Zomory is an innovative Notion-integrated tool that utilizes advanced conversational language search to help organize and retrieve information efficiently.

About Zomory


Zomory is an AI-powered tool that integrates with Notion and specializes in the organization and search of information in your workspace. With its impressive features and seamless integration with Slack, it empowers you to find the information you need when you need it. The tool's conversational language search allows users to find information without the need for exact keywords. Zomory's AI algorithms can understand the context, synonyms, and concepts of your search query to produce relevant and accurate search results.

Furthermore, Zomory simplifies your task of tracking the performance of your workspace and cutting down on the time you'd normally spend on manually copying and pasting your workspace's content. With automated workspace sync, everything is up-to-date, and source integration gives contextual information to help you understand the results presented. The purpose of this tool is to save teams time and effort, teach them what they need to know and offer them a safe and risk-free environment where they can try out the tool without worrying about credit card details.


Zomory is an AI-powered, Notion-integrated tool that helps users organize and search for information seamlessly. Its most remarkable feature is conversational language search which utilizes advanced AI algorithms to understand the context, synonyms, and concepts of a user's search query producing accurate results. It also offers automated workspace sync, seamless integration with Slack, and source integration to help improve its users' workspace performance while eliminating time-consuming manual copy and paste. Users can easily monitor their workspace performance, identify knowledge gaps, and customize their dashboards accordingly with the help of Zomory's reports. With its free trial offer, the tool is accessible and risk-free – a tool worth considering for any team looking to improve their workspace performance and save time.

Company Overview

Zomory is an AI-powered tool that specializes in organizing and searching information in your Notion workspace. With Zomory, you will never lose information again, as it automatically syncs your workspace and provides up-to-date search results without any manual effort needed on your part. The tool employs conversational language search, allowing you to find what you are looking for without the need to know exact keywords. Whether you have a few pages or a thousand, Zomory finds what you need quickly, saving you and your team's time.

Confidence in your results is important, and Zomory understands this. While AI can be convenient, it is not always perfect. That's why the tool provides context from sources to help you understand the results. Zomory also integrates with Slack, allowing you to search your Notion workspace from anywhere.

Zomory doesn't only help you organize your information, but it also teaches you what you need to add to your knowledge base. By tracking searches, you can learn where your knowledge gaps are and what information you need to add. Signing up for Zomory is accessible and risk-free with a free trial available, and you don't need to provide a credit card. Plus, you can cancel anytime without having to speak with anyone.

Overall, Zomory is an AI tool that helps you find and organize information in your Notion workspace seamlessly. It saves you and your team time and effort while ensuring that you have confidence in your results. Give it a try today and see what you've been missing!


Automatic Workspace Sync

Effortlessly keep your workspace up to date

Zomory eliminates the need for manual copy and pasting and pdf uploads. With our automatic workspace sync, your Notion workspace content is synced automatically, so you never have to worry about searching for outdated information. You can confidently spend more time working and less time looking for information.

Conversational Language Search

Efficiently find what you're looking for

With Zomory's conversational language search, you don't need to have extensive knowledge about the topic you're trying to search for. Simply use natural language to find what you need. Our advanced AI algorithms understand the context, synonyms and concepts of your search query to ensure you get the most relevant and accurate results. Whether you know the exact keyword or not, you can always find the information you're looking for quickly and easily with Zomory.

Seamless Integration with Slack

Access your Notion workspace from anywhere

With Zomory's seamless integration with Slack, you can access your Notion workspace from anywhere. You don't need to switch between applications because everything is conveniently located within Slack. No matter where you are or what you're working on, all of your workspace content is accessible with just a single click.

Performance Monitoring

Track Searches and get insights to improve your workspace

Zomory keeps a record of all the searches performed on your workspace. With this, you can identify the knowledge gaps in your workspace so you can improve and add more content. You can track the performance of your workspace and continuously optimize it with the help of Zomory's reports. Additionally, you can customize your dashboard to highlight the KPIs that matter most to your team.

Source Integration

Understand Results with Context

Zomory's trusted sources provide context that helps users to better understand the results presented to them. AI can be great, but it's not perfect. With Zomory, your team members can have the confidence that comes from getting a second opinion on their findings. With curated sources added to your workspace, your team can gain different perspectives, ensuring the most reliable information is delivered.


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