An iOS-compatible writing assistant providing advanced language support, translation, paraphrasing and text generation tools to enhance writing skills and save time.

About Auri.AI


Auri.AI is a writing assistant tool that employs artificial intelligence to enhance users' writing experience. Available on iOS devices, Auri.AI has a wide range of features that improve accuracy, speed, and fluency in writing. The app offers advanced language support, translation tools, and a text editor, among many other functions, making it suitable for writers, journalists, students, and individuals looking to improve their writing skills. With Auri.AI, users can easily compose emails, summarize passages, paraphrase sentences, and generate unique content without breaking a sweat. The app is also designed with privacy in mind, ensuring user data is protected. The free version of the app is available with basic tools, while the premium subscription offers unlimited access to all features. Auri.AI's compatibility with various apps and browsers makes it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their writing skills and get more done in less time.


Auri.AI is an AI-based writing assistant, compatible with iOS devices. It provides comprehensive AI-based writing assistance, with advanced language support, translation tools, and text editor features to improve the users' writing experience. Its sentence paraphrasing and text generation functions are incredible, providing a fresh perspective on existing ideas, generating high-quality unique content, and improving readability. The app is available in more than 20 languages and offers 25+ keyboard themes to choose from. Switching to Auri.AI is exceptionally easy, and it works with all popular apps and browsers. The subscription-based app protects users' privacy, respects data protection regulations, and offers a three-day free trial. Its email reply feature saves time and offers a professional touch. Auri.AI is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their writing skills, overcome writer's block and get more done in less time.

Company Overview

Auri.AI is an AI-based writing assistant built into the iOS keyboard, allowing users to write faster and more efficiently with accurate spelling, grammar, and translation tools. It offers various features, including helping users find the right words, correcting any mistakes in writing, summarizing, translating messages, and even drafting emails. With the tap of a button, Auri.AI can help users overcome writer’s block, paraphrase sentences or paragraphs, and complete sentences in various styles.

Users can also switch the keyboard to one of Auri.AI's 25+ themes, or access the text editor to create, save, and edit all their writing. Auri.AI is available in more than 20 languages, ensuring that everyone has access to its great writing tools. The app also offers privacy-first design, with many measures in place to avoid collecting sensitive information while using it. Additionally, Auri.AI reads every review and takes feedback into account, ensuring continuous improvement.

The app is compatible with all favorite apps and browsers, including iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and many others. To switch to Auri.AI Keyboard, users need to make sure it's enabled in their settings. Except for Sentence Completion and Email Replies, all keyboard features work on the entire text and only on a selected part of it. Due to iOS limitations, when users select longer texts, parts of it may get omitted, so applying keyboard features to a shorter selected text is recommended for better results.

Users can start experiencing Auri.AI's full range of AI writing assistant features with a 3-day free trial. Once the trial period is over, users can choose to continue with a subscription to Auri.AI or revert to the free version. Auri keyboard is a game-changer for individuals or businesses looking to write efficiently and accurately.


AI-Based Writing Assistance

Smart Correction and Suggestions

Auri.AI offers comprehensive AI-based writing assistance, accurately detecting and correcting mistakes while also suggesting new words and phrases. The writing assistant uses machine learning to predict and suggest words, phrases, and even emojis based on the context of what you're typing. By analyzing your writing style and habits, it offers suggestions tailored to your preferences, ensuring that your text flows naturally. Auri.AI also suggests synonyms and related words to enrich your vocabulary, even proposing clichés to add color and personality to your text.

Sentence Paraphrasing

Auri.AI understands that creating unique and meaningful content requires more than just correcting errors and suggesting synonyms. It allows users to paraphrase sentences or whole passages, helping to avoid plagiarism while also providing a fresh perspective on existing ideas. With the tap of a button, Auri.AI can help users overcome writer’s block by suggesting alternative sentences and rewording awkward phrases to improve readibility.

Text Generation

Generating high-quality unique content has never been easier with Auri.AI's text generation feature. It offers users a selection of AI-generated content, including informative blurbs, catchy headlines, witty social media posts, and product descriptions tailored to your specific needs. This feature can help reduce the amount of time spent on content creation while still producing high-quality writing even by non-native English speakers.

Advanced Language Support and Translation Tools

Wide Language Selection

Auri.AI goes beyond just English to support more than 20 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. This wide language selection brings writing assistance to a more diverse audience, providing them with language-driven functionality that drives efficiency and accuracy in writing. Auri.AI offers word definitions, synonyms, and translations in the language of your choice, making it ideal for translation, grammar checking, and research purposes.

Translation Services

In addition to accurate writing assistance, Auri.AI also offers translation tools that allow users to easily convert written text from one language to another, saving time and effort. This feature is especially useful for non-native English speakers who want to translate their messages in-app without the need for copy-pasting or opening a translator app. These services are accurate and reliable, as they are powered by AI and language-processing algorithms.

Translation Accuracy Enhancement

Auri.AI's language accuracy enhancement feature helps users to quickly learn an unfamiliar language. This feature provides synonyms and definitions to words and phrases in the selected language which can help users better understand it; as they use the app, they will become more familiar with the language, by learning how words in the selected language are used in context.

Text-Editor and Keyboard Themes

Text Editing

Auri.AI text-editor is designed to accommodate an array of writing styles and formats. It allows files to be uploaded, edited, saved, and downloaded in various formats. The text editor offers a word count, line count, and character count on writing progress. This feature is fantastic for content creators, journalists and other individuals with overwhelming workloads.

Keyboard Themes

With Auri.AI, users can select a keyboard from a variety of available themes. There are 25+ different keyboards available, which users can customize to reflect their personal style. You can switch functional, stylish, and minimalist themes to your heart's content. The customizable keyboard adds an attractive aesthetic to the writing experience, and the ability to customize themes helps users differentiate and distinguish the app from their native iOS keyboard.

Secure and Easy-to-Use

Auri.AI is easy to use even without technical knowledge, and its user-friendly interface allows users to become familiar with the app in no time. The app comes preloaded with a comprehensive tutorial for new users. Auri.AI is designed with privacy in mind, as the app does not collect personal data or any other sensitive information. The app complies with GDPR and other data protection regulations, ensuring users' privacy is never compromised.

Compatibility with Popular Apps and Browsers

All-App Compatibility

Auri.AI is compatible with all popular apps and browsers, including Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. Users can create content quickly as the app works without delay. Since it's powered by AI, auto-corrects can help users save time and reduce typos significantly. Auri.AI's compatibility makes it possible for users to enjoy machine learning-assisted writing on many popular apps.

Autofill Forms and Payloads

Auri.AI keyboard makes autofilling forms and payload as simple as can be; users do not have to navigate to another app to retrieve their email, password and profiles etc with Auri keyboard. With Autofill, users can save time and logging works effectively without typing.

Easy To Switch

Switching to Auri.AI Keyboard is easy; users can switch to it from the settings of the app they intend to use. The setup process takes seconds, making Auri.AI a fast and easy-to-use tool. Auri.AI's keyboard can be used to compose, write and type documents with a single tap, which is a fantastic feature that saves time and energy.

Sentences Completion and Email Replies

Email Replies

Auri.AI's email reply feature is a game-changer that saves time and energy. It provides response recommendations with machine learning algorithms that respond to emails professionally. The Auri.AI keyboard helps to compose and format email replies, saving users time composing responses from scratch. This feature comes in hand when rushing and significantly simplifies email composition.

Sentence Completion

Auri.AI's sentence completion feature is an excellent way to finish sentences and help overcome writer's block. Auri.AI offers five different completion suggestions, providing varied suggestions and making the writing process more interesting. This feature significantly reduces the time-consuming process of writing the sentences down or doing so manually.

Multifunctional Use

Auri.AI is flexible across many writing-apps and especially useful for all forms of writing, like storytelling, academic research, journalism and beyond. It helps to bridge the gap between beginners and advanced writers, providing a platform for everyone to create exceptional content quickly and efficiently.


What is Auri.AI, and how does it work?

Auri.AI is an artificial intelligence-based writing assistant that allows users to write faster and more efficiently with accurate spelling, grammar, and translation tools. It is built into the iOS keyboard and offers various features, such as correcting mistakes, summarizing, translating messages, helping users find the right words, and even drafting emails.

Once users switch to Auri.AI keyboard, they can start using its full range of features in any app or browser, including iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and many others. The app also offers many themes users can switch to, and a text editor to create, save, and edit all their writing.

What languages does Auri.AI support?

Auri.AI is available in more than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and many others. This ensures that anyone can use it to write efficiently and accurately in their preferred language.

Is Auri.AI free, and how can I try it?

Users can start experiencing Auri.AI's full range of AI writing assistant features with a 3-day free trial by downloading the app. Once the trial period is over, users can choose to continue with a subscription to Auri.AI or revert to the free version. The free version includes some features, but it is limited compared to the premium version.

Is Auri.AI safe to use and respect user privacy?

Yes, Auri.AI is designed with privacy in mind and respects users' privacy. The app collects only the necessary information to provide its services and never collects sensitive information, such as credit card details.

The app doesn't share user data with third-party companies and doesn't include any advertising or hidden fees. Additionally, Auri.AI reads every review and takes feedback into account, ensuring continuous improvement.

Can Auri.AI work offline?

No, Auri.AI is an online writing assistant that requires an internet connection to work. However, the app saves a user's data to the cloud and syncs across devices so that anyone can continue writing on any device at any time.


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