IngestAI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to automate the processing of unstructured data, enabling organizations to optimize their workflows and gain valuable insights.

About IngestAI


IngestAI is an AI platform that offers users the ability to build and deploy AI applications quickly and efficiently. The platform specializes in making OpenAI models accessible including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex

Company Overview

IngestAI is a platform that aims to make OpenAI models, including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex, accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. The company was founded with the purpose of removing the barrier for entry to AI application development and helping users with any technical background to assemble their AI solutions easily.

Recognizing that all AI applications share common building blocks such as AI models, Vector Databases, UI, API, and integration with apps like Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, or Google Drive or Dropbox, IngestAI set out to provide these essential components out of the box. With a focus on eliminating the need for teams to manage UI, deal with vector databases, embeddings, and devote countless hours to building AI tools from scratch, IngestAI offers a community-driven approach to tackling challenges and enabling greater efficiency and accuracy in data processing.

Since its inception, IngestAI has attracted over 20,000 users who have built nearly 10,000 AI apps, ranging from personalized knowledge base chatbots, enhancing customer support, to streamlining prompt engineering and much more. Our users come from different industries and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: the desire to super-charge their businesses with AI.

IngestAI prides itself on offering high-precision and innovative AI technologies, supported by a team of experts, ready to tackle even the most challenging problems and execute projects of any complexity. With an individual approach to each business, IngestAI tailors solutions that meet our clients' needs.

If you're looking to super-charge your knowledge base by turning your docs, wikis, and spreadsheets into a ChatGPT-like context-aware chatbot, IngestAI is your go-to platform. Join our mission to make AI accessible to businesses of any size, and witness the transformative power of AI.


Categorized AI Solutions

Industry-specific Solutions

IngestAI offers categorized AI solutions for any industry. With its industry-specific solutions, IngestAI can help businesses streamline their process by providing automation, accurate predictions, and recommendations while enhancing their overall performance. Building on its vast experience and expertise, IngestAI uses artificial intelligence to create exceptional solutions tailored to each industry's specific needs. These industry-specific solutions are designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability, thus adding value to the business.

Customized Solutions

Besides providing industry-specific solutions, IngestAI creates customized AI solutions tailored to businesses' needs. IngestAI's customized solutions are developed using machine learning and deep learning techniques, which enable businesses to solve complex problems unique to them and improve their decision-making analysis. With IngestAI's personalized AI solutions, businesses can optimize their performance, reduce costs, and maximize profits effectively.

User-friendly Solutions

IngestAI's solutions are user-friendly and easy to interact with. One of the many benefits includes simple and straightforward interfaces that allow businesses to analyze data, generate predictions, and make informed decisions efficiently. Providing self-explanatory UI/UX to help users navigate smoothly is one of IngestAI's top priorities. All solutions come with in-depth documentation and training, making it easy for businesses to quickly integrate AI solutions into their workflow.

Logistics AI Solutions

Predictive Analytics

IngestAI offers predictive analytics AI solutions for logistics businesses. With its AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities, IngestAI can provide real-time anticipation of demand and supply chain insights. IngestAI's predictive analytics solution helps businesses make informed decisions, ensure efficient routing of shipments, track delivery progress, and optimize the logistics process. This solution guarantees breakthrough results to businesses by saving time and reducing transportation costs.

Intelligent Freight & Warehouse Management

IngestAI's Intelligent Freight & Warehouse Management AI solution enables logistics businesses to manage their logistics process effectively and efficiently. With features such as advanced route optimization, IngestAI's Warehouse Management solution streamlines operations by maintaining inventory levels and optimizing shelf space. With real-time tracking of shipments, providing accurate delivery time, and optimizing shipping routes, this solution ensures timely deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Automated Labor Management

IngestAI's Automated Labor Management solution helps logistics businesses manage their warehouse operations effectively. Built with advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, this solution optimizes staff scheduling, reduces staff turnover, and ensures that the right team is on duty. IngestAI's solution helps businesses reduce labor costs, improve working conditions, and boost employee morale.

PR/Marketing AI Solutions

Efficient Content Creation

IngestAI's PR/Marketing AI solution provides excellent content creation automation that saves businesses time and resources. Its AI algorithm generates high-quality content such as blog posts, social media posts, and press releases in minutes by analyzing the industry's trends and keywords. IngestAI's solution offers businesses a faster and more efficient way to create engaging content that is optimized to their target audience.

Personalized Marketing

IngestAI's Personalized Marketing solution uses artificial intelligence to personalize the customer experience. With its deep learning capabilities, this solution analyzes customer's data, preferences, and buying history to provide them with personalized offers, services, and campaigns. IngestAI's Personalized Marketing solution ensures that businesses can increase their conversion rates by providing unique and relevant recommendations to their customers.

Brand Reputation Management

IngestAI's Brand Reputation Management AI solution provides businesses with a comprehensive way to manage their online reputation. This solution monitors online chatter about the business, products, or services, and provides insights on how they can improve. IngestAI's solution offers real-time alerts to both negative and positive feedback through social media, review sites, and forums, allowing businesses to react swiftly and effectively.

Knowledge Base Enhancement

Context-aware Chatbot Creation

IngestAI's Knowledge Base Enhancement solution provides an excellent way to supercharge a business's knowledge base. With its ChatGPT-like context-aware chatbot, businesses can turn their docs, wikis, and spreadsheets into a highly intelligent conversational platform that provides instant answers to their customers' queries. IngestAI's chatbot understands and responds to customers' natural language, making it easier to interact with the business and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Automated Data Labeling

IngestAI's automated data labeling solution helps businesses efficiently train their AI models by labeling vast volumes of data in minutes. This feature allows businesses to train their AI models more accurately, minimize the time spent on manual data labeling, and optimize their AI models' performance. IngestAI's solution provides a simple and straightforward interface designed to label different data types quickly, saving time and costs for businesses.

Predictive Knowledge Mining

IngestAI's Predictive Knowledge Mining feature provides businesses with a unique way of analyzing unstructured data from various sources. With its natural language processing capabilities, this feature can extract relevant insights and predict future events, ensuring businesses can make informed decisions. IngestAI's Predictive Knowledge Mining feature is easy to use, provides interactive visual data, and eliminates the need for data scientists' involvement.


IngestAI offers seamless integration of chatbots on popular messaging platforms such as Slack, Discord, MS Teams, WhatsApp, and Telegram. With easy chatbot deployment on these platforms, businesses can effortlessly interact with their customers and provide them with an exceptional user experience. IngestAI also offers an option of embedding a web chat into your website to capture user information and provide timely assistance.


IngestAI's integration with Discord provides a convenient communication channel and elevates your chatting experience. Users can access various conversation features to create engaging interactions with their chatbots. Integrating IngestAI with Discord is easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Users can enjoy seamless communication with their chatbots and interact with them effortlessly, resulting in efficient and streamlined communication.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Open your Discord account and go to 'Settings'
  • Select 'Authorized Apps'
  • Click 'Connect' under the IngestAI app integration option
  • Authorize the IngestAI app to access your data and chat with you on Discord
  • Voila! Your chatbot is now integrated with Discord.


Integrating IngestAI with Slack boosts your team's productivity and streamlines communication. IngestAI's powerful integration allows you to deploy your chatbots directly on Slack, resulting in real-time messaging and access to numerous tools and platforms to enhance your chatbot experience. Teams can interact with their chatbots seamlessly within the Slack platform and take their workflow to the next level.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Log in to your Slack account and go to 'Settings'
  • Select 'Add Apps'
  • Type 'IngestAI' in the search bar and click 'Add'
  • Authorize IngestAI to access your Slack workspace
  • Voila! Your chatbot is now integrated with Slack.


IngestAI's integration with WhatsApp provides businesses with a simple yet powerful solution for customer engagement. Companies can engage with their customers through chatbots on this widely-used messaging platform, ensuring efficient and consistent interactions. IngestAI's integration guarantees seamless communication with customers, simplifying customer service tasks and providing a smooth, reliable, and effective user experience.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Log in to your WhatsApp account and create a business account
  • Go to your IngestAI dashboard and select 'WhatsApp Integration' under the 'Integrations' tab
  • Enter your business phone number and follow the registration process
  • Verify your number and business details
  • Voila! Your chatbot is now integrated with WhatsApp.


IngestAI's integration with Telegram provides users with another platform to deploy chatbots and interact with customers. With Telegram, businesses can create engaging conversations with their chatbots and provide a seamless experience for their users. IngestAI offers a user-friendly process, enabling businesses to deploy their chatbots on Telegram effortlessly.

Step-by-step Guide:

  • Open your Telegram account and search for 'BotFather'
  • Click 'Start' and follow the prompts to create a new bot
  • Go to your IngestAI dashboard and select 'Telegram Integration' under the 'Integrations' tab
  • Enter your bot token and select the appropriate chatbot
  • Voila! Your chatbot is now integrated with Telegram.


IngestAI offers a free trial that includes 50 requests in the WebChat or Prompt Engineering, a dataset of approximately 100k characters, which is equivalent to about 50 standard A4 pages. No credit card is required for the free trial. IngestAI offers support in its Discord Community. The pricing is in USD and does not include local taxes. The free trial period is seven days, and customers may cancel at any time.

If the free trial offer doesn't meet your requirements or you need complex non-standard integrations, hosting the solution on your servers or implementing complex integrations with your business processes, IngestAI offers a custom package. You can contact them via email at [email protected]. With IngestAI's solution, you can supercharge your knowledge base and turn your docs, wikis, and spreadsheets into a ChatGPT-like context-aware chatbot.

Overall, IngestAI provides a flexible and affordable pricing model that can meet the needs of most people. It offers a free trial so that potential customers can try out the product first and decide if it's a good fit. Additionally, the company provides custom solutions for customers who have more complex needs or requirements. This level of flexibility is great for people who want to start small and scale up as their needs change.


What is IngestAI?

IngestAI is an AI platform that offers users the ability to build and deploy AI applications quickly and efficiently. The platform specializes in making OpenAI models accessible, including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex, regardless of the user's technical background. IngestAI provides all essential AI application building blocks, including AI models, Vector Databases, UI, API, and integration with popular apps like Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, and Google Drive or Dropbox.

Who can use IngestAI?

Any individual or business interested in leveraging the power of AI to streamline workflow, improve customer support, or enhance data processing can use IngestAI. The platform serves businesses of any size and offers tailored solutions for each client to meet their individual needs.

What type of AI applications can I build with IngestAI?

IngestAI empowers users to build a wide range of AI applications, from personalized knowledge base chatbots to streamlining prompt engineering. With the platform's accessibility, users can build any AI application that meets their business's specific needs.

What AI models does IngestAI offer?

IngestAI makes OpenAI models, including ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Codex, easily accessible to its users. These models have countless use cases, including text generation, chatbots, question-answering bots, language translation, and image generation, to name a few.

How does IngestAI differ from other AI platforms?

IngestAI offers a community-driven approach to tackling challenges and building AI applications. The platform removes the need for users to manage UI, deal with vector databases, embeddings, and devote countless hours to building AI tools from scratch. IngestAI provides users with all essential components right out of the box to ensure greater efficiency and accuracy in data processing while eliminating the barrier for entry to AI application development.


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BigPanda is an AI-powered alert correlation and remediation platform that's designed to help businesses manage and respond to IT incidents more effectively. It uses machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and correlate alerts from a variety of sources, and then provides users with actionable insights and recommendations. With BigPanda, you can reduce alert fatigue and improve incident response times, which can ultimately lead to better business outcomes.


SparkCognition is an AI-powered platform that leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to help businesses make better use of their data. It offers a number of unique features, including automated model building, real-time data analysis, and predictive maintenance capabilities. With SparkCognition, you can automate a wide range of tasks and workflows, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.


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