Personal, privacy-focused visual bookmarking tool using artificial intelligence to analyze, tag, and organize digital content.

About MyMind

MyMind is a simple, effective artificial intelligence (AI) powered personal visual bookmarking tool that helps users save, remember, and organize their digital content. The tool is designed to work like the human mind, without collections or folders, enabling users to easily find their saved content without wasting time organizing. MyMind is built for privacy, and the features are designed to ensure that all data is kept private, without any social features, vanity metrics, social pressure, tracking, or ads.

MyMind uses AI to tag digital content automatically, analyzing images, articles, websites, and other digital content for later searches. With one click, users can save links, notes, videos, quotes, PDFs, and other digital content from their computer, phone, or web. The platform is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and as a browser extension. The tool is affordable and easy to use, ideal for different use cases. MyMind is the perfect tool for those looking to remember what matters most without any external interference.


MyMind is a personal visual bookmarking tool designed with AI to help with remembering and organizing digital content. The platform is built for privacy, with no social features, vanity metrics, social pressure, tracking or ads. The platform uses AI to analyze, tag and organize digital content, with a simple interface that’s easy to use. It supports multiple file formats, including images, articles, videos, quotes, and PDFs, among others. MyMind is available as an iOS and Android app, MacOS, and as a browser extension, with affordable pricing options. It supports different use cases, including writing, design, inspiration, and research, among others.

Company Overview

MyMind is a personal visual bookmarking tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users remember and organize their digital content. The company's philosophy revolves around privacy and the need for individuals to have a space of their own in a world where every move is traced and analyzed by others. MyMind's visual platform is designed to work like the human mind, with a single stream of consciousness and no folders or collections, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for without wasting time organizing. All data is kept private, with no social features, collaboration, vanity metrics, social pressure, tracking or ads to ensure that users can be free in their thoughts and not worry about anyone else seeing what is on their minds.

MyMind uses AI to analyze images, articles, websites and other digital content, tagging them automatically to make them easily searchable later. This automatic organization is magical, as users simply need to save what they want to remember and let the AI do the rest. Users can save links, notes, videos, quotes, PDFs, and any other content they wish to remember from the web, their phone or computer, and all of it is kept entirely private.

MyMind prides itself on simplicity, both in design and functionality. The platform allows users to create instant mood boards, organize their projects, and save their reading highlights with a single click. MyMind is available on iOS, Android, MacOS, and as a browser extension. The product is affordable, with pricing options to fit any budget. MyMind is made with love in New York City and the Pacific Northwest and is committed to providing a refreshing new approach to remembering what matters most.


Distraction-Free Writing & Ideation

Quick & Effortless Note Taking

With mymind, writers can easily take notes and immediately save them to their account. This feature helps writers eliminate distractions and helps with ideation. They can write as many notes as they like without worrying about losing them. Writers can also quickly and easily find their notes later using the tool’s search feature.

Beautiful Focused Writing in Focus Mode

Another feature that writers love about mymind is the focused writing mode. This mode helps them isolate their thoughts and ideas from distractions making writing much more enjoyable. The feature promotes focused thinking and creativity.

Save Writing References with One Click

mymind allows writers to save any reference related to their writing with a simple click. They can also categorize their saved references with titles to help them easily find the references when needed. This feature saves writers time and eliminates the need for them to go back to research again.

Your Moodboard & Visual Inspiration

Generate Moodboards in Seconds

mymind allows designers to generate moodboards within seconds. This feature helps free designers from the tedious and time-consuming task of manually creating moodboards. They can even collect the moodboards on the fly as inspiration comes

Search Images by Color

Another great feature of mymind for designers is the ability to search images by color. They can select colors that match their design and see all the images available in that specific color. This feature offers designers the opportunity to explore different color combinations and matches.

Save Favorite Colors & Color Palettes

Designers can save their favorite color and color palettes for future reference on mymind. This feature provides the advantage of helping designers compare colors and make informed decisions about their designs. They can easily switch from one color option to another without losing the previous color samples.

An Extension for Your Mind

Use it for Your Recipes, Meme Collection, Poems, Reading List, Vision Board, To-Do List, or All of the Above

The versatility of mymind allows every user to utilize it for a wide range of use cases. Whether it's saving recipes, keeping a collection of memes, or creating vision boards. Users can create different categories and tags, and quickly find what they need with the powerful search feature keeping everything accessible.

Quick & Effortless Markdown Note-Taking

mymind provides an easy and quick way to take notes using markdowns. With mymind's markdown feature, users can organize their notes without worrying about the format. This feature helps them keep their notes neat, easy to read, and easily accessible when needed.

Keep Track of Todos

mymind provides a straightforward and seamless way to track to-dos, and make sure users never forget any important tasks. This feature helps users stay organized and keeps them from getting overwhelmed when they have many things to do.

Inspiration and Resource Hub

One-Click Saving of Visual References

mymind helps marketers keep track of the best practices and inspirations related to copywriting, sales, and campaign strategy. Marketers can easily save images or visual content they come across online with a single click. They can also categorize the saved references by tags and easily access them in the future.

OCR Text Recognition for Finding Text in Visuals

mymind provides an OCR text recognition feature to help marketers find text in the saved visuals easily. This feature helps marketers quickly find specific words or phrases within a saved image without having to go through the entire image.

Contextual Notes & Todos for Swipe Files

Mymind allows marketers to add contextual notes and to-dos to their saved swipe files containing best practices and inspiration for their work. This feature helps them keep track of their ideas and keep notes on what needs to be done to realize them. Marketers can also get inspired by seeing how others have done similar tasks in the past.

Your Private Knowledge-Base

Easy to Add Contextual Notes to Material

mymind provides an easy way for researchers to add contextual notes to their research materials. This feature allows researchers to formulate and organize their thoughts and ideas as they proceed through their research, providing them with a deeper understanding of the collected data.

Reading Mode for Articles & Research Papers

mymind provides a reading mode that changes the interface to a more reading-friendly interface, making it easier to read articles and research papers within the tool. Researchers get a clearer view of the articles they are reading, enabling them to understand the material more comprehensively.

Bi-Directional Linking (Coming Soon)

mymind is planning on launching a Bi-Directional linking feature that will allow researchers to see the connections between their notes and data. This feature will help researchers make discoveries by bringing the data they’ve collected under one roof and allowing them to explore it in-depth.


What is MyMind's tool/service?

MyMind is a tool that allows you to bookmark, save and organize your favorite websites and links in an effective and efficient way. You can easily access your bookmarks from anywhere and use tags to categorize and search for them.

How do I sign up for MyMind?

You can use either Google or Apple sign-up to create an account with MyMind. Both options provide a simple, secure and 2-factor enabled way to create an account. We do not exchange any information whatsoever with both parties. It is ONLY used for authentication, making sure privacy is guaranteed. If you use Apple, you can even hide your email address. In this case, not even we are able to see it, adding additional privacy.

How does MyMind's bookmarking service work?

MyMind's Smart Bookmarking tools try to find the best way to display a website you bookmark in your mind. From articles to products to website inspiration. Invisible tags (for bookmarks) means we're indexing it based on the domain name and keywords in the title. Images will always have visible tags, but sometimes URL's don't. We expect this to improve over time. Even if there are no visible tags, you should still be able to find what you are looking for via the search. Smart tagging will improve greatly over time as we constantly work to make it more efficient. If one of the automatic tags is super awkward right now, let us know about it so we can look into it. Expect more manual tagging features in the future.

What file types does MyMind support?

MyMind currently supports most common image formats (GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.) as well as PDF files. More file types will be added in the future, as mymind is getting better.

Does MyMind have an app?

Yes! MyMind is available as an iOS app and an Android app. With the app installed, just tap the share button on anything (a photo, Tweet, note, etc.) to share it to your mind like you would share anything else on mobile.


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