AI-based writing assistant tool to help content creators, business professionals, and students improve their writing skills with real-time suggestions and advanced features.

About Linguix


Linguix is an AI-based tool that helps writers enhance their vocabulary, grammar, and writing style in real-time. It's designed to make your writing compelling, native, and powerful while improving productivity by automating tasks such as spell-checks. One of the things that make Linguix stand out is that it doesn't just focus on perfecting grammar and syntax but developing ideas. Besides, the app supports both native and non-native speakers, ensuring clear communication. Linguix has been positively reviewed, and various investors have backed the app, making it continually improve its features.


Linguix uses AI technology to check grammar, correct spellings, offer personalized suggestions, detect plagiarism, and enhance vocabulary. The app uses natural language processing to analyze its users' writing content to provide customized improvement suggestions. It's designed for both native and non-native English speakers and helps writers in academia, business, or any person who writes online. Linguix offers a free plan with limited features and premium plans starting at $18.95 per month on a yearly subscription or $24.95 for the monthly subscription. Overall, Linguix is an excellent tool to improve a writer's workflow and develop their writing voice powerfully, clearly, and correctly.

Company Overview

Linguix is an innovative AI-based tool designed to help writers develop their ideas, rather than focusing on perfecting their grammar and syntax. The company believes that mistakes may result in missed opportunities, but even error-free content can still be inefficient. With Linguix's rewriting technology, any sentence can instantly become compelling, native, and powerful.

The platform helps both native and non-native English speakers improve their written content, solve business tasks, and unlock new opportunities across various domains. Every day, thousands of writers use Linguix to improve their writing style, fix complicated mistakes, and become better writers over time. Whether you need to write business emails, essays, or text messages, Linguix's intelligent tools are designed to help you write powerfully, clearly, and correctly.

Linguix has received a lot of support from some of the most innovative investors in the world who share its vision. These investors have been instrumental in the creation of various successful tech products. As a result, Linguix continues to add new features to improve its user experience and offer its users unparalleled writing assistance.

Linguix provides several features, including grammar checks, contextual spell checks, punctuation, and style suggestions. Linguix also has a built-in thesaurus and personalized writing proficiency goals that help users track and improve their writing skills. Overall, Linguix stands out among AI writing tools as it focuses on developing ideas while still offering the essential grammar and syntax necessary for clear communication.


Advanced Spell Check

Instant Detection and Correction

Linguix features an advanced AI-based spell check function that instantly detects and corrects misspelled words in your writing, preventing any embarrassing typos. The tool detects and corrects misspelled words in real-time, allowing you to save time and focus on your work. You can accept corrections in one click, further streamlining your workflow.

Personalized Suggestions

With Linguix, you'll get personalized suggestions on how to make your writing more clear, compelling, and native. The app will help you to express yourself better whether you are writing personal emails, work documents, or just chatting on social media.

Real-Time Revisions

Whether you are a native or non-native English writer, Linguix provides real-time revisions to your writing style, helping you to improve your grammar, syntax, and punctuation. The app helps you to track your writing progress, making it easier for you to identify areas for improvement. With Linguix, you can rest assured knowing your writing is of the highest quality.

Paraphrasing Tool

Native, Compelling, and Powerful Writing

Linguix for Browser features an AI-based Paraphrasing Tool designed to help you develop your ideas rather than just focusing on perfecting your grammar and syntax. The app will help you instantly rewrite sentences to make them compelling, native, and powerful, allowing you to keep your readers engaged. With Linguix, you'll become a better writer in no time.

Optimized Texts

The Linguix Paraphrasing Tool also helps with optimized texts, providing suggestions for synonyms that will make your writing more powerful and efficient. The app understands the context of the text and makes suggestions based on the specific language and the topic of the text. With Linguix, your writing will be optimized for success.

Linguistic Analysis

Linguix's Paraphrasing Tool analyzes your text's grammar and syntax, offering suggestions that improve the clarity and precision of your writing. Whether it's business emails, essays, or text messages, you can always count on Linguix's intelligent tools to help you write powerfully, clearly, and correctly.

Plagiarism Checker

Advanced Checker

Linguix stands out from other AI writing tools with its advanced plagiarism checker. The app checks various sources to ensure that your writing is original and not copied from elsewhere on the web. With Linguix, you can be confident that your writing is unique, and you won't have to suffer any negative consequences.

Reliable Results

The app's plagiarism checker is proven to be highly reliable, integrating with tools like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs. Linguix ensures that you are always submitting original work, giving you the peace of mind to create with confidence.

Automatic Analysis

Linguix automatically analyzes your writing for plagiarism, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. The app is designed to increase productivity and make it easy for you to produce original content quickly without worry.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Built-In Thesaurus

Linguix's built-in Thesaurus offers suggestions for alternative words, helping you to enhance your vocabulary and find more compelling ways to express yourself. Whether it's finding new words to spice up your emails, papers, or social media posts, Linguix's Thesaurus has you covered.

Contextual Suggestions

The app's Thesaurus also provides contextual suggestions, allowing you to make the most precise and meaningful word choices. Linguix understands the context in which you are writing and suggests synonyms that fit best in context, helping you to achieve your writing goals.

Personalized Learning Resources

Linguix has a personalized vocabulary learning feature that helps its users learn new vocabulary and words at their own pace. You can set achievable goals for expanding your vocabulary and track your progress. Linguix's personalized learning resources help you to reach your writing potential faster.

Personalized Writing Goals

Improving Your Writing Skills

Linguix's personalized writing goals help you improve your writing skills and track your progress over time. You can set achievable goals for expanding your vocabulary, improving your writing style, and streamlining your workflow. With Linguix, you can become a better writer and achieve your writing goals faster.

Customized Suggestions

The app's personalized writing goals feature offers customized writing style suggestions, allowing you to make more natural and native-sounding writing choices. Linguix's AI-based technology understands the context in which you are writing and provides suggestions that fit naturally into the text.

Comprehensive Analysis

With Linguix, you'll get a comprehensive analysis of your writing, with suggestions for improvements at every level of text analysis. Whether it's syntax, grammar, or punctuation, Linguix offers suggestions that help you become a better writer and improve your written communication.


What is Linguix?

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant tool that provides its users with real-time grammar checking, contextual synonym suggestions, punctuation correction, and writing analytics.

How does Linguix work?

Linguix uses natural language processing technology to analyze and understand the users' written contents. The tool analyzes the user's text, including word usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, to provide improvement suggestions that are personalized for the users and their goals.

What features does Linguix offer?

Linguix offers a comprehensive suite of features to its users, including AI-powered grammar checking, contextual synonym suggestions, usage analytics, personalized goals and benchmarks, text saving and syncing, document analysis, and plagiarism detection. It also supports multiple languages for text proofreading and writing assistance.

Is Linguix suitable for my needs?

If you struggle with grammar or spelling, have trouble with clarity, or want to improve your overall writing quality, Linguix is suitable for you. It is beneficial for writers, students, bloggers, business professionals, and anyone who writes online.

What are the pricing options for Linguix?

Linguix offers both free and premium plans to its users. The free plan is relatively limited in features, but it still provides insight into the tool's functionality. The premium plan unlocks all features, including advanced language and grammar checking, context-based synonyms, plagiarism detection, and more. Pricing for premium plans starts at $18.95 per month on a yearly subscription or $24.95 if you prefer a monthly subscription.


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