ChatABC Create custom chatbots with diverse models, languages, tones, writing styles, and branding options for team collaboration.

About ChatABC

Introduction is an AI tool that provides a comprehensive chatbot experience, going beyond just chat functionality. It lets you create custom chatbots by choosing from different models, characters, languages, tones, and writing styles that perfectly fit your preferences. It also offers organizational tools like chat folders, prompt libraries, and document analysis, as well as flexible outputs and branding options to help enhance and maintain your brand's credibility. Additionally, has a team collaboration feature and microphone integration that allows for seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring greater productivity and efficiency. What's more, it offers different pricing plans that suit your needs, from hobbyists to small businesses.

TLDR is an AI tool that allows you to create custom chatbots by choosing from different models, characters, languages, tones, and writing styles. It also offers organizational tools, flexible outputs, and branding options, as well as team collaboration and microphone integration features. has a variety of pricing plans for hobbyists to small businesses.

Company Overview is a powerful AI tool that allows you to create and customize your own chatbot experience. Unlike other virtual assistant services, it offers a suite of features that go beyond just chat functionality.

One of the most exciting features of is the ability to choose from a variety of models for your AI assistant, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and many others. This lets you tailor your chatbot experience to your specific needs and preferences. To further customize your chatbot, you can choose characters to represent your AI assistant and select a language, tone, writing style, and format that fits your preferences. also comes with a range of organizational tools, such as the ability to organize your chats into folders, create your own prompt library for your team, and upload a document for your AI assistant to answer any questions you have about it. You can even use your microphone to communicate with your AI assistant if you prefer voice interaction.

One of the best aspects of is its flexibility. You can host your own chatbot on your own domain name with your own branding. It's easy to invite team members to collaborate on your workspace and you can set your own custom subdomain. Additionally, the service is always online, so you never have to worry about your chatbot going down. also offers a variety of pricing plans to suit your needs, whether you're a hobbyist or running a small business. The customer service is also top-notch, with a helpful team always available to answer any questions you might have.

In essence, is a comprehensive AI tool that offers an incredible range of customization and organization tools that allow you to create a chatbot experience that perfectly aligns to your needs and preferences. Whether you're a hobbyist or a business owner, has something for everyone.


Powerful Chatbot Creation Suite

Customizable AI Assistant

With, users can personalize their chatbot experience by choosing the perfect virtual assistant character. This allows for a unique and engaging chatbot interaction with customers, students, or any other stakeholders. Choose an AI character that matches your company's personality or create your own!

Variety of Models

Create chatbots with greater depth and complexity by selecting from a variety of models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4, and more. This expansive collection of models ensures that you have access to the latest artificial intelligence technology, so you can create chatbots that are engaging, dynamic and responsive.

Document Analysis

By uploading a document,'s AI assistant can answer any questions related to the content. This feature empowers businesses, researchers, and students to better manage their data and maximize efficiency. The document analysis feature teaches users to produce better write-ups and communicate ideas more clearly.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Team Collaboration's team collaboration feature helps bridge communication gaps within organizations, leading to greater productivity, more effective discussions, and exciting innovation. Users can invite team members to their workspace to facilitate collaboration, organization, and seamless communication.

Organize your Chats lets its users organize their chats into folders. This feature ensures that essential information and valuable feedback from customers are accessible and organized when needed. Whether you're running a large business or completing research tasks, this feature keeps workflow organized and efficient.

Microphone Integration

With's microphone integration, you can communicate verbally with your AI assistant. Forget the tediousness of typing when you can give your virtual assistant oral commands. The voice integration feature is useful for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to interact with technology more easily.

Flexible Outputs and Branding

Built-in Prompt Library offers over 150 built-in prompts to make the chatbot creation process a breeze. The prompt library helps you choose the most effective prompts for your audience and ensures that your dialogue is engaging whenever you interact with customers. Use them in their provided format or tweak them for maximum value.

Flexible Output

With, you can select your preferred language, tone, writing style, and format for your output to meet your specific requirements. Whether responding to customer queries, completing research papers, or jotting simple messages, you're sure to come across the perfect format for your specific text.

Branded Chatbot's branded chatbots help enhance and maintain the credibility of your brand and what it represents. Embed your company logo and name, customize colors, and all elements. Your chatbot will efficiently and creatively brand your business while seamlessly communicating with clients via chatbot technology.

Flexible Pricing Packages

Individual Launch Discount* offers hobbyists and individuals a one-time payment of $29 for a single user, which includes a free custom subdomain or the option to host on your domain. It also has an Azure-hosted OpenAI API key feature, uploads documents, Prompt libraries, and Team collaboration features.

Small Teams and Businesses*

For small teams and businesses, offers up to 5 users for a one-time payment of $89 and includes a free custom subdomain or the option to host on your domain. It also has an Azure-hosted OpenAI API key, document uploading features, Prompt libraries, and team collaboration features.

Custom Pricing for Businesses provides more specialized support for businesses with unique needs, even offering custom one-time payments. This solution is ideal for small businesses looking for a chatbot solution tailored to their specific requirements. Enjoy unlimited users, free custom subdomains, an Azure-hosted OpenAI API key, document uploading features, Prompt libraries, and team collaboration features.

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Company Results

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