Effortlessly create visually stunning presentations with smart templates, easy editing controls, and built-in designer features.

About DesignerBot

Introduction DesignerBot is an innovative presentation-making tool that boasts a collection of smart templates, easy editing controls, and built-in designer features that transform bland text and data into visually stunning presentations. Founded in 2016, DesignerBot has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and aims to simplify the process of creating engaging presentations for users without any design experience.

Its smart templates library is comprehensive, and users can customize them with ease using drag controls for resizing images, changing values and numbers, and adjusting sizes and locations of elements. Moreover, users have branding control over their presentations using their own colors, fonts, and logos, ensuring consistency for all materials. Its built-in designer automatically formats content into visually stunning slides, enabling users to focus more on the message, saving time, effort, and reducing stress in the process. DesignerBot delivers more than just easy presentation creation; with its built-in designer capabilities, it's smart slide templates adapt to any content added to a slide, making it user-friendly. Additionally, its animation control enables smooth animations that capture audience attention and improve effective communication of messages. Its affordable packages – basic, pro, and team – cater to all organization's presentation needs, with a 14-day free trial for the pro or team plan.

TLDR DesignerBot is a presentation-making tool that uses smart templates, easy editing controls, and built-in designer features to create visually stunning presentations. The smart templates library is comprehensive, and users can customize them using drag controls with branding control over presentations. The built-in designer capability eliminates the need for users to focus on formatting, saving time and effort. With smart slide templates that adapt to any content added to a slide, the tool offers smooth animations and a wide range of editing features. It is affordable and caters to all organization's presentation needs, with a 14-day pro or team plan free trial.

Company Overview DesignerBot is a presentation maker equipped with a smart template library, easy-to-use editing controls, and built-in designer capabilities that transform text and data into visually stunning slides. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company's goal is to help users create professional and engaging presentations in minutes, without requiring any design skills.

The presentation maker is designed to relieve the stress of creating presentations from scratch by offering a vast collection of smart templates that are easy to begin with while still allowing for customization. Users can streamline their workflows and increase their productivity by resizing images, changing values and numbers, and adjusting an element's size or location with simple drag controls. DesignerBot also allows users to brand their presentations with their own logos, colors, and fonts, ensuring consistency in all presentations. DesignerBot is more than just a presentation maker; it comes with built-in designer capabilities to elevate every slide. The Smart Slide Templates are what make this user-friendly presentation maker stand out in the crowd. Each template has smart design rules built-in, adapting to any type of content that is added to a slide. For example, if users insert text, images, or charts, the smart design rules will analyze the content and adjust the slide layout to display the content in the most visually appealing way possible.

Aside from the ease of presentation creation, DesignerBot is also designed to help users present their stories in the most engaging and impactful way possible. Their animation control function enables users to create smooth animations that will capture the audience's attention and communicate their message effectively. And with a desktop player, users can present their downloaded presentations offline whenever needed.

With unlimited presentation creations possible in the Basic plan and branded presentations available for the Pro or Team Plans, DesignerBot caters to every organization's presentation needs. The price plans provided are affordable, and users can start a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan or Team plan. The goal of DesignerBot is to make creating presentations as easy as possible even for those without design experience.


Smart Templates

Easy Starting Point boasts of a wide range of smart templates that gives you a good starting point for your presentation. You have access to several templates that are fully customizable and can be adapted to your needs. You can select the template that best suits you, and start working on it by adding your notes, data, or anything else you need to illustrate. With these smart templates, you don't have to start your presentation from scratch, saving you time and effort.

Designer Built-In

The perfect presentation maker should have a designer built-in, and is that tool. It comes with an inbuilt designer that adapts to your content automatically. All you have to do is add your content to the editor, and the tool will automatically format your work into stunning slides. This feature saves you from having to spend hours creating beautiful designs, and instead lets you focus more on your message.

Branding Tools allows you to add your brand color, font, and logo to all your presentations, ensuring consistency and professionalism in all your materials. With millions of stock photos, icons and videos at your disposal, and the ability to customize the output to suit your brand's unique style, making an impact has never been easier.

Efficient Editing Tools

Simple Drag and Drop Resize

With, resizing elements on your slide is effortless. This tool makes it easy to handle tasks like resizing an image as this can be done with a simple drag handle. You can input new values or change the size of elements on your slide with ease, and this, in turn, enhances your productivity, allowing you to do your work without constraints.

Easy to Use Edit Controls doesn't just help you resize images, but also provides you with an array of editing features to make your work easier. It offers user-friendly edit controls that allow you to alter the properties of any element on your slide. You have the freedom to change the color scheme, add text, or adjust the appearance of any chart or graph to create compelling visuals that accompany your message.

Team Plan Control Features comes with a Team Plan package that features all the necessary tools to make your work easier. It provides you with full control over slides, branding, and updates of your members' group work. With this tool, you can consolidate work and enhance cooperation among members, ensuring everyone has a say in the development of your team's presentations.

Impactful Animations

Smooth Animations delivers stunning animations that are perfect for engaging your audience and making your message more compelling. The built-in smart slide templates come with rules of good design that automatically adapt to the theme of your presentation. You can enjoy the smooth animations that bring your story to life and capture your audience's attention.

Customizable Animation Controls

With, customizing your animation controls is seamless. These controls allow you to adjust the timing and sequence of elements in your presentation to fit your message. You can modify the sequencing of slides to highlight specific parts of your work or create new visual structures, revealing your content in the most captivating way. This feature allows you to control the pace of your presentation, ensuring that you stay in charge of how your ideas flow and are received by your audience.

Free Trial and Offline Player

Free Basic Plan provides a free basic plan that gives you unlimited access to create presentations. It is an excellent opportunity to try out the tool and learn what it can do for your work for free. Suppose you want to create branded presentations, you can subscribe to the Pro or Team plan, and enjoy an extended free trial that allows you to explore more advanced functions offered by the tool.

Offline Player

Once you've created your slideshow on, you can present it offline, thanks to the tool's convenient desktop player. You can download the desktop player and present your downloaded presentations to your audience, even without an internet connection. This feature gives you the freedom to explore new spaces and take your presentation anywhere." DesignerBot

Company Results

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