Scale provides healthcare consulting, advanced language models, software tools, and PR education programs to enhance businesses' performance and efficiency.

About Scale

Scale is a technology company that provides end-to-end solutions to manage the entire machine learning process with headquarters in the United States, aiming to improve AI by developing high-quality datasets. Founded in 2016, Scale has since received over $603 million in investments and has annotated over 7.7 billion images and videos. Scale provides a scalable workforce of skilled analysts and advanced tools for data annotation, curation, and collection. Scale offers various platforms to satisfy diverse machine learning applications, such as the Scale Generative AI Platform, Scale Gov AI Platform, and Scale E-Commerce AI.


Scale provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for machine learning with flexible pricing options to accelerate AI application development. Scale offers a variety of products and services, including the Scale Data Engine, Scale Generative AI Platform, Scale E-Commerce AI, and Scale Spellbook. Scale's diverse customer base includes the defense, logistics, autonomous vehicles, robotics, AR/VR, smart port lab, and retail & e-commerce industries. Alternative data labeling platforms to consider include V7, SuperAnnotate, Labelbox, Dataloop, and Computer Vision Annotation Tool.

Company Overview

Scale is a technology company that provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to manage the entire machine learning (ML) lifecycle. With headquarters in the United States and more than 600 employees, Scale combines innovative technology with operational expertise to help teams develop high-quality datasets that improve AI. Since its founding in 2016, Scale has received over $603 million in investments and has annotated over 7.7 billion images and videos.

One of Scale's core offerings is the Scale Data Engine, which allows teams to annotate, curate, and collect data. As a data-labeling company, Scale provides a scalable workforce of skilled analysts and advanced tools to ensure that the data is labeled quickly and accurately. In addition to the Data Engine, Scale offers a variety of platforms specifically designed for diverse ML applications.

For instance, the Scale Generative AI Platform provides a full-stack solution to AI models by ensuring a focused environment for developers to train and optimize the models. The Scale Gov AI Platform is designed to serve the US Federal Government with cutting-edge machine learning model development, while the Scale E-Commerce AI improves e-commerce data. Scale also provides an AI-powered marketing suite, Scale Forge, and a platform that enables machine learning appreciation at federals with up-to-date exclusive content and lessons learned in government AI, Scale Spellbook.

Scale serves customers in diverse industry sectors, which include defense, logistics, autonomous vehicles, robotics, AR/VR, smart port lab, and retail & e-commerce. Beyond its products and services, Scale provides a resource library, blog, documentation, events, open datasets, and AI Readiness Report 2022 to foster learning and continuous growth for its clients.

With its rapid growth and increasing demand for smart software, Scale has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes Cloud 100, and other reputable publications. Scale relies on a team of experts and cutting-edge technology to ensure that customers have the best possible AI-powered services. If you are interested in joining Scale's team or require more information about its products and services, do not hesitate to reach out to the company's PR team at [email protected].


Scale Generative AI Platform

Full-Stack Generative AI

Scale's Full-Stack Generative AI is a unique platform that covers the entire generative model application process in one place. It allows you to compare, test, and deploy foundation models from popular providers such as Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic, and then fine-tune the models according to your enterprise data and Scale's data engine. Bundling prompts, models, and model parameters in a single package is an added feature.


Spellbook is a developer platform from Scale that enables companies to securely build generative model applications effortlessly. It includes customized enterprise connectors, such as Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, and more to access data and integrate with different enterprise data sources. Developers can also conduct experiments through different models, prompts, and fine-tuning strategies.

Secure Infrastructure

Scale's Generative AI Platform is deployed in your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) or hosted by Scale with role-based access controls, ensuring your data is secure. It is critical for enterprises to protect their data, PII, and model interaction history. Scale has added built-in security features to prevent security risks, so customers have peace of mind that their data is secure.

Scale Spellbook

Custom Apps

Scale's Spellbook offers pre-built and customized generative model applications such as Chat, Forge, and E-Commerce AI that allow businesses to enhance their productivity, communication, and marketing strategies. Spellbook has many benefits, including the ability to automate customer engagement quickly, improving personalized shopping, generating stunning product imagery, social media ads and lifestyle pictures in seconds, and securing customized applications that meet the specific requirements of businesses.

Conduct Experiments

With Spellbook, businesses can conduct experiments and compare different models, prompts, and fine-tuning strategies. Enterprises have proprietary data and unique needs that require extensive fine-tuning of base foundation models and prompt engineering. This allows the business to fine-tune the models to their specific requirements and ensures that generated knowledge is factually accurate, aligning with your policies and brand.

Enterprise Connectors

Spellbook enables integration with enterprise connectors such as Google Drive, Slack, Confluence, and more, providing access to the data required for generative model applications. This ensures that companies can maximally exploit their resources for insights and improve communication, productivity, and customer experience.

Scale E-Commerce AI

Personalized Shopping

Scale E-Commerce AI powered by ShopChat allows businesses to provide their customers with a personalized shopping assistant. The tool includes 300+ attributes to clean and enrich data, identify duplicate products, merge variants, and correct any mistakes. This ensures that customers can shop with ease and find exactly what they are looking for.

Stunning Imagery

Scale E-Commerce AI's feature to create stunning product imagery, social media ads, and lifestyle pictures in seconds is a game-changer. E-Commerce businesses can now promote products in various ways with AI-generated visuals that capture the essence of the product.


Scale E-Commerce AI can automate customer engagement and internal copilots and provide customers with intelligent and personalized responses from a custom knowledge base with source citations. This means businesses can focus on growth and let the AI tool handle customer queries effectively.

Scale Data Engine

Annotate, Curate, and Collect Data

Scale's data engine allows businesses to annotate, curate, and collect data easily. The data engine provides high-quality annotations, and user inputs are incorporated to improve the annotations. Scale's data engine has been integral in training autonomous vehicles, digital assistants, and other AI models.

Unlock L2 to L5 Autonomy

Scale's Data Engine has been used to unlock autonomy levels L2 to L5 in the automotive industry. It has been used by companies such as GM Cruise to achieve benchmark performances in object detection, semantic segmentation, and other tasks.

Generative AI & RLHF

Scale's Data Engine provides generative AI and RLHF (Realistic-Looking Human Faces), a tool used extensively in the gaming industry to generate realistic graphics. RLHF provides extensive data and user inputs to ensure the generated data is authentic and of high-quality.


Scale offers flexible pricing options to accelerate the development of your AI applications. Whether you have experimental projects or high volumes that require guaranteed turnaround times and quality, Scale provides solutions to meet your needs.

Pay as You Go

Scale's Pay as You Go option is ideal for experimental projects and lower volumes. With this option, you have the flexibility to pay only for what you need. You can label with Scale's trusted taskers or with your own labelers. Pay as You Go via credit card, and benefit from Scale's workforce labeling available for:

  • Data Engine
  • Annotate, Curate, and Collect Data
  • Automotive: Unlock L2 to L5 Autonomy
  • Generative AI & RLHF: Power Generative AI Models
  • Scale Spellbook: The Platform for LLM Apps
  • Scale Generative AI Platform: Full-stack Generative AI
  • Scale Forge: AI-powered Marketing Suite
  • Scale E-Commerce AI: Enhance E-commerce Data
  • Scale Gov AI Platform: End-to-end Federal Solutions


If you have strategic AI initiatives and high volumes that require guaranteed turnaround times and quality, Scale's Enterprise option is for you. With annual commitments and volume-based rates, you can benefit from enterprise-grade quality and throughput SLAs, as well as dedicated customer operations support. Enterprise is suitable for industries such as:

  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Defense
  • Logistics
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Robotics
  • AR/VR
  • Content & Language
  • Smart Port Lab
  • Federal LLMs

Scale also provides resources to help you get started, including an AI Readiness Report 2022, a resource library, blog, documentation, and events. Open datasets are also available for your use. To learn more about Scale's pricing and offerings, visit the website or contact the team for further information.


What is Scale AI?

Scale AI is an AI-powered data annotation platform that helps companies improve their artificial intelligence algorithms through the collection, annotation, and curation of data. By leveraging Scale AI, businesses can access high-quality data at scale to train their AI models, improving the accuracy and reliability of their predictions.

What industries can benefit from Scale AI?

Scale AI can benefit a variety of industries, including retail and eCommerce, government, real estate, manufacturing, transportation, financial services, forestry, and food and beverage. Any industry that requires access to large amounts of accurate, high-quality data can benefit from Scale AI's data annotation platform.

What products and services does Scale AI offer?

Scale AI offers a variety of products and services, including the Scale Data Engine for annotating and curating data, the Scale Generative AI Platform for developing and deploying generative AI models, and the Scale Gov AI Platform for providing end-to-end federal solutions. Scale AI also offers industry-specific tools such as Scale Retail for enhancing eCommerce data, Scale Defense for improving logistics and autonomous vehicles, and Scale Forge for AI-powered marketing.

Does Scale AI offer any free resources?

Yes, Scale AI offers an extensive resource library on their website, which includes open-source datasets, blog posts, events, guides, and case studies. They also offer an AI readiness report for 2022, which provides actionable insights for companies looking to adopt AI technology. scale AI provides interview sessions too.

How does Scale AI ensure data security?

Scale AI takes data security very seriously and has implemented a variety of measures to protect user data. This includes encrypting data in transit and at rest, using multi-factor authentication to access sensitive data, and conducting regular security audits and penetration testing to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. Additionally, Scale AI never shares or sells user data to third parties.


Scale AI may be a top-tier data labeling platform, but it comes with a steep price tag that may not suit smaller data science teams. Furthermore, Scale AI is heavily focused on data processing for autonomous driving and may not deliver the same results for other use cases. If you're looking for a more affordable and versatile option, here are a few alternatives to consider:


V7 is an AI data labeling platform that offers a user-friendly dataset management functionality, AI-driven data labeling and annotation, and MLOps platform for hosting and running experiments, all at a much lower price point than Scale AI. With V7, you can store images and videos in various formats, track annotation progress, analyze dataset composition(s), provide real-time feedback to annotators, and use pre-made training pipelines to improve outcomes. V7 pricing starts at $150/mo for an unlimited number of users, making it significantly cheaper than Scale AI.


SuperAnnotate specializes in semantic segmentation using superpixels, which allows for faster, more accurate annotation of still images and videos. You can also recruit extra human workforce via the integrated marketplace to speed up data preparation for larger projects. While lacking dataset management functionality, SuperAnnotate provides point-and-click automation for setting up new model training and re-training jobs at an affordable price point starting at $62/mo per user.


Labelbox provides data labeling services for enterprise-sized computer vision and NLP projects, offering GraphQL and Python APIs to add data to Labelbox and then automate data ingestions to training dataset environments. With Labelbox, you can auto-prioritize the most important data for labeling first using a helpful API-driven labeling queue tool. While the data labeling capabilities are top-notch, dataset management features are fairly basic, with no version control or advanced search features. Labelbox offers a free plan for testing, and managed data labeling services start at $6/labeling hour.


Dataloop provides a comprehensive range of supporting tools for controlling data workflows and creating (semi-) automated deployment pipelines for new models. It supports image and video annotations, as well as automated annotation tools. While the data labeling toolkit is robust, Dataloop may not be the best option for videos as it doesn't provide interpolation outside bounding boxes. Dataloop pricing is on-demand only.

Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)

CVAT is an open-source data labeling tool developed by Intel, with a focus on image and video annotations. Though less robust than other data labeling options, CVAT is free, provides support for bounding box and polygon interpolation, and has basic automatic annotation tools. It may be a great option for smaller teams or individuals but lacks labeling workforce management tools, performance tracking analytics, or collaborative workspaces.


Company Results

All-in-one no-code MLOps platform streamlining computer vision model building, featuring intuitive interface, customizable workflows, and support for diverse industries.

Humanloop customizes natural language processing models using end-user feedback for higher performance and cost-effectiveness.

Roboflow provides easy deployment options for computer vision models, offering model inference code snippets in various programming languages and a hosted inference API.

Enabling businesses to integrate customized image-based deep learning solutions for operational scaling across industries.