Turbohire uses its AI-powered recruitment automation platform to provide recruiters with the perfect solution to their everyday recruitment problems. The company is passionate about innovation, research, and development, always looking to grow its team and inviting individuals who share its vision to come and join its cause.


While Turbohire has multiple features and benefits that set it apart from competitors, there are still a few viable alternatives available. Below are some other AI-powered recruitment tools that can be considered as alternatives to Turbohire:

My Ally

My Ally is a cloud-based recruitment solution that helps businesses of all sizes automate the entire hiring process from sourcing to onboarding. This AI recruitment tool offers various features like resume screening, interview scheduling, interview insights, and candidate management. My Ally also integrates with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Email clients for seamless collaboration. The software can be customized to match the company's branding and culture for better candidate experience.


TalentSonar is an AI recruitment tool designed for medium to large-scale businesses that help teams attract, select, and hire diverse candidates. The system screens candidates' resumes, applications, and assessments to find the best candidates for the job. It uses predictive analytics to increase the long-term retention of new recruits. TalentSonar offers features like online interviewing and automated reference checking to speed up the hiring process.


HireSelect is an AI-powered pre-employment testing and assessment tool that can be used across various industries. It includes assessments for aptitude, personality, skills, and knowledge to help businesses measure an applicant's job fit and minimize the risk of a bad hire. The unique algorithm ensures that the tests are adaptive to the applicant's skills and experience level. HireSelect integrates with most of the Applicant Tracking Systems and offers an open API for further customization.


Recright is an AI-powered video recruitment solution that allows businesses to streamline the recruitment process by automating tasks such as interview scheduling and candidate analysis. Recright includes features like on-demand video interviews where candidates can pre-record themselves or participate in live interviews with hiring managers. The tool also offers integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems and secure document signing tools for digital signing of job contracts and offer letters.


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