Supertone's cutting-edge tool generates realistic, human-like voices for a variety of content purposes while prioritizing ethical data management and privacy.

About Supertone


Supertone is a remarkable AI tool that can deliver voice synthesis with lifelike realism and exceptional expressiveness. Its teams consist of a group of professionals who possess extensive knowledge about the ethical considerations and controversies surrounding AI technology, such as privacy concerns, the uncanny valley effect, and potential misuse. To ensure that the voices created by the tool are used responsibly, the company is committed to ethical data management practices and incorporates safeguards to prevent unauthorized use. These measures include not generating profits from voices created without owner consent, limiting non-profit research to public-oriented research or research to honor the deceased, and refraining from serving requests from religious figures or one-time voice restorations. Supertone's voice synthesis technology is versatile, easy to use, and perfect for commercial use and nonprofit research projects, from simple spoken text to complex artistic work, users can produce lifelike voices with ease.


Supertone's AI voice synthesis solution is a groundbreaking tool that generates incredibly realistic and expressively human-like voices. Supertone is committed to ethical data and voice management, which includes using safeguards to prevent unauthorized use and avoid profiting from voices created without consent. Supertone's AI tool is user-friendly, flexible, and ideal for creating content for commercial and non-profit purposes. The voice synthesis feature is compatible with any type of material and includes several safeguards to ensure privacy and data integrity. However, Supertone requires a reliable voice source to achieve impressive results, proper clearance for copyrighted material and is not designed for the recreation of the voices of public figures, religious leaders or those deceased.

Company Overview

Supertone is a next-generation voice synthesis solution that can create human-like and highly expressive voices, capable of singing and acting, that are indistinguishable from real humans. The team, consisting of Hyeong-Seok Choi, Juheon Lee, Wansoo Kim, Jie Hwan Lee, Hoon Heo, and Kyogu Lee, has a deep understanding of the potential concerns that may arise from AI technology, including the discomfort people may feel when confronted with uncanny valley effects and the potential for misuse. As such, the company does not generate profits from voices created without the owner's consent, limits non-profit research to public-oriented research or research to honor the deceased, and prohibits use of Supertone's voices by the general public.

Supertone minimizes access to training data and synthesized voices, while also possessing a watermarking technology that can identify voices created by AI. The technology allows for the easy creation of all types of content, from simple text reading to interactive art projects, while removing the need for personal voice recordings that could entail privacy concerns. However, Supertone requires a voice source, content-related copyrights to be resolved ahead of production, and refrains from serving requests from religious figures or one-time voice restorations.

To summarize, Supertone is a trailblazing company in the field of voice synthesis that has worked tirelessly to mitigate potential issues with the technology. They have succeeded in creating voices that are highly expressive and difficult to distinguish from real humans. Supertone's voice synthesis technology is easy to use for any content creation and alleviates privacy concerns by removing voice recordings. Conceivably, they are ideal for commercial uses and non-profit research projects. If you have inquiries, the company has a "Business Proposal" line that prospective clients can connect with.


Realistic and Expressive Voice Synthesis

Advanced Technology Mimics Human Speech

The Supertone tool harnesses AI technology to create realistic and expressive voices that are nearly indistinguishable from human speech. With this innovative voice synthesis solution, users can design content of all kinds, from simple spoken text to complex artistic works that require emotive, authentic-sounding voices.

Rich and Nuanced Vocal Expression

One of the hallmarks of Supertone's tool is its ability to generate a wide range of vocal expressions. With this tool, users can create a voice that accurately reflects the intended emotions and tone of a given piece of content, whether it's a podcast, a movie, or a song. From joy and excitement to sadness and pain, Supertone's voice synthesis technology can capture a multitude of emotional nuances.

Easy-to-Use Voice Creation

Supertone's tool is designed to be user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate menus and a simplified interface that allows users to generate voices quickly and easily. This feature makes it ideal for busy professionals who need to create realistic-sounding voices in a timely manner, without compromising on quality.

Ethical Considerations

Commitment to Ethical Data and Voice Management

Supertone is committed to ethical data management practices and has designed its tool with various safeguards to ensure that the generated voices and datasets are used responsibly and appropriately. The company scrupulously avoids using voice samples or data without explicit consent or for commercial purposes without proper authorization from the rights holders.

Strict Limitations on Non-Commercial Research

Supertone takes a cautious approach when it comes to non-commercial research involving voice generation, prohibiting its use for non-authorized commercial purposes and limiting access to such research to protect the privacy of individuals.

Watermarking Technology for Voice Identification

To prevent unauthorized use or distribution of generated voices, Supertone has implemented watermarking technology to create unique identifiers for the voices that are produced. This technology also makes it possible to track and identify any unauthorized use of the voices, further protecting the integrity of the data and the rights of individuals.

Wide Applications

Creative Content Development

Supertone offers great flexibility when it comes to the creation of content, as it can be used for any type of material, ranging from simple voice recordings to complex artistic productions, depending on the user's needs.

Personal Privacy Protection

Supertone's tool allows for the creation of entirely new voices for use in place of real people's voices, significantly reducing the risk of privacy violations in situations where personal voice identification may be a security concern.

Customized Voice Generation

Supertone's tool can generate unique voices that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a project or campaign. This feature makes it ideal for businesses or organizations that require personalized voices for their branding, advertising campaigns, corporate training, or other applications.

Usage Requirements and Restrictions

Dependence on Voice Source

Supertone's tool requires a reliable voice source to create voices that accurately reproduce the desired vocal characteristics. This means that the quality of the voice synthesis is directly proportional to the quality of the voice source used.

Copyright Clearance Required

Supertone's tool requires clearance for any copyrighted materials being used in the project, to avoid any potential legal issues or intellectual property disputes.

No Provision for Specialized Voices

Supertone's tool is not designed for recreating the voices of specific individuals such as public figures, religious leaders, or those who are deceased.


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