Open-source, cross-platform automation testing framework utilizing artificial intelligence for unit tests in various programming languages.

About Airtest

Airtest is an AI-driven code generation tool that automates various mundane tasks such as refactoring, testing, and documentation. With Airtest, developers can optimize the quality of their software development processes regardless of their language preferences, as the tool supports over 56 programming languages. Airtest is known for its Refraction tool, which successfully detects bugs, optimizes code and generates reliable test cases, all through AI. Its generated code is designed to be error-free, as long as the fed code is of high-quality.

Airtest's AI code-generation tool has gained extreme popularity among developers worldwide. The tool boasts over 9.4K developers, over 1.4 million generated lines of code, and 39.5K code generations, with developers utilizing Airtest to work more efficiently, reduce effort and time to create error-free, quality-filled code.

Airtest has various pricing options catering to hobbyists, teams of professionals, and large enterprises with bespoke requirements. Hobbyists have a free plan, with the Pro and Team plans respectively priced at $8 and $14 per month, offering advanced features for automation and integration with testing frameworks. Meanwhile, Enterprise plans provide personalized solutions for businesses.


Airtest provides AI-driven, code generation tools that automate software development tasks, including refactoring, testing, and documentation. With over 56 programming language support, Airtest uses its Refraction tool to optimize code quality, detect bugs, and generate comprehensive test cases. Its pricing options cater to hobbyists, teams of professionals and large enterprises, and developers also have access to a free plan to test out the tool's features.

Company Overview

Airtest is a revolutionary code generation tool that uses AI to help software developers automate the tedious parts of software development like testing, documentation, and refactoring. Airtest can generate code in 56 languages including C++, JavaScript, Java, Python and more, making it easy for developers to code in their preferred language. All a developer needs to do is paste a block of code, choose their language or framework, and hit "Generate."

Developers around the world are using Airtest to generate unit tests, refactor code, and create documentation using AI. As of writing, Airtest has over 9.4K developers, 39.5K code generations, and over 1.4 million lines of code generated. With a wide range of supported languages, developers can enjoy the benefits of automated software development regardless of their language preference.

What sets Airtest apart is its ability to use AI to generate code for you. The process of code generation is magic; refactor your code, generate documentation, create unit tests, and more, all in one tool. Airtest is a game changer for those of us in the software development industry, as it helps to automate mundane tasks so that developers can focus on the important work that needs to be done.

Overall, Airtest is the perfect tool for developers who want to increase their productivity by automating tedious tasks. With its AI code generation capabilities, Airtest helps software teams to work more efficiently, and reduce the time and effort required to create high-quality, error-free code.


Code Optimization

Bug Detection and Fixing

Airtest's AI-powered tool Refraction helps you to identify and eliminate bugs in the source code. Its advanced algorithmic functions result in quicker, more efficient detection of errors in the code, making the development process smoother and faster. Refraction analyzes the code and offers suggestions on how to fix the bugs, thereby ensuring that the final code is error-free and highly optimized.

Code Refactoring

Refactoring is the process of modifying the code without altering its functionality. It helps to improve the code quality and readability, making it easier for developers to maintain the code. Here, Airtest's Refraction tool comes in handy by providing refactoring suggestions to optimize the code. With Refraction, you can extract duplicate code into shared functions, remove unused variables and methods, and move code between classes to reduce complexity and promote readability.

Code Optimization

Airtest's Refraction tool helps to improve your code's performance by making it faster and more efficient. Refraction optimization features include function inlining, loop unrolling, constant propagation, and dead-code elimination. They are designed to analyze and optimize the code, making it more efficient, faster, and easier to maintain.

Automated Testing

Test Generation

Refraction's AI-powered automated test generation feature helps to complement manual testing by creating comprehensive, accurate, and reliable test cases. Refraction analyzes the code to generate automatic test cases based on the different variables, conditions, and states that the code can go through. It saves you hours of manual testing and identifies potential bugs before the user can encounter them.

Unit Test Creation

Refraction's unit test creation function uses artificial intelligence to analyze and map your code's input and output values to generate test cases. It provides comprehensive test coverage that ensures that all possible functions and code branches are tested. Unit testing leads to improved code quality, reduced development time, and fewer bugs in your application.

Code Coverage Analysis

The code coverage analysis feature of Refraction helps to measure the extent of code executed by the tests you have created. It provides a detailed report of how much of your code was tested (covered) and how much was not tested (uncovered). With this feature, developers can identify sections of their code that require more testing, ensuring effective and comprehensive test coverage.

Code Writing Assistance

Language Conversion

With Refraction's language conversion feature, developers can easily convert their code from one programming language to another, saving time and effort in the process. Refraction supports multiple programming languages and can convert language-specific syntax, variable types, and structures automatically, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition between languages.


Refraction's auto-documentation feature helps developers to generate high-quality, comprehensive in-line code documentation quickly. It helps developers document their code and improve its readability, thereby improving code efficiency and reducing bugs. Refraction's auto-documentation is optimized for several programming languages and enables developers to generate documentation with minimal input or effort.

Debugging Assistance

Airtest's Refraction tool helps developers by adding debug statements to their code automatically. Debug statements are in-code messages that help developers to understand how the code executes, identify problem areas, and resolve issues. Refraction analyses the code, tests it where necessary, and provides insights into the code's performance, thereby enabling developers to better understand the code and resolve issues quickly.


Airtest has a range of pricing options available for hobbyists, teams and enterprises, all of which provide access to the power of AI automation for software development. The company also offers a free 7-day trial with the option to cancel anytime, providing potential customers with the opportunity to give the service a try before committing to a paid plan.

For hobbyists, Airtest offers a Free plan that includes basic features for testing, documentation and refactoring of software. This plan is a great option for those looking to test out the software before committing to a paid plan.

The Pro plan, priced at $8 per month, is designed for professional developers and includes more advanced features for automation and integration with testing frameworks. With this plan, developers can focus on the more important aspects of software development, whilst Airtest takes care of the tedious parts.

The Team plan is designed for engineering teams and is priced at $14 per user per month. This plan includes all the benefits of the Pro plan, in addition to features for collaboration and team workflows, such as shared test cases and reports.

For large companies, Airtest offers the Enterprise plan. To access this plan, customers need to contact the company directly for a quote. This plan is designed to provide custom solutions for businesses with specific requirements, and includes all the benefits of the Team plan, alongside personalized support, training and onboarding.

Overall, Airtest's pricing options are designed to give customers flexibility and choice, with solutions for hobbyists, small teams and large enterprises. Whether you require basic testing functionality, or a more advanced automation solution, Airtest has a plan to suit your needs.


What is Airtest?

Airtest is a code generation tool that uses AI to automate tedious parts of software development, such as testing, documentation, and refactoring. With its impressive features, software developers can improve productivity and efficiency while focusing on crucial tasks.

How does Airtest's AI code generation work?

Airtest's AI code generation works by analyzing existing code and identifying patterns to learn how that code is structured. Once the AI has learned the code structure, it generates new code that follows the same structure while refactoring the original code.

What programming languages does Airtest support?

Airtest supports over 56 programming languages, including popular languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript, and Java. Developers can benefit from automated software development regardless of their language preferences.

How can Airtest improve software development productivity?

Airtest can improve software development productivity by automating tedious tasks like testing and documentation. Developers are therefore able to concentrate on critical work without worrying too much about ancillary tasks. That optimizes workflow, leading to faster software development and increased productivity.

Is Airtest's generated code error-free?

Airtest's generated code is designed to be error-free; however, that ultimately depends on the quality of the code fed into the system. Therefore, developers should ensure that their code is of high quality for Airtest to generate perfect code.


Company Results

AI-powered coding platform with intelligent suggestions and tools that enhance proficiency while securing data privacy.

Generates accurate and readable code quickly, identifies bottlenecks, and provides auto-documentation for streamlined coding processes.

AI-powered code assistant that automates software development, transforms prototype to production code and generates unit tests.

AI code assistant providing real-time feedback, identifying inefficiencies, and locating errors for improved code quality.