is an innovative chatbot tool that facilitates real-time text to speech conversion, podcast creation, and customizable voice generation for enhanced user engagement.

About is an AI-powered chatbot that helps content creators and authors showcase their work in an interactive and personalized way, allowing audiences to engage and explore content directly. The platform allows users to upload their sample content in PDF format or share read-only access to Google Docs or Notion, and it enables the customization of chatbot designs to match a user's brand. fills a gap in the market by eliminating the monotony of traditional sample content and providing an immersive and dynamic preview of content that boosts engagement and conversion rates.

The MVP of is in its developmental stage, and content creators and authors can sign up via a waitlist to gain priority access.’s Twitch, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other integrations make it an easy-to-use platform for users to improve engagement, generate leads, and increase customer satisfaction with personalized experiences. The product’s creator, Sharath, named it in honor of his son, Ruhan, who has a fondness for blueberries. The product aims to provide an enriching user experience that helps content creators succeed in their markets.

TLDR is an AI-powered chatbot created to help content creators and authors showcase their work in an interactive and personalized way, providing a unique platform for immersive content exploration. offers content creators an innovative way to engage potential buyers using interactive previews that keep audiences engaged and increase conversion rates. The platform features integrations with Twitch, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more, and comes with customizable chatbot designs, pre-populated FAQs or topics, and buy now CTAs to enhance the user experience. is still in its developmental stage, and creators can sign up via the waitlist for priority access to the product.

Company Overview is an innovative AI-powered chatbot that provides content creators and authors with an immersive platform to showcase their work to potential buyers. Founded by Sharath and inspired by Sahil Lavingia’s AI-driven project called Ask My Book, seeks to offer a new way of previewing and selling content to increase conversions and maximize profits. With, traditional static sample content is replaced with personalized and interactive experiences that enable users to explore and engage with the content in a more meaningful way.

One of the main problems facing creators and authors is low engagement and conversions, often resulting from ineffective showcasing of their content to potential buyers. solves this problem by providing a unique platform for creators to showcase their work in an immersive and interactive way. Users can upload their sample content in pdf format or share read-only access to a Google doc or Notion page.’s customizable chatbot design allows creators to add pre-populated FAQs or topics for exploration, buy now CTAs, and embed the bot anywhere or in a dedicated webpage. This way, users can give their audience a taste of the content and allow them to engage with it at a deeper level before they buy.’s name is inspired by Sharath's 18-month-old baby boy Ruhan, who calls blueberries "blubi," his favorite fruit. As a result, Sharath named the product to commemorate his son's love for the fruit. Although's MVP is still in development, those interested in getting priority access can sign up for the waitlist and share with their friends, network, and audience through social media.


Interactive Content Preview

Engage Audience with Personalized and Immersive Previews

With, creators and authors can now deliver interactive and dynamic previews of their content, immersing their audiences in personalized content exploration experiences. helps to improve user engagement by enabling direct engagement with content, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of the value provided. No more static sample content that leaves the audience uninterested; with the AI-powered chatbot, you can connect with your audience more effectively and guide them towards exciting content experiences.

Customizable Chatbot Design

Match Your Brand's Style and Tone

Creating a chatbot is easy with The platform aims to put creators in charge, enabling them to design and configure chatbots that match their brand's style and tone. You can upload pdf versions or share read-only access to Google doc or Notion with sample content, add pre-populated FAQs or topics, customize chatbot designs, and add CTAs that encourage conversions. The chatbot also supports embedding and sharing on any webpage, making it easy for audiences to access the chatbot anywhere.

Increase Engagement and Conversions

Better Engagement, Higher Conversions

The more engaging your content is, the higher the chances of gaining audience attention, and conversions. With, creators can leverage AI capabilities to enable their audience to immerse in interactive content experiences, leading to better engagement and higher chances of conversions. The personalized and dynamic chatbot design stimulates audiences' curiosity, effectively enhancing their understanding of the value offered. With's powerful AI technology, creators can showcase their content's value in a unique, innovative way that stands out from the crowd, increasing their chances of success.

Efficient Exploration of Content

Eliminate Monotony with Interactive Content Exploration offers a unique and immersive way to explore content, eliminating the monotony of traditional sample content preview. The AI-powered chatbot enables content exploration with pre-populated FAQs and topics, segmenting the content to ensure users only explore topics that interest them. The platform's interactive and engaging design appeals to users' natural curiosity, enabling them to dig deeper into the content in exciting ways. The engaging nature of the tool means users spend more time exploring content, enhancing their understanding of the value provided.

AI-Based Content Preview

Eliminate Static and Unengaging Sample Content aims to change the way creators showcase their content to potential buyers by providing AI-based content previews. With traditional sample content often static and unengaging,'s interactive and innovative design aims to improve audience engagement and conversion rates. With AI technology, creators can provide a comprehensive and personalized content preview that enables audiences to immerse themselves in the content before making a purchase decision.

Integrations is an interactive chatbot powered by AI technology that can be integrated easily with different platforms, including Twitch, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more. The tool provides content creators with a unique solution to showcase their work in an interactive manner and enhance engagement. offers a powerful set of features and advantages that can help creators captivate their audiences effectively. One of's key strengths is its customizability and ease of integration, enabling users to add value to their content effortlessly.

Twitch Integration's Twitch integration is designed to help content creators during live streams. The chatbot can respond to audience questions, interact with viewers, and even read out loud chat messages using AI-powered text-to-speech technology. Creators can customize their chatbot's voice to match their brand and tailor their responses to provide a personalized user experience. Moreover, can also be used to showcase content such as YouTube videos, social media links, and other relevant materials. Overall,'s Twitch integration is a valuable tool for streamers who want to engage with their audience in real-time.

Facebook Messenger Integration

With's Facebook Messenger integration, content creators can share their work with a wider audience. The chatbot can interactively showcase content while providing personalized responses to user inquiries. The Messenger integration's AI-powered technology allows for natural language processing that can simulate human-like responses. Additionally, businesses can leverage's Messenger integration for lead generation and marketing purposes, using the chatbot to assist potential clients and deliver relevant information to interested parties.

Slack Integration's Slack integration provides users with an additional platform to showcase their work while increasing their content's visibility. The chatbot can be used to deliver specific content such as videos, articles, and social links to a user's Slack channel. The integration's AI-powered technology allows for instantaneous responses, providing users with the convenience of quick and easy access to information. Moreover,'s Slack integration can improve communication between team members, allowing for the smooth sharing of ideas and resources in a single platform.


Currently, is in the MVP stage and does not have an official pricing plan. However, creators and authors who sign up for the waitlist will have the opportunity to receive priority access to the product once it is available. aims to revolutionize the way content creators showcase and sell their work by providing an immersive and interactive experience for potential buyers. The AI-powered chatbot allows audiences to engage with sample content in a personalized manner, leading to an increase in engagement and conversions.

Creators can upload a PDF version or share read-only access to their content on Google Docs or Notion. They can also customize the chatbot according to their brand and add pre-populated FAQs or topics to explore. Additionally, creators can embed the chatbot anywhere or publish a dedicated webpage and share it on social media to boost interactions and conversions. was inspired by founder Sharath's desire to create a user-friendly and engaging way for content creators to showcase their work. As the product is still in development, creators who want to prioritize their access can share the waitlist with friends and followers on social media.

The waitlist provides a unique opportunity for content creators to become early adopters and take advantage of a new way of selling their work. By providing dynamic and interactive content, creators can stand out in an increasingly crowded market, acquire more attention from potential buyers, and ultimately increase their chances of making a sale.


What is Blubi?

Blubi is a platform that allows content creators and authors to increase engagement and conversions with personalized AI chatbots. With Blubi, audiences can engage with and explore content directly in an interactive way, making it easier to showcase value and boost sales. The platform allows you to design and customize your chatbot to match your brand, and you can upload PDFs or share read-only access to Notion/Google Docs.

How does Blubi work?

Blubi uses AI chatbots to allow audiences to engage with content directly. You can customize your chatbot with your brand's personality and upload your content to allow audiences to explore it. The chatbot can be embedded anywhere or published on a dedicated webpage to share on social media to capture your audience's attention. With pre-populated FAQs or topics to explore, audiences can get all their questions answered and dive deeper into your content.

What are the benefits of using Blubi?

Blubi offers numerous benefits for content creators and authors. Using Blubi, you can increase engagement and conversions, showcase your value in an interactive way, and provide your audience with personalized experiences that will help them better understand your content. With Blubi, you can also reduce bounce rates, increase customer lifetime value, and improve customer satisfaction.

What kind of content can I showcase with Blubi?

You can showcase various types of content with Blubi, including e-books, whitepapers, research papers, case studies, videos, and more. You can upload PDFs or share read-only access to Notion/Google Docs to allow audiences to explore it. With Blubi, you can create a personalized experience for your audience that will help them better understand your content and provide value to them.

How much does Blubi cost?

Blubi offers a pricing model for all AI tools. Pricing information can be found on the Blubi website. The cost of Blubi depends on your specific needs and the features you require. Blubi offers different pricing packages based on the number of bots you want to create, the number of views you expect to receive, and the amount of integration you need. You can choose the package that best fits your needs and budget.


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