AI-powered research enablement platform offering a 5-part guide and live demos for conducting rigorous research with digital sticky notes, auto-coding, and raw data connections.

About Notably


Notably is a versatile research enablement platform that combines AI and industry best practices, providing a comprehensive solution to organizations for conducting more efficient and effective research. Users can access a 5-part guide to research enablement, as well as live demos and expert guests who share insights on research to keep users up-to-date. Notably is designed for researchers and industries of all sizes, making it a highly effective must-have tool for anyone who wants to conduct research more quickly and with more rigor. The platform's AI-powered tools help researchers in various fields, including market research, academic research, and medical research. It assists in analyzing data to provide quicker validation and ensure medical advances' effectiveness, identify consumer needs and preferences by conducting focus groups and analyzing group sentiment, and use technology to identify new opportunities. Notably's focus on fostering robust research quality and maintaining data provenance inspires researchers' trust. As a result, it is trusted by researchers and designers in companies such as Facebook, Adobe, and BMW.


Notably is an AI-powered research enablement platform that offers a 5-part guide and live demos for conducting more rigorous research. The tool offers digital sticky notes that manipulate spatial data, integrate auto-coding and recoloring, and retain raw research data connections to ensure users never lose track of the voice of the customer. Its intuitive user experience, trusted by companies such as Facebook, Adobe, and BMW, enables researchers of all sizes to conduct research quickly and efficiently, making it a must-have tool for any researcher interested in rigorously analyzing consumer needs and preferences or medical advances.

Company Overview

Notably is a research enablement platform that utilizes AI and best practices to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution for conducting better and faster research. The platform offers a 5-part guide that outlines the key components of research enablement, making it easy for users to get started with the platform. Notably features live demos and expert guests who share insights on research, which keeps users up-to-date with what's new and what's coming soon.

By using Notably, organizations of all sizes can create a research repository that gets smarter the more it is used. The platform's AI-powered tools help researchers analyze data captured from observational studies and clinical trials, providing insights that speed up validation and ensure the effectiveness of medical advances. Market researchers can also use Notably to identify consumer needs and preferences by conducting focus groups and analyzing group sentiment, while product researchers can identify new opportunities to solve with technology by analyzing findings from evaluative and generative research.

Notably also helps academic researchers find themes and patterns in research to support a central thesis. The platform's AI tools assist in summarizing and labeling data, making it easy for researchers to find the things they're looking for, even those they don't know they're looking for. Notably automatically tracks where data came from and who added it, giving researchers complete visibility into their research materials. The platform leverages the power of AI to reveal blind spots in data and check for bias, uncovering unexpected kernels of insights.

Overall, Notably is a powerful platform for organizations looking to conduct research with rigor and speed. The platform utilizes AI and best practices to ensure only the most relevant and impactful insights are uncovered, making it a must-have tool for researchers across various industries.


Research Enablement Guide

Get Started with Notably

Notably provides a comprehensive guide to enable research excellence in any organization. The guide consists of five parts and shares key components of research enablement. With Notably, users can easily get started by leveraging its intuitive platform for their research activities. The product offers live demos and expert guests to share insights on research and provide continuous improvements to the platform. Additionally, users can provide feedback to Notably to influence future developments and updates.

Digital Sticky Notes

Spatial Manipulation of Research Data

Notably allows researchers to move their customer research data around freely and spatially with sticky notes on a canvas, similar to a physical research board, but with the power of a spreadsheet behind them. This feature enables researchers to manipulate data spatially into meaningful groups using frameworks like empathy maps, journey maps, and affinity maps. The platform provides users with infinite space on a canvas to drag and drop digital sticky notes with ease and quickly access relevant data. The digital sticky notes embed all connections to raw research data that can be accessed quickly for context, ensuring users never lose the voice of the customer.

Segmentation of Data

Filtering and searching through a big pile of digital sticky notes can be daunting. Notably simplifies this process by providing users with the ability to filter and search for specific information in their notes. Users can filter by a particular participant or persona and segment data based on specific tools or pain points. With data-driven digital sticky notes in Notably, the possibilities for segmenting data become infinite and instantaneous. The platform provides a powerful visual representation of data that can unlock insights never before attainable.

Auto-Coding and Recoloring

Notably's digital sticky notes come with the added bonus of auto-coding and recoloring. The AI-powered platform can recognize patterns and similar topics, allowing for notes to be auto-tagged and color-coded to help identify topics quickly. The feature provides a streamlined approach while analyzing data, eliminating manual work and reducing errors. Thus, making efforts more systematic, organized, and efficient saves time and increases accuracy.

Data Retention

Retain Raw Research Data Connections

Once data moves to the synthesis process, users tend to lose track of the original source. Notably's digital sticky notes retain all connections to raw research data, allowing users to access data quickly for context. This feature enables users to stay connected to the customer's voice by maintaining links to the original source. As a result, the quality of how research is planned and conducted has a direct impact on the quality of the output. Notably's data retention feature ensures that users never lose track of the voice of the customer.

User Experience

Powerful Visual Representation

Notably's digital sticky notes provide a powerful visual representation of research data, allowing for easy analysis and quick access to relevant information. The feature unlocks easier insights and meaningful conclusions quickly. Additionally, Notably ensures the user experience is streamlined and straightforward. The platform offers an intuitive workspace for users to leverage and create value through their research efforts.

Trusted by Users

Notably is trusted by researchers and designers at companies like [insert company name]. The platform ensures user experience satisfaction and delivers value to users by enabling research excellence. Notably's users trust its intuitive and innovative platform to provide insightful research analysis that helps them gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets.


Notably offers a comprehensive guide to enabling research excellence within your organization through its 5-part guide, Live demos, and expert guests sharing about research. Its pricing model is based on monthly subscriptions, with each plan offering different features based on the number of projects, contributors, and transcription hours you require.

  • The USD/Month plan offers 3 projects and one contributor with free viewer accounts, cross-project tagging, and 5 monthly transcription hours.
  • The USD/Month plan offers unlimited projects, 5 contributors, sentiment analysis, automatic tagging, and 10 monthly transcription hours.
  • The USD/Month plan offers unlimited projects, 10+ contributors, custom branding, 100 monthly transcription hours, SSO, and encrypted backups.

Notably's pricing varies depending on the needs and requirements of your enterprise research. However, its features are fitted for researchers and designers at companies regardless of its size and nature. Notably is trusted by researchers and designers at companies like Facebook, Adobe, and BMW, so you can be assured of the quality of their product. Additionally, their team can help with your enterprise research needs and even assist you in migrating your historical research data to Notably.

Notably has received positive feedback from users, with some saying that it is highly effective and streamlines their workflow. Others praised the tool's ability to gather and analyze user research easily, saving them hours of work. Notably is a tool that could help you run research smoothly and effectively with its comprehensive features, making your research successful.


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