The Best AI Tools For Small Business

    An end-to-end tool for creating machine learning models without coding or expertise, offering data import and Web Highlighter features.

    Generate beautiful logos in minutes without graphic design skills, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer.

    Generate unique images with state-of-the-art technology through our simple, free-to-use tool.

    MagicForm is an advanced sales conversion tool that uses a virtual, ChatGPT enabled salesperson to increase website conversions by 20% in real-time.

    A multilingual, accurate, and accessible automated meeting transcription assistant with timestamps, summaries, and integrated video conference platform compatibility.

    Upgrade your understanding with 50+ mental models using real-life examples and inspiring visuals.

    AI-powered productivity and engagement solutions for streamlining performance documentation and enhancing manager-employee communication.

    Effortlessly generate copies and automate repetitive tasks with this freemium, GPT-3 powered chatbot on WhatsApp.

    An email collaboration tool for teams with a focus on shared mailboxes and secure local development.

    Create unique logos using the latest 2023 design trends with this free, user-friendly, and highly reviewed tool.

    Transforming keyword input into a list of catchy, brandable names for businesses with Namelix's advanced language models.

    AI-powered domain name generator for business and project ideas, operated by Raven Tech LTD.

    Streamline document management with advanced OCR and deep learning algorithms for efficient data extraction and automated workflows.

    NeevaAI is an innovative, ad-free search engine utilizing cutting-edge evaluation techniques and artificial intelligence to deliver fast, relevant, and timely results in visually-rich formats.

    Enterprise-grade data platform using powerful, flexible, and accessible artificial intelligence models to boost business efficiency and cut costs.

    Comprehensive marketing platform utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance personalization and efficiency.

    Streamline your outlining process with Outline Ninja's intuitive interface, auto-formatting and auto-numbering features.

    Paperade generates commercial use cases and startup ideas from academic research using proprietary algorithms.

    AI-powered video platform generating high-quality content, automatically editing, transcribing, and branding for efficient marketing.

    Revolutionizing human connection with a personalized and collaborative messaging platform powered by personal and GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence.

    Petals is an open-source, decentralized platform that enables fast and collaborative inference of large language models without requiring high-end GPUs.

    AI-powered tool that assists entrepreneurs in improving their pitch and raising funds, unlocking the secrets of business valuation for increased investment returns.

    Streamlines the accounts payable process through automation and integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    PromptBox is a web-based service for saving, organizing, copying, and pasting your artificial intelligence prompts.

    Proposal Genie is an innovative tool that helps freelancers create winning proposals faster using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

    A smart scheduling app for Google Calendar using Artificial Intelligence to automate personalized schedules, block time for tasks and integrate with Google Tasks.

    A search engine macOS app that records, stores, and rewinds work while recognizing text to enable full-text searches.

    Enabling businesses to integrate customized image-based deep learning solutions for operational scaling across industries.

    Scale provides healthcare consulting, advanced language models, software tools, and PR education programs to enhance businesses' performance and efficiency.

    AI-powered data intelligence platform automating repetitive tasks through natural language interface. provides an innovative solution to complex problem-solving with its advanced recursive prompting and diverse reasoning technology.

    Create beautiful, optimized landing pages without coding or design skills using Sitekick's cutting-edge technology.

    SmartScout is an Amazon-focused tool leveraging artificial intelligence to provide newsletters, insights, reports and architects for informed purchase decisions.

    SuperReply is an email response generator that simplifies email communications by providing tailored responses using ChatGPT.

    More information is needed to create an accurate one-liner for an unknown tool called TableTalk.

    An intuitive task management tool facilitating remote collaboration through real-time co-editing, customizable templates and integrated communication features.

    Providing a free live chat solution that integrates proactive chatbots with human agents for faster, more efficient support.

    TinyWow is an online toolbox providing a range of free, easy-to-use, conversion and editing tools for PDFs, images, videos, and files.

    TradeUI is an innovative, high-speed, and efficient trading tool that outperforms human traders using real-time signals and market analysis tools.

    ValidatorAI is an affordable and user-friendly online tool that provides constructive feedback for early-stage entrepreneurs validating their startup ideas.

    Vowel is an all-in-one platform that streamlines meetings by offering customizable templates, real-time transcription, and action item tracking.

    Wand is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and manage end-to-end business solutions using advanced generative artificial intelligence.

    AI-powered tool for creating personalized greeting messages in a timely and efficient manner.

    Windsor is an innovative software company that leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized and engaging facial-generation and video-generation tools for enhanced marketing efforts.

    You is a search engine that prioritizes user privacy and customization while leveraging artificial intelligence to provide a personalized, ad-free experience.

    CCleaner is a system optimization, privacy, and cleaning tool for Windows, Mac, and Android devices that removes unused files, frees up disk space, and enhances performance.

    Typing assistant for iPhone with grammar and spelling correction, word prediction, and emoji/GIF suggestions.