AI-driven marketing tool generating compelling messaging, designing effective websites, and automating lead generation.

About GETitOUT

GETitOUT is an all-in-one marketing companion that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses with marketing knowledge and tools to help turn their ideas into successful ventures. Their core offering is an easy-to-use marketing platform that helps businesses generate marketing texts, landing pages, and emails, all in one place. GETitOUT's team is made up of passionate individuals who are experts in marketing and software development, with a shared goal of making marketing easy and accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. They believe that design and marketing have the power to make significant, real changes that lead to success. To achieve this goal, GETitOUT offers a range of features, including AI feature suggestions and categorized product organization, that simplifies marketing for everyone. The platform also provides users with a variety of free resources, including a marketing course, a marketing blog, and success stories to help entrepreneurs grow their brands.


GETitOUT is a comprehensive marketing platform that aims to simplify marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses by providing intuitive tools and resources. Using AI feature suggestions and categorized product organization, the platform takes the guesswork out of marketing and saves time for its users. The all-in-one marketing companion also offers a range of integrations with popular tools like Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, which further improves user workflows. GETitOUT offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required and plans starting at $49 per month. With a personal coach to provide guidance, users can create effective marketing campaigns, including websites, emails, and landing pages, in just three simple steps. Additionally, the platform has a free marketing course, marketing blog, and success stories to help entrepreneurs enhance their marketing skills and grow their brands.

Company Overview

GETitOUT is an all-in-one marketing companion that provides entrepreneurs and visionaries with marketing tools and knowledge to help turn their ideas into successful ventures. The company was founded by a team of passionate individuals who are experts in software and marketing. The team is a remote and international group that brings together the best of Europe and Latin America. The company's fundamental pillar is passion, which connects the team and makes them work with energy, enthusiasm, and love to achieve a single joint goal.

The company understands that marketing can be challenging, especially for founders and entrepreneurs who do not have enough hours in the day, time, resources to hire an agency, or who lack expertise in marketing. GETitOUT offers an answer to these challenges with its mission to empower small and medium-sized businesses in the challenging world of marketing. The company's dream is to make a mark in the world with a touch of talent and a mix of its values, all to facilitate change from the perspective of marketing.

GETitOUT's core offering is its all-in-one marketing companion that helps businesses take the guesswork out of marketing. Clients can find their ideal customers, build a strong marketing foundation, and generate attractive websites, landing pages, and emails with professional texts in their design. The marketing companion is easy to use with a three-step process that enables clients to generate marketing texts, websites, and emails, all in one place.

Designed as an all-in-one solution, helps ambitious marketers and founder-scale venture marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, landing pages, and more. makes marketing easy for everyone by providing tools that facilitate data-driven marketing. Try GETitOUT's marketing companion for free without the need to share any credit card information to get started.

GETitOUT's team shapes and builds novel ideas with the passion and creativity that characterizes its work. They believe in the power and magic that design and marketing offer in making drastic, real, and effective changes that will lead to success in the world of marketing. This has enabled businesses to take advantage of its innovative products, and the company's reputation has continued to grow over the years.

In conclusion, GETitOUT has been a revelation to entrepreneurs and businesses seeking a way to achieve stronger marketing outcomes without the headaches. Their all-in-one marketing companion is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes seeking a single solution that helps generate marketing texts, websites, and emails while empowering small and medium-sized businesses with marketing tools and knowledge.


Product Feature Tool

Work and edit any product separately

GETitOUT’s Product Feature Tool allows users to handle and edit each product separately, eliminating the need for multiple tools. This feature makes it easier for digital marketers or marketing agency members to rediscover and unveil unseen fortresses of their products or services. With this tool, users can get closer to relieving their customer’s actual pains. Get your team and clients on the same page and invite them to join and collaborate in your projects.

Organize and categorize products into features and sub features

The Product Feature Tool allows users to define customers’ products (or their own) by organizing and categorizing them into features and sub-features with the aim of building a clearer value structure for their offer. With this feature, users can also drag and drop their products’ attributes and open their minds to new feature possibilities.

AI feature suggestions

With AI feature suggestions, users can discover the best version of their product and get one step closer to creating just what their customer needs. This feature helps users to think out of the box and explore new possibilities for their products or services.

Collaboration Tool

Invite and collaborate with team and clients

Bye-bye, communication misalignments! Work faster in a single place, and keep your team and clients on the same page by inviting them to join your projects. Edit and collaborate with them so you can reach your goals more efficiently. Become the team of the year!

Client perception

Feel confident to include your client’s perception of their own products. Let them classify both features and sub-features in our tool and dive deeper into what they really think so you and your marketing team can focus on the essence of the product.

Track your progress and identify missing details

Track your progress and identify at what point you and your teammates are in order to keep an eye on what’s missing to complete your work efficiently. Once you’re done, export your reports and get ready to present your results.

Feature Customization Tool

Organize and prioritize features and sub-features

Organize and prioritize features and sub-features to locate new perspectives of your products. With this feature, you can always find improvement opportunities and take your products or services to a better condition.

Visual identity

Impart a visual identity to your features and sub-features separately and complement the vision of your product by adding images from our free stock images library.

GETitOUT Benefits Tool

Uncover irresistible benefits

Uncover irresistible benefits that attract and convert your ideal clients with the GETitOUT Benefits Tool.

Marketing Analyzer Tool

Build your marketing foundation

With the Marketing Analyzer, build your marketing foundation with buyer personas, benefits, competitors, and more.

Marketing Builder

Generate landing pages, emails, and other marketing materials in 3 simple steps with Marketing Builder.

Perfect all-in-one Marketing Companion

GETitOUT makes it easy to build a strong marketing foundation, so you can get more marketing projects done, right.

Free Resources

Free Marketing Course

Sign up for the Free Marketing Course on and learn valuable marketing skills to help you take your business to the next level.

Marketing Blog

Check out the Marketing Blog for more tips and resources on digital marketing and building your brand.

Success Stories

Read the Success Stories to see how GETitOUT has helped other businesses succeed and grow their brands.


GETitOUT offers seamless integrations with various tools and platforms that enable users to achieve their AI goals more effectively. The integrations available for GETitOUT are designed to ensure that it works well with other popular tools in the AI space to facilitate an optimal workflow.

Google Cloud Platform

GETitOUT seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud Platform and fits well into the Google Cloud ecosystem. The system utilizes Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver outstanding results. In addition, the integration enables users to access GCP's managed services such as Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Bigtable, among other services. This integration, therefore, expands customers' capabilities and widens the range of functionalities that can be performed on data and models.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

GETitOUT also integrates well with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to boost machine learning workflows. With the AWS integration, users can efficiently manage and store their data with services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. The integration also enables users to use other AWS machine learning services such as Amazon SageMaker to build, train and deploy machine learning models seamlessly. The GETitOUT-AWS integration provides the flexibility and scalability needed to drive innovation and increase efficiencies in AI workflows.

Microsoft Azure

For organizations that use Microsoft Azure to run their AI workloads, GETitOUT offers a seamless integration to drive efficient workflows. The integration allows users to utilize Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Lake Storage, and various other Microsoft tools. Users can also leverage the abundant data storage capacity provided by Azure to store and utilize their data in machine learning workflows.


The GETitOUT-GitHub integration allows users to manage source code and maintain version control for their machine learning models effectively. Code repositories can be accessed easily to maintain version control of models, thus facilitating ease of collaboration for teams. Machine learning workflows can also be automated seamlessly with GitHub Actions, taking advantage of the numerous features and benefits that come with using GitHub Actions.


The GETitOUT-Slack integration allows teams to manage their projects collaboratively from a single platform. With the integration, users receive notifications on updates on model predictions, new datasets, processed data, and much more in Slack channels. Teams can better manage tasks and stay on top of machine learning workflows with fewer hiccups. The Slack integration ensures that getting updates has never been easier for project managers and teams.

The integrations offered by GETitOUT provide customers with a plethora of benefits. As a customer, you are empowered to make the best decisions about which tool to integrate with GETitOUT based on the underlying infrastructure and workflows of your organization. The integrations ultimately save you time, improve your productivity, and make your workflows more efficient. Whether working on massive projects with machine learning use cases or smaller-scale use cases, GETitOUT’s integrations guarantee that workflows will thrive. Overall, the combination of these integrations adds significant value to GETitOUT’s product, which is already incredibly powerful on its own.


If you're a startup or small business, one workspace is usually enough. However, as you expand and offer more products or services, you may need additional workspaces. GETitOUT's pricing is straightforward and offers different plans to cater to different needs. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial with no credit card required, which includes 5000 GIO coins for you to generate texts and extract personas from competitors via AI during your trial. Once the trial period is over, you can choose to subscribe to one of the following plans: Basic Plan: This plan is suitable for startups and small businesses that require only one workspace. It costs $49 per month, which gives you 5000 GIO coins each month to generate marketing texts via AI, and additional coins are available at $0.02 per coin. Pro Plan: This plan is perfect for agencies and consultants who typically use one workspace per client. It costs $149 per month and includes three workspaces, and you'll get 15,000 GIO coins each month to generate marketing texts via AI, with additional coins available at $0.015 per coin. Team Plan: This plan is designed for large enterprises that require multiple workspaces with unlimited users. You'll get a custom quote based on your specific needs, and you'll receive 50,000 GIO coins each month to generate marketing texts via AI, with additional coins available at $0.01 per coin. If you choose to pre-pay for a year of service, you'll receive a 15% discount compared to 12 monthly payments. Additionally, GETitOUT offers an extra 15% discount for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time, and any unused coins are not carried over. GETitOUT's marketing framework includes a personal coach who will help you get real results with your ideal clients in just a few weeks. Your coach will help you find clarity about your clients and position yourself successfully to stand out from your competition. The power of working with a GETitOUT coach lies in finding your ideal positioning so you can attract your ideal clients. The GETitOUT marketing tools complement the coaching perfectly, making it easy to build a strong marketing foundation, create irresistible texts, and turn them into landing pages, emails, presentations, and more. Schedule a free strategy session to find out if GETitOUT is right for you. Their help center also has quick answers and detailed guides. Overall, GETitOUT is an all-in-one marketing companion that generates marketing texts, websites, and emails in just three simple steps.


What is GETitOUT?

GETitOUT is an online marketing builder that helps businesses build and execute strong marketing campaigns. It provides a wide range of tools to help users create effective marketing materials, including websites, messages, and other promotional content. It is designed to help businesses find their ideal clients and reach them with targeted advertising campaigns.

What is GETitOUT Academy?

GETitOUT Academy is a learning platform that offers courses on digital marketing aimed at helping users grow their skills and knowledge. The platform was created to help users not only understand how to use GETitOUT's tools, but also to provide a deeper understanding of digital marketing as a whole.

Can I try GETitOUT for free?

Yes, GETitOUT offers a free 14-day trial for all of its marketing tools. This trial includes access to all of the features of GETitOUT, so users can get a sneak peek of what they can achieve for their business with this platform. No credit card is required to start the trial, users can simply go to, create an account, and begin their trial.

How do I access the courses in GETitOUT Academy?

To access the courses offered in GETitOUT Academy, users need to first create an account at Once their account has been created, they can log in and begin exploring the available courses. All of the courses on the platform are completely free to access.

What kind of marketing materials can I create with GETitOUT?

GETitOUT offers a wide range of tools that allow users to create a variety of marketing materials. This includes websites, email campaigns, social media posts, advertisements, and more. The platform is designed to be flexible and customizable, so users can create unique and engaging marketing materials that resonate with their target audience.


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