AI-driven tool that reduces the hassle, cost, and time for online apparel retailers to create fashion photos using generative artificial intelligence.

About Botika

Introduction: Botika is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize the fashion industry through technology. It offers fashion ecommerce retailers a generative AI solution that enables them to scale and localize their product photos with unlimited models, creating a consistent brand experience tailored to each market or item. Botika provides virtual models created through a combination of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms, enabling retailers to create endless high-quality images with a click of a button. The Botika expert team consists of top professionals with years of experience in developing and implementing technologies of cutting-edge problem-solving in the Fashion space. The product is designed to be flexible, with customizable pricing based on individual needs, enabling businesses of all sizes to benefit from its services. TLDR: Botika is an AI-driven tool that aims to help online fashion retailers produce custom, hyper-realistic product photos swiftly and efficiently. Using generative AI technology and virtual models, Botika allows businesses to easily create an unlimited supply of photos tailored to fit their brand. The technology is designed to streamline image creation, allowing retailers to meet deadlines, focus on creativity, and save time and money. Botika's pricing model is transparent and flexible, with customizable packages that can benefit businesses of all sizes. Alternatives to Botika include, Stylumia Intelligence Technology, Heuritech, and Metail, each offering unique AI-powered solutions to fashion businesses.

Company Overview

Botika is a cutting-edge AI tool that is designed to help fashion ecommerce retailers elevate their brand and boost their business. Founded in 2023 and backed by Kaedan Capital, Secret Chord Ventures, and Stardom Ventures, Botika unites a team of experts with vast experience in computer vision, AI, and media. Together, they are committed to transforming the fashion industry through the use of technology.

Botika offers a generative AI solution that is tailored to meet the needs of fashion ecommerce retailers. With Botika's AI technology, retailers can easily scale and localize their product photos with unlimited models, creating a consistent brand experience that is optimized per market or item. They no longer have to compromise on apparel photos or use one-model fits all. Botika's technology allows for model diversity, which leads to more traffic on the online store, and ultimately boosts sales. Shoppers can easily relate to the brand when they see models that look like them wearing the clothes.

With Botika's AI technology, retailers can create an endless number of images with a click of a button. They can choose models based on ethnicity, hairstyle, color, facial expression, background, and more. Botika has a library of AI-generated fashion models that retailers can use or they can upload photos of their own to use. The images generated by Botika are hyper-realistic and of the best quality, which ensures that retailers can easily meet their business targets.

Botika offers a way for online fashion retailers to easily meet deadlines by generating large amounts of on-brand images in a short amount of time. This allows their creative team to focus on creativity and ensures that retailers can enhance conversion rates. Botika makes the process of generating high-quality images simple and straightforward, with no complex submission specifications or hardware needed. Each credit equals one photo, making it easy for retailers to control costs.

Overall, Botika is an innovative tool that allows online fashion retailers to harness the power of AI to stand out from competitors. With an infinite amount of high-quality photos using virtual models, retailers can better engage with customers, easily expand into new markets, and ultimately boost conversion rates.


Generative AI-Powered Virtual Models

High-Quality Photos

Botika's Generative AI technology generates an infinite amount of high-quality photos using virtual models. These virtual models are created through a combination of Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms that understand the nuances of human photoshoots, such as lighting and positioning. The resulting photos are unique, visually appealing and realistic, making it more likely for customers to engage with them.

Increased Customer Engagement

By utilizing virtual models, online fashion retailers have access to thousands of images that they can use across multiple channels to attract and engage with customers. These images can be used for social media, email marketing, and on-site product pages, creating a cohesive, professional look that reflects well on the brand.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Consumers are more likely to buy a product when they can visualize themselves using it. With Botika's Generative AI technology, online fashion retailers can display their products on a wide range of virtual models, representing different body types and skin tones. This increased product representation and reliability can thus translates to increased conversion rates for the retailer.

Expert Team

Expertise in Computer Vision, AI, and Media

Botika is backed by Kaedan Capital, Secret Chord Ventures, and Stardom Ventures, bringing a team of experts with vast experience in Computer vision, AI, and Media. This team is composed of top professionals who have years of experience in developing and implementing technologies of cutting-edge problem-solving in the Fashion space.

Commitment to the transformation of the Fashion Industry

Together, Botika's expert team is committed to using technology to transform the fashion industry. Specifically, the company is focused on developing products that help online fashion retailers compete with in-person retailers. They want to create a seamless and immersive online shopping experience that is just as attractive to consumers as visiting stores in person.

Continuous innovation and growth

Botika is always looking for new ways to increase our impact in the fashion industry, both through technological development and startups. The company never stops exploring new frontiers and we are committed to always being on the cutting edge of AI technology and its applications.

New Market Entry

Improved Access to New Markets

Botika's Generative AI-powered virtual models enable online fashion retailers to more easily and effectively enter new markets. By generating high-quality photos of products on a wide range of virtual models representing different cultures and communities, retailers can create a more inclusive shopping experience that is generally more welcoming to customers. This opens doors to broader markets.

Efficient Expansion

Virtual models enable online fashion retailers to quickly and efficiently expand to new markets with minimal investments. Since creating a virtual photo is significantly less expensive than hiring models and photographers for each market, retailers can move into new regions without having their capital tied up in markets that are not yet bringing in significant profits. This also means retailers can provide more options to their global consumers.

Avoiding Physical Location Costs

With Botika's Generative AI-powered virtual models, online fashion retailers have the option of avoiding costly physical location expenses. By allowing them to target new markets, emerging online fashion retailers can expand with minimal investment, a feature that is especially valuable for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small-scale businesses.

Seamless integration with E-commerce platforms

Easy Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Botika's Generative AI technology is accessible through a browser plugin, making its integration into e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, effortless. Retailers can install the plugin in minutes and have instant access to the thousands of photos of products featuring virtual models. It's never been easier to create a cohesive, professional look on the e-commerce platforms.

Integration as a customizable feature

Botika's Generative AI technology is also customizable, making integration with your e-commerce platform attractive to consumers. Retailers can choose how they want their virtual models to look and behave, from body types to facial expressions. This allows retailers to tailor the appearance of the virtual models to better fit their brand identity.

Optimized User Experience

Botika's Generative AI technology has been designed to create an optimal user experience. Since photos featuring virtual models have become a reliable way of bridging the gap between online and off-line shopping experiences, the technology enhances the user experience on e-commerce platforms. The photos are consistent, visually appealing, and create a cohesive visual and emotional context, making it easier for consumers to make purchasing decisions.

Flexible options

Tailored Services

Botika is a flexible product that can be tailored to meet the needs of online fashion retailers. Retailers can choose a package that best fits their needs, from a small selection of virtual models to an unlimited selection.

Pay-As-You-Go Options

Botika also offers a pay-as-you-go option for retailers who only need virtual models occasionally. The pay-as-you-go option allows for businesses to use Botika’s technology during peak seasons or promotions, without having to commit to a long-term contract or high upfront costs.

Continuous innovation

Botika is committed to continuously innovating itself, with the aim of staying ahead of the competition. By continuously improving the product and adding new features, Botika aims to maintain its market-leading position, providing further flexibility to our clients.


Botika is a generative AI-powered tool that helps online apparel retailers and small businesses reduce the hassle, cost, and time it takes to create fashion photos while getting 10x more outputs on a variety of models. They offer various pricing models for the different services they provide, making their tools accessible to everyone.

For those looking for fashion advice and help dressing their best, Botika offers an AI-powered service that answers questions and offers suggestions. The cost of this service varies based on individual needs.

Additionally, Botika offers a custom fashion product design service that includes design, production, and delivery, helping businesses reduce the cost and time of fashion photo creation, with 10x more outputs. The pricing for this service is customizable and based on specific project needs.

The AI-powered hairstyle assistant for women is another service offered by Botika, which is available at an affordable price. This tool helps women find the perfect hairstyle for any occasion, with personalized suggestions based on individual hair type and face shape.

Designing custom T-shirts has never been easier with Botika's AI and Word prompts. The pricing for this service is based on the number of designs purchased, making it cost-effective for both small and large businesses.

Finally, Botika's AI-powered fashion design prototype tool, which allows users to visualize product designs before production, is available at a reasonable price. This tool helps businesses save time and money by refining their designs before going into production. The cost for this service is based on the complexity of the designs.

Overall, Botika's pricing models are reasonable and flexible, making their AI-powered tools accessible to all. They offer customizable pricing based on individual needs, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can benefit from their services.


What is Botika and how does it work?

Botika is an AI tool that helps fashion ecommerce retailers create custom, hyper-realistic product photos quickly and easily. Using generative AI technology, Botika generates an endless variety of images featuring virtual models that retailers can customize to fit their brand. By choosing the model's ethnicity, hairstyle, color, facial expression, and background, retailers can create images that appeal to a diverse range of customers. Botika's tool makes it simple and straightforward to generate high-quality product photos, saving retailers time and money while also boosting conversion rates.

How can Botika benefit my online fashion retail business?

Botika offers several benefits for online fashion retailers. First, by using virtual models, retailers can produce an endless variety of high-quality product photos that are perfectly tailored to their brand. This approach saves retailers time and money, eliminating the need for traditional photoshoots and associated costs. Second, retailers can choose models based on ethnicity, hairstyle, color, facial expression, and background, enabling them to appeal to a wider range of customers. This can lead to increased traffic on the online store and ultimately boost sales. Third, Botika's technology streamlines the image creation process, allowing retailers to easily meet deadlines and focus on creativity.

How many images can I generate with Botika?

With Botika's AI technology, retailers can create an unlimited number of images with just one click. Each credit equals one photo, so retailers can easily control costs while generating a large quantity of high-quality images. This approach eliminates the need for traditional photoshoots, saving retailers both time and money.

Can I use my own photos with Botika?

Yes, retailers can upload their own photos into the Botika platform to create customized product images. Retailers can choose to use Botika's virtual models or upload their own images to create custom product photos with a few simple clicks. This feature enables retailers to maintain their brand image while still taking advantage of the benefits of AI technology.

What is Botika's pricing model?

Botika uses a credit-based pricing model, with each credit equaling one photo. Retailers can purchase credits in bulk, with pricing starting at $0.49 per credit. Botika's pricing is transparent, with no complex submission specifications or hardware needed. Retailers can easily track their costs and control expenses while generating high-quality images with ease.


If you're looking for AI tools that can help with fashion creation, apparel model selection, or fashion photo production, there are a few alternatives to consider: is an AI-powered platform that helps fashion retailers and brands create personalized shopping experiences, optimize product catalogs, and automate image and video production. With, you can generate photorealistic 3D models of clothing, accessories, and home goods; create dynamic product images and videos; and use AI-powered styling tools to combine products and outfits that suit your customers' preferences and body types.

Stylumia Intelligence Technology

Stylumia Intelligence Technology is an AI platform that helps fashion businesses reduce the cost and risk of fashion creation, identify market trends and consumer preferences, and improve supply chain efficiency. With Stylumia, you can leverage AI-generated insights on design, pricing, and demand to make data-driven decisions, forecast inventory needs, and optimize your product assortment. Stylumia also offers an AI-powered tool that helps shoppers find the right fit and style based on their body shape and preferences.


Heuritech is an AI platform that helps fashion brands and retailers anticipate market trends, detect emerging microtrends, and forecast consumer preferences. With Heuritech, you can use image and text recognition algorithms to analyze influencers, social media, online shopping catalogs, and street style photos, and extract insights on color palettes, fabrics, styles, and occasions. Heuritech also provides 3D rendering and visualization tools that allow designers to experiment with different combinations, patterns, and details.


Metail is an AI-powered platform that helps fashion businesses offer virtual try-on experiences for their customers, reducing the frustration and complexity of online shopping. With Metail, shoppers can create accurate 3D avatars that match their body shape and size, and see how clothes fit and move in real-time without having to order and return physical items. Metail also provides retailers with analytics and insights on customer behavior, conversion rates, and product performance.


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