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Cost-effective, user-friendly, and customizable project management tool powered by artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks, track progress, and prioritize tasks.

About Jackrabbit Ops


Jackrabbit Ops is an AI-powered project management tool that allows businesses to streamline their processes, increase growth, and ensure team alignment. With automated administrative tasks, real-time project progress tracking, task prioritization and time management, and user-friendly interfaces, the tool provides an intuitive way to manage projects. The advanced AI technology is trained to reduce human errors, resulting in saved time and costs.

Jackrabbit Ops' innovative approach to project management enables teams to get feedback and advice from project managers instantly, keeping everyone on track 24/7. Their advanced AI technology is also capable of generating comprehensive project documentation, providing valuable information for future reference, audit, and compliance purposes. Additionally, the tool is highly secure, with data encryption features that protect user data throughout the project's life cycle.


Jackrabbit Ops is a cost-effective AI-powered project management tool that automates administrative tasks, provides real-time project progress tracking, and allows for task prioritization and time management. Their user-friendly interfaces and customizable dashboard make it simple and easy for teams to use.

The tool has a unique focus on action rather than instructions, with its AI delivering complete documentation that saves time and costs while ensuring team alignment. Jackrabbit Ops' technology reduces human errors and enables teams to communicate with project managers instantly. The system generates comprehensive project documentation for future reference, audit, and compliance purposes.

The AI-powered project management tool offers data encryption features to protect user data throughout the project's life cycle. Jackrabbit Ops is committed to ensuring that user data is protected and used in compliance with data privacy regulations. The tool does not require any financial commitment upon registration, making the onboarding process easy and straightforward.

Company Overview

Jackrabbit Ops is an AI-powered assistant that helps businesses streamline their processes and increase growth. Their agile and data-driven AI understands project needs, ensures project success, and guarantees 66% less work for teams. The company prides itself on being the future of project management, saving countless hours in development, and greatly improving how businesses implement and standardize activities.

Their solution allows teams to instantly communicate with a project manager to request feedback and advice on action, ensuring that the team remains on track 24/7. Daily communication with feedback and insights are sent to team members, while weekly reports are provided to managers and stakeholders. Jackrabbit Ops' advanced AI-powered technology is trained on specific processes, making it a valuable resource and eliminating human errors.

The company's focus is on action rather than the instructions, with their AI delivering complete documentation, saving time, costs, and ensuring team alignment. There's no need to worry about delays or a lack of alignment, as Jackrabbit Ops makes sure that your project finishes on time and starts making money. Teams choose Jackrabbit Ops because of its expertise, proficiency, and innovative approach to project management.


AI-Powered Project Management

Automated Administrative Tasks

Jackrabbit Ops offers an AI-powered project management tool that allows team members to focus more on project tasks and less on administrative work. With automated administrative tasks, the system streamlines processes, automatically updating project plans, sending task updates, and generating reports. This leaves team members with time to concentrate on more important tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time Project Progress

The Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management system enables team members to track the progress of their projects in real-time. The system records data from multiple sources, providing up to date and accurate analyses of project progress. It also gives timely feedback and direction to team members, ensuring that they are always working towards the project's end goal.

Task Prioritization and Time Management

Another feature of the AI-powered project management system is prioritization and time management. With the system's ability to identify and prioritize crucial tasks, team members can work more effectively, avoiding missed deadlines or project delays. In addition, the system's time management tool enables team members to schedule their tasks properly and assess the estimated time required to complete each task. This allows for better time management, preventing the over-commitment of time for a particular task.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Weekly Progress Reports

To ensure that stakeholders are up to date on project progress, the Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool automatically generates and sends weekly progress reports. These reports provide highlights of progress made so far while identifying any roadblocks, providing stakeholders with information on changes that need to be made. If necessary, the team can also access the reports to review previous progress, keeping everyone up-to-date and informed on the project's advancement.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

The AI-powered project management tool tracks progress in real-time, reflecting each completed task. The system automatically generates notifications for completed tasks and updates the project database so that all team members can stay informed. This feature ensures that everyone knows when a milestone has been achieved, and they can acknowledge specific team members who have submitted their tasks correctly and on time.

Comprehensive Documentation

One of the key features of the Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool is the ability to deliver comprehensive documentation. The tool creates a project plan that details the entire project, including tasks, deadlines, progress, and more. This documentation serves as a historical record of the project, providing valuable information for future reference, audit, and compliance purposes.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Use Dashboard

The Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use dashboard. The system is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for team members to use. The dashboard has features such as a summary of the project's progress, task lists, and the ability to add comments and feedback so that team members can keep track of each other's work and progress. Additionally, the dashboard's interface is customizable, allowing users to arrange and modify the layout of the dashboard according to their preferences.

Flexible Platform

The Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool is flexible, adaptable to the user's needs. With the system's customizable settings, team members can tailor the tool to fit their specific needs, be it project goals, work processes, or any other preference. The system is scalable, so it can handle small to large projects, adapt to team structure and workloads, and accommodate any changes that occur along the way.

No Fluff

The Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool does not come with any fluff. It is straightforward and easy to use, with no unnecessary features or complicated technical processes. This ensures that team members can focus on their project tasks without any distractions, streamlining work processes and increasing overall productivity.

Security and Privacy

Data Security

The Jackrabbit Ops AI-powered project management tool is highly secure, with data encryption features that protect user data at all stages of the project. User data is protected from unauthorized access, and the system is designed to resist various types of cyber-attacks. The system also uses a data backup feature, ensuring that all project data is secure and can be restored in the event of any data loss or system failure.

Privacy Compliance

Jackrabbit Ops is committed to ensuring that user data is protected and used in compliance with data privacy regulations. The AI-powered project management tool's design is in line with data protection regulations, including GDPR. The system also gives users complete control of their data as they can access, update or delete their data at any time.

No Credit Card Required

With Jackrabbit Ops, there is no need to worry about credit card details. The tool does not require any credit card information, making the onboarding process easy and straightforward. This allows users to try the system risk-free and determine its feasibility for their projects before committing financially.


If you're looking for an affordable and feature-rich AI tool, Jackrabbit Ops may be the perfect fit for you. The company offers a range of options to suit your project needs, starting at just $16 per month. This tier includes 1 project, 5 users, unlimited videos, unlimited everything, and access to an AI manager chat. Additionally, you'll receive priority support to ensure your questions are answered quickly and your project stays on track.

If you require more advanced features or have a larger team, the Pro and Contact Us tiers may be more suitable for you. The Pro team onboarding provides the fastest AI interface and dedicated support to help your team get started with the tool. Contact Us offers even more customization options and support for businesses with complex needs. Pricing for these tiers is not listed, but can be obtained by contacting the company directly.

It's important to note that by signing up for Jackrabbit Ops, you are agreeing to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. However, with a team that is "shockingly productive and happy," you'll likely never need to take the company up on their satisfaction guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied with their product, they'll return every dollar you paid.

In summary, Jackrabbit Ops is a cost-effective solution that offers a variety of features to cater to your AI needs. Whether you're a small team just getting started or a larger business in need of custom support, their pricing options make it an accessible tool for any project.

Jackrabbit Ops

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