MagicForm is an advanced sales conversion tool that uses a virtual, ChatGPT enabled salesperson to increase website conversions by 20% in real-time.

About MagicForm

MagicForm is an AI-powered form builder designed to simplify form creation and management for businesses of all sizes. The tool is equipped with numerous features to help users customize forms, automate workflow and processes, and provide advanced analytics and data insights. MagicForm can also integrate with various third-party services and applications, including Google Sheets, CRM systems, payment platforms, and more. The tool's high flexibility and user-friendly interface make it an attractive choice for those looking to streamline their form building processes.


MagicForm is an AI-powered form builder aimed at simplifying the form creation and management process for businesses. It is equipped with numerous features, including customizability, automation of workflow and processes, advanced analytics and data insights, and integrations with third-party services and applications. The tool's flexible and user-friendly interface makes it an attractive option for anyone looking to streamline their form building processes. Additionally, MagicForm provides excellent support, documentation, and training, ensuring that users have the best possible experience when using the tool.

Company Overview

MagicForm is an AI-powered form builder that streamlines the process of creating forms and surveys, allowing users to focus on their business. MagicForm's intuitive interface is designed to help businesses, small and large, create forms and surveys in minutes, saving time and maximizing efficiency. With MagicForm, users can customize their forms with ease and embed them on their websites or blogs as required.

Apart from the standard form building features, MagicForm provides a range of templated forms that can be customized to fit any business need. These templates range from customer feedback forms to event registration forms, job application forms, and much more. MagicForm's unique highlighting feature can also be used to indicate completion status and highlight specific areas of interest on the form for users.

MagicForm's intelligent logic and smart features enable advanced form management and data analysis. Users can create custom workflows that automate form responses and notifications, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. The built-in analytics dashboard allows businesses to track form submissions, identify trends, and discover new opportunities to improve the customer experience.

MagicForm's powerful integrations allow users to connect to popular third-party services and applications such as Stripe and PayPal. This feature enables businesses to collect payments and donations via their forms, making it easy for customers to transact online. MagicForm also integrates with Google Sheets, CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and more, ensuring that data collected on forms can be seamlessly transferred between platforms.

In short, MagicForm is an intelligent and intuitive form builder that allows businesses to create forms, automate processes, and streamline workflows. Whether it's a small business or an enterprise, MagicForm provides the tools needed to make form building easy, efficient, and seamless.


1. Form Builder

Ease of Use

MagicForm's form builder is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. With drag and drop functionality, you can easily create custom forms without having to write any code. Additionally, the builder has a user-friendly interface with customizable templates, making it easy for users of varying levels of experience to create a professional-looking form without much effort. In addition, their form builder has a smart duplicate detector that identifies repeated fields across the form and enhances workflow management by streamlining submission analysis.


Customizability is a crucial feature in a form builder, and MagicForm certainly doesn't disappoint. This tool allows users to customize form fields and create a unique design by allowing custom CSS. Furthermore, it boasts widgets, including GDPR, consent checkbox, and payment options, to enhance user experience, suggest that they acquire more customers, and assist in seamless payment processing. The tool's flexibility ensures that users can create forms that cater to any kind of audience or business requirements.

Data Management

With MagicForm's form builder, managing form data has never been easier. The tool automates the task of data collection, storage, and analysis, providing the user with real-time access to data. Furthermore, the software is compatible with third-party tools, such as Zapier, so users can easily integrate data with other software systems. The tool also has a feature to send auto-replies upon form submission, backup and restore, and an option to sort and filter your data for enhanced analysis.

2. Workflow Automation

Automated Emails

One of MagicForm's top features is its ability to automate email workflows. This feature is perfect for businesses that require an immediate response to forms, such as application forms, surveys, or support requests. The software allows you to create a customized response that will be delivered automatically to the user via email, ensuring users are informed of their successful form submission. This automation assists companies in developing and building proper customer engagement and guarantees an exceptional customer experience.

Conditional Logic

The tool has a unique feature known as conditional logic, which allows users to create automatic triggers based on form field data. This feature assists in streamlining data collection and workflow automation. It ensures that the form submission data follows a series of predetermined rules and responds accordingly. This saves the user time and effort, allowing them to spend time on other essential business requirements while ensuring their data is entering the correct business process.


Magic Form's workflow automation tool is compatible with third-party applications, making it even more functional. It allows users to integrate information from other systems into the software, streamlining the workflow without disrupting your existing CRM or accounting software. Users have access to an abundant library of pre-built automation flows that are tailored to specific businesses, removing the need to start from scratch.

3. Analytics and Reporting

Real-time Analytics

This tool offers users an excellent reporting dashboard with real-time analytics, including form submission statistics, email open rates, and conversion rates. With this feature, users have access to actionable data and can evaluate how their forms are performing. The software comes with a comprehensive dashboard to track all data associated with user workflows, giving users insights to optimize the process further.

Export and Share Reports

MagicForm respects the user's data and recognizes how important it is. Its analytics and reporting feature allows users to export and share reports with other users, providing everyone with insights into business performance, best practices, and how to improve processes. The tool also allows users to download submission data in Excel or PDF format, catering to users who may have different preferences regarding data analysis.

Customizable Reports

The reporting dashboard is tailor-able to fit the user's business requirements. Users have the option to create custom reports on the type of forms they use or information they want to be displayed. This customization ensures that users have easy access to relevant data, leading to informed decisions and insights into their business's performance.

4. Data Security


Data security is a crucial aspect of any online tool, and MagicForm understands this. This AI tool uses SSL encryption to secure form data submissions and other information. This encryption guarantees that all information remains confidential and only authorized personnel can access it. Password protection also adds an extra layer of security to ensure that the user's system is one step ahead of cyber threats.


Privacy is a significant concern for most individuals and companies. MagicForm follows strict guidelines on data protection and individual data privacy when handling data submitted through the tool. No data is shared with third parties, ensuring data is confidential and highly secure. With MagicForm, users can be confident that their personal information is in good hands.

Backups and Restore Points

MagicForm provides users with the option to create backups, restoring points to ensure data is never lost or compromised. This feature is critical in reducing potential losses that could come from data breaches, faulty installations, or user errors. The software also ensures that users work safely and independently with their backup files.

5. Customer Support

Dedicated Support

MagicForm provides its customers with dedicated support, including pre-built troubleshooting solutions for a variety of issues. The support team is well equipped and can handle all customer issues ranging from simple to the most complex issues. You can reach out to the team any time of the day using most communication channels: Chat, phone, and email. They are quick to respond, detailing what you need to know, and committed to ensuring you have the best experience using their tool

Documentation and Community

MagicForm has an extensive database that provides users with detailed documentation and a community forum to share experiences and get solutions. The community section is well-rounded, comprising users from different parts of the world, a precise platform to evaluate functionality, and refine skill sets. It features FAQs, guides, videos, and tutorials to make the user's journey more informative and exciting.

Training and Onboarding

MagicForm recognizes that each user is unique and may find different areas challenging when using the tool. The company provides users with comprehensive training and onboarding to assist them in navigating the tool efficiently. This training is tailored to the user's needs and requirements, ensuring that each user understands the tool's full potential, and that the customer achieves their desired outcomes.


MagicForm offers different pricing plans to suit every user's needs. You can start for free and upgrade once you are happy with the results. For $8/month, you get access to the Pro plan, which allows you to run a question set 200 times a month. If you want to save some money, you can opt for the yearly subscription which costs $72/year. For users who need more features, there is a Premium plan available for $299/year.

If you're buying MagicForm for your organization, we recommend the Premium plan, especially if you're a school or a business. However, if you need more than 10 users, you'll need to contact us at [email protected] to get a quote. Please note that a user is defined as one Google Account email address (e.g. yourname@domain), and our add-ons are licensed per user (Google Account).

With MagicForm, you can cancel your subscription anytime by clicking on the "Manage Subscription" link in the footer. You will be able to use the subscription until the end of the billing cycle. When you make a purchase, the gmail address specified in the order will be automatically upgraded, and the payer email is not tied to the account.

If you need any support, our team is ready to help you. During your support period, you can send a mail to [email protected] for issues with installation, licensing, and usage. Please note that support does not include customization or custom new features.

At MagicForm, we value your privacy. We do not look or share our customers' data, and we only save essential information required to make the extension work. If you want to make sure OpenAI does not use your data, just send an email to [email protected] with your organization ID. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help you.

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What is MagicForm?

MagicForm is an AI-powered form builder that helps businesses create and manage forms and surveys with ease. It offers an intuitive and customizable interface, automates workflows and processes, and provides advanced analytics and data insights. MagicForm also allows users to integrate with third-party services and applications.

How does MagicForm work?

MagicForm uses AI and smart features to streamline the form building and management process. Users can create customized forms with a range of templated options and add various elements, such as logic and highlighting, to their forms. This tool also allows for automation of form responses and notifications and provides a comprehensive dashboard for tracking and analyzing form submissions. MagicForm can also connect to third-party services and applications, making it seamless to transfer data between platforms.

What features does MagicForm offer?

MagicForm offers a range of features to make form building, management, and analysis easier and efficient for businesses. It provides an intuitive and customizable interface, templated forms, advanced analytics and data insights, automation of workflow and processes, and integrations with various third-party services and applications, such as Stripe, PayPal, Google Sheets, and CRM systems, among others.

Why should I use MagicForm?

MagicForm is an intelligent and user-friendly form builder that can help any business or organization streamline workflows, save time and resources, and improve the customer experience. With its numerous features and customizable options, MagicForm makes it easy for users to create and manage forms and surveys effectively while providing advanced analytics and data insights. It also allows for seamless integration with third-party services and applications, making it easy to transfer data between platforms.

How do I integrate MagicForm with other services and applications?

MagicForm provides users with a range of options to integrate their forms and surveys with popular third-party services and applications. To connect to these integrations, you need to go to the "Integrations" tab and activate the services or applications you want to use. From there, you can link your MagicForm account to the third-party service or application and transfer data seamlessly between platforms.


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