Resemble generates synthetic videos and voices for movies, TV shows, video games, and other creative content, providing new forms of expression with consent and transparency.

About Resemble

Resemble is an AI voice tool that provides a simple and efficient way of creating custom synthetic voices. Businesses can use Resemble AI to produce personalized IVR flows, brand their smart assistants, increase their call volume, and create dynamic ads. It offers audio editing capabilities, making it easy to refine recordings with synthetic voices, and provides custom neural voices that provide an accurate representation of your brand. Resemble AI is perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries, making it a popular choice for companies looking for versatile and practical voice integration tools.


Resemble AI provides a seamless method for creating synthetic voices by allowing users to upload or record voice data. It offers custom neural voices that represent your brand and supports different languages, making it suitable for businesses with international markets. Resemble AI provides granular control over the tone, rhythm, and melody, creating fully personalized synthetic voices. It is also ethical, providing case studies and development thoughts from its team, and tools to avoid generating hateful content. Resemble AI also provides various integrations with different platforms such as Five9, Talkdesk, Discord, Salesforce, and OpenAI, making it a versatile and practical option for businesses of all sizes.

Company Overview

Resemble is an AI voice tool that enables users to create their own synthetic voices by recording or uploading voice data. Once created, these voices can be used to programmatically build content or integrate into various tools. The tool offers audio editing capabilities, making it simple to edit and enhance recordings with synthetic voices.

Resemble AI also offers neural custom voices that can run natively on mobile devices. Users can build and customize their synthetic voices in a variety of languages, making it easy to tailor voice content to specific markets and audiences.

Resemble AI is ideal for businesses looking to augment their agents with synthetic voices, increase call volume, or brand their smart assistants with a unique voice. It is also an excellent tool for creating dynamic ads with familiar voices, developing AI audiobooks with audiobook narrator voices, or using custom voice clones in movies and TV shows.

Resemble offers ethical guidelines for usage, along with a variety of case studies and development thoughts from their team. The tool's integrations with Unity Documentation, SDKs, and other platforms make it a versatile and practical option for businesses of all sizes.

Resemble AI was made with ❤️ and a voice in Toronto, Canada, and all over the world, reflecting the tool's commitment to collaboration and customer satisfaction. To schedule a demo or learn more about the tool's features, visit the Resemble AI website today.


AI Voice Generation


The Resemble AI tool enables users to generate synthetic voices that are highly customizable. Users can upload or record their voice data, which can be used to create entirely new voices or tailored to mimic a particular accent or tone. The tool also has editing capabilities, allowing users to refine recordings with synthetic voices to create their desired sound.

Neural custom voices

Resemble AI also offers neural custom voices that can be utilized natively on mobile devices. This customization means users can develop unique synthetic voices that stand out from pre-created ones, which can enhance brand recognition and customer experience.

Multi-Language Support

The tool supports a variety of languages, making it suitable for companies with diverse customer bases. Users can develop synthetic voices that are easily understandable and relatable to international markets, improving the user experience of their applications.

Text-to-Speech Software API

API Integration

Resemble AI's text-to-speech software API offers seamless integration with external systems. Developers can use built-in software development kits (SDKs) or plug-ins for Unity Documentation or other platforms to easily add synthetic voice features. This integration significantly reduces development time and enhances a user's experience by making integrations easy and effective.

Speech Adjustment Tools

The API also includes tools that can help adjust pitch and speaking rate to better suit the context of the application. For example, different synthetic voices can be attained by altering the speaking rate and pitch for a more personalized application experience.

Audio Optimization

The Resemble AI tool has in-built optimization techniques that improve the quality of the audio output, creating high-quality synthetic voices that deliver a seamless user experience.

Synchronize Speech

Realistic Inflections and Intonations

The Resemble AI tool provides granular control over each inflection and intonation, allowing users to create sophisticated synthetic voices that closely mimic a human voice. The tool provides full control over the tone, rhythm, and melody, creating fully personalized synthetic voices that bring a unique dimension to synthesized content.

Non-linear Editing Capabilities

The AI tool features non-linear editing capabilities that enable users to add pauses, breaths, and other natural speech gestures to the synthetic voice output. These features create a more humanized output, making it easier for listeners to engage with the content.

Real-time Synthesis to Speech Generation

Resemble AI's powerful tool is capable of real-time synthesis, reducing the time taken to generate a synthetic voice. This real-time generation can be useful for generating synthetic voices on the fly, enhancing interactive and responsive content.

Custom Lexicons

Keyword Emphasis

The lexicon tool in Resemble AI incorporates the ability to incorporate custom keywords, brand-specific terms, and phrases into the synthetic voices created, prioritizing emphasis and authenticity in content delivery. This customization enables developers to generate synthetic voice content that better represents the brand or organization, driving engagement and message authenticity.

Pronunciation Accuracy

The custom lexicon feature enhances the overall quality of the synthetic voice by ensuring the accurate pronunciation of complicated terms and industry or business-specific jargon. Thus, Resemble AI tool ensures that your synthetic voice is relatable and easily understandable for your audience.


This AI tool's custom lexicon ensures that users can adapt to new terms or changes in industry jargon, continuing to generate authentic sounding voices as new terms and concepts emerge.

Different Voice Choices

Audiobook Narrator Voices

Resemble AI's voice tool generates synthetic voices that mimic professional audiobook narrator voices. This feature makes it suitable for creating AI-audiobooks, dramatically reducing the time and cost traditionally associated with recording and editing professional audiobooks.

Familiar Voices for Dynamic Ads

The tool's synthetic voice generation capability can also create dynamic ads featuring familiar voices. By generating synthetic voices that closely resemble known voices, businesses can develop highly-engaging and highly effective ads.

Voice Clones for Movies and TV Shows

Resemble AI's voice tool can also develop custom voices that mimic famous people or characters, suitable for use in movies, television shows, or other pop culture-oriented content. This feature streamlines the voice recording process and eliminates the difficulty of finding voice talent suitable for each project.


Versatile and Practical Option for Businesses of All Sizes

Resemble AI integrates well with a variety of software tools and platforms, making it a versatile and practical option for businesses of all sizes. The unique voices created can be integrated into existing customer service and/or marketing tools, including smart assistants and chatbots.

SDKs and Other Platforms

Resemble AI includes software development kits (SDKs) that can be used with Unity Documentation and other platforms, making integration simple and quick. These SDKs enable cross-platform integration, providing seamless access to AI-generated synthesized voice content in a variety of contexts.

Ethical Guidelines for Usage

Resemble AI offers ethical guidelines for the usage of its voice tool. These guidelines ensure that the tool's synthetic output is used ethically and avoids generating online content that is harmful or hateful. Ultimately, this dedication to ethical usage will encourage fair usage and usage by laudable businesses or causes.


Resemble AI provides a range of integrations to create a seamless voice experience. The platform allows you to record or upload voice data to generate an AI Voice that can be integrated into your favorite tools. With Resemble AI, you can programmatically build content with customized synthetic voices that provide an accurate representation of your brand.

Five9 Integration

The Resemble AI and Five9 integration is a powerful tool that enhances customer service agents with AI voices. The integration allows you to easily create personalized IVR flows with custom voices and text to speech functionality powered by Resemble AI. This integration is perfect for businesses that want to increase call volume while augmenting their agents' capabilities with synthetic voices.

Talkdesk Integration

Resemble AI's integration with Talkdesk's cloud contact center solution is perfect for businesses looking to improve their customer service agents' productivity and overall customer experience. With the integration, you can easily add custom AI voices to your call center stack, allowing agents to provide a more personalized and authentic voice experience to the customer.

RingCentral Integration

Resemble AI's integration with RingCentral allows you to generate synthetic speech for various forms of communication, including messages, videos, phone calls, and contact center operations. This feature enables businesses to create a more engaging and authentic experience using text-to-speech functionality powered by Resemble AI.

Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk and Resemble AI integration allows for the creation of interactive conversational AI experiences within Zendesk's support services. This integration offers a deep integration that facilitates personalized conversational AI experiences for customers. With Resemble AI's custom AI voices, you can greatly enhance your customers' experience, boosting engagement and satisfaction rates.

Salesforce Integration

The Resemble AI and Salesforce CRM integration provides businesses with an innovative solution for creating personalized customer experiences. With Resemble AI's custom AI voices, you can integrate your brand voice into Salesforce solutions, enhancing call center agents' productivity and overall customer experience. The integration offers a powerful tool for businesses looking to create more engaging and authentic customer experiences.

Hubspot Integration

The Hubspot and Resemble AI integration allows businesses to integrate custom AI voices in their tools and services. Using Resemble AI's synthetic voices, you can generate realistic-sounding voices that provide an accurate representation of your brand. This integration offers an excellent solution for businesses that want to create more engaging and authentic customer experiences.

Cisco Integration

Resemble AI's integration with Cisco solutions enables businesses to enhance their customer experience by adding custom AI voices to their service offerings. The integration allows organizations to create interactive conversational AI experiences that provide a more authentic and engaging experience for customers. With Resemble AI's custom AI voices, organizations can greatly enhance their customer satisfaction rates in Cisco solutions.

Discord Integration

The Discord and Resemble AI integration allows you to use custom AI voices in Discord chats, creating a more personalized and authentic experience. With Resemble AI's synthetic voices, you can generate realistic voices that provide an accurate representation of your brand. This integration offers an excellent solution for creating a more engaging and authentic voice experience in Discord.

OpenAI Integration

Resemble AI's integration with OpenAI's GPT-3 empowers you to create beautiful copy for your AI voices. OpenAI's cutting-edge text generation technology powered by GPT-3 combined with Resemble AI's synthetic voices allows businesses to create customized voice experiences that are both dynamic and effective. This integration offers an innovative solution for creating engaging and authentic content for your voice experience.


How can I create a synthetic voice using Resemble AI's tool?

You can record or upload your voice data to create your AI voice. Simply create an account on our self-serve platform, click on Build a Voice and start recording the sentences that pop up. We need a minimum of 50 sentences recorded to kick off the training, but the more data you record, the better the quality of the cloned voice. Training is done in increments of 50 sentences, and after the 50 sentences have been recorded, we will train and deploy your voice. To improve the voice, the next training will be done after you have recorded 50 or 100 more sentences.

Can I use someone else's voice to create a synthetic voice?

Only if you have the consent of the third party and the third party is aware of the use case for their synthetic voice. Our Professional plan allows you to upload data but it’s still subject to approval. For more information on this, please read our Ethics page.

Can I edit and fine-tune the synthetic voice created?

Yes, with our editor, you will be able to fine-tune it to your liking. The Editor provides granular control on the audio, and we will also be adding the ability to apply different emotions in the near future.

How will I know when my synthetic voice is ready to use?

You will be notified via email once your voice has been cloned and is ready to use. You can consume it via our web platform or via API.

Does Resemble AI support creating synthetic voices in languages other than English?

Yes, we are language agnostic and can clone foreign languages as well. You can reach out to us at [email protected] to get started with cloning a foreign language. You can also listen to the generated samples on our website.


If you’re looking for alternatives to Resemble’s AI voice generator, here are some other options that you may want to consider:

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is a similar product to Resemble, offering lifelike voices and easy integration with different applications. The main advantage of Google's product is that it works across several devices and platforms including Android, iOS, and web applications. It's also multilingual, meaning that it can convert phrases in several languages and accents. Google Cloud Text-to-Speech also offers more standard voices than Resemble, making it a suitable option for users looking for high-quality, yet natural-sounding speech.

Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is another popular AI text-to-speech provider that offers natural-sounding voices. It's trusted by businesses of all sizes, including BBC, Toyota and Duolingo. One unique feature of Amazon Polly is that it allows you to create custom voices to match your brand or preferred tone. If you’re interested in creating unique voice branding message, Amazon Polly may be an excellent option for you. Encouragingly, the pricing structure is also incredibly competitive, and it is free for the first million characters per month.

IBM Watson Text to Speech

IBM Watson Text to Speech seems more expensive than other providers mentioned above, however, it still offers fantastic synthetic voices that sound very natural. For Watson Text to Speech, the range of voice options is essential, including male and female voices that sound like they come from different countries or parts of countries. If you're a business user who can benefit from its high quality and vast range of voices available, and if budget is not a problem, IBM Watson Text to Speech could be a great option.

Ozlo Text to Speech

Ozlo Text to Speech is another AI voice generator that enables your applications to speak and communicate with your users. It offers an extensive library of natural-sounding voices, with some languages and accents that may not be available from other providers. However, it does have a slightly more limited range than other alternatives. With competitive pricing, Ozlo Text-to-Speech is especially suitable for businesses that require voices in a variety of languages and accents, making it valuable in international markets.


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