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24/7 sales support and lead generation through state-of-the-art customer service automation with GPT-4 integration and chatbots.

About Watermelon Pulse


Watermelon Pulse is a customer service automation solution that provides mid-sized and large enterprises with an all-in-one inbox to streamline customer communication, statistics, app integration, and personalization. The platform also offers a GPT-4 integration for instant and fast customer service with chatbots, enabling businesses to generate leads, perform 24/7 sales support and improve conversion rates. Watermelon Pulse's exceptional commitment to customer support, one-click integrations, and no technical background requirements makes it a stand-out provider of state-of-the-art GPT-4 powered AI technology. The company also has a mission to be the first world's fully-autonomous customer service agent, powered entirely by AI technology. In addition, Watermelon Pulse is consciously building its future, including donating to Trees for All to aid the environment with every new customer that signs up on their platform.


Watermelon Pulse offers an all-in-one inbox, GPT-4 integration, and chatbots for efficient business operations in its state-of-the-art customer service automation solution. The platform provides businesses with 24/7 sales support, lead generation, and improves conversion rates. Furthermore, Watermelon Pulse offers customizable data capture, an all-in-one inbox, statistics, and integrations with various software and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Salesforce and more. Watermelon Pulse assists businesses in transforming their customer service and improving their workflow by offering 24/7 chatbot services. Watermelon Pulse has four pricing plans ranging from €99 to custom pricing, making it affordable for businesses to purchase services.

Company Overview

Watermelon Pulse is a customer service automation solution designed for mid-sized and large enterprises. The platform offers an all-in-one inbox that streamlines customer communication with personalization, statistics, and an app. With their GPT-4 integration, Watermelon Pulse delivers fast and instant customer service with live chat. The platform uses chatbots for efficient business operations and customer service automation, providing 24/7 sales support and generating leads to improve conversion rates.

At its core, Watermelon Pulse is an innovative approach to finding and recruiting candidates. The platform answers frequently asked questions, offers 24/7 service, and collects feedback. With an exceptional commitment to customer support, one-click integrations, and no technical background required, Watermelon Pulse revolutionizes customer service with state-of-the-art GPT-4 powered AI technology.

Watermelon Pulse's mission is to be the world's first fully autonomous customer service agent, powered entirely by AI technology. By automating repetitive tasks, Watermelon Pulse enables businesses to focus on other critical matters. The platform helps to relieve work stress from employees, with team members working from home three days per week to reduce commuting time and lower emissions.

When customers sign up for Watermelon Pulse, they partner with a conscious company. The team is conscious about how they build their future, from office space design as it relates to growth, to the well-being of their customers, employees, and our planet. With every new customer to the platform, Watermelon Pulse donates 20 trees to Trees for All to restore a mangrove in Mexico, prioritizing the environment.


GPT-4 Integration

Experience the future of chatbots with our GPT-4 integration

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot environment is equipped with GPT-4 integration, providing businesses with the latest technology to deliver high-quality customer service and customer support automation. This integration enables the chatbot to converse with customers naturally and create an interactive and engaging experience. The chatbot mimics human-like responses and can understand context, which results in increased customer satisfaction.

Efficient Customer Support Workflows

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot boosts businesses' customer service workflows by providing AI-powered customer support that's active 24/7. The chatbot's efficient workflows allow businesses to cut costs and improve their services' response time. The chatbot is used to offer 24/7 sales support, recruit potential candidates, answer frequently asked questions efficiently, collect feedback, and more. With Watermelon Pulse's chatbot's use, businesses can handle customer support operations much more efficiently and with ease.

Complete Your Implementation with Integrations

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot works harmoniously with other software. This makes it easy for businesses to have all their required functionalities in one place. The software's flexible API and webhooks allow companies to integrate other software functionalities, enabling chatbots to access more data and solve numerous problems that could arise.

All-in-One Inbox

Streamline Customer Communication with Our All-in-One Inbox

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot is inbuilt with an All-in-One Inbox that helps businesses communicate with their clients from a single platform. This inbox is helpful since it centralizes customer communications from all sources, including phone calls, email, and social media messaging. This feature aids businesses in responding to help messages promptly, which increases customer satisfaction rates. The All-in-One Inbox also improves customer service agents' efficiency since they can locate client conversations quickly and get started arming themselves with the data they require.

Customizable Data Capture

The All-in-One Inbox has customizable data capture functionality that enables businesses to capture all the customer data that's crucial to improving their consumer support. The system is set up to automatically capture data such as name, email, phone number, and other pertinent data that businesses may use to personalize their customer interactions. This data helps businesses understand their clients better, boosting their engagement with customers and improving their overall business performance.

Deepen Customer Understanding

Watermelon Pulse's All-in-One Inbox also has a customer profiles feature that collects detailed information about customers. This includes data such as customer preferences, conversation history, and contact details. This feature allows businesses to understand their customers more deeply by mapping out customer data, which enables them to provide more personalized and effective customer services. Having richer customer profiles allows the chatbot to personalize its communication, thus driving better customer satisfaction.


Optimize Customer Insights

Watermelon Pulse's statistics feature provides valuable insights to businesses about their customers' interactions with the software. These insights include data such as response time, customer satisfaction ratings, the total number of chats, and more. Businesses can use this data to optimize their customer support strategy by identifying areas that require improvement, tweaking interactions based on common queries, and using the analytics to create a better customer support workflow. These optimizations lead to higher customer satisfaction rates, which ultimately translate to increased sales and revenue streams for businesses.

Customizable Data Capture

The statistics feature enables businesses to identify the best performing channels, strategies, templates, and more. With this data, businesses can optimize their interaction channels by aligning their efforts with their client expectations, improve their messaging, and align more business processes to be customer-centric. Using the customizable data capture feature, you can collect additional data that aligns with your business objectives. This data can be used to formulate customized business objectives, identify sales opportunities, and develop long-term relationships with customers.

Personalize Customer Experience

The statistics feature enables businesses to develop detailed customer profile data which allows them to customize their services to meet their customers' needs. With the personalized customer experience, businesses can create targeted messaging that's tailored to specific customers. This enhances engagement and customer satisfaction rates since customers get the feeling that their input matters and is appreciated.


Flexible Integrations with Other Software

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot is compatible with different software, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Zapier, among others. At its core, this feature facilitates automated activities and supports data sync across different software, making it easier to share customer data across the software. For companies that rely on multiple solutions to manage their customer data, the integrations feature enables an efficient way to avert siloed data by automating workflows and improving consistency.

Streamline your Customer Experience

By integrating Watermelon Pulse's chatbot with other software, businesses can streamline their customer experience by centralizing communications and ensuring that data is organized in a logical and easy-to-use framework. This integration makes it easier for businesses to provide an excellent customer service user experience and log information more accurately, improving overall accuracy and delivering on client expectations. Improved accuracy is important since it helps companies to build better business strategies, create an efficient customer workflow, and identify sales opportunities.

Transform Your Customer Service with AI and GPT-4 Power Chatbot Solution

Watermelon Pulse's chatbot transforms customer support and service by combining AI and GPT-4 technology. This product is designed to provide cutting-edge customer support and automation that's responsive 24/7. The chatbot performs several functions, including offering 24/7 sales support, generating leads, answering frequently asked questions, and collecting feedback. This chatbot also supports smart segmentation of customer groups, enabling businesses to categorize customer data and understand their customers better. With the integration, businesses can enjoy a feature-rich chatbot that enables them to provide excellent customer services efficiently.


Watermelon Pulse offers extensive integrations with various software and messaging platforms, allowing you to streamline customer communication and improve business operations. With its Watermelon API and webhooks, you can easily share data with external systems and provide customers with accurate and informed answers every time.


Watermelon Pulse can be integrated with Zapier, allowing you to connect your chatbot with over 3,000 apps and automate tasks. You can use Zapier to respond to customer questions directly from your website and save them time. Moreover, you can automate tasks, such as sending information to your Salesforce account and requesting information from customers, making work more efficient and less time-consuming.


By integrating Watermelon Pulse with Salesforce, you can automatically build your customer database and provide customers with order information and scheduling appointments in the calendar. Additionally, you can use the integration to automate tasks, such as subscribing to your email program and requesting order and payment status, making it easier for customers to get the information they need.


Watermelon Pulse can be integrated with Mollie, a payment service provider, allowing your chatbot to handle payment requests and improve the customer experience. With this integration, you can provide your customers with the option to request order and payment status and make payments directly from the chatbot itself.


Watermelon Pulse can be integrated with WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging channel in the EU. By integrating the chatbot on this platform, you can increase your response time, handle FB conversations, and decrease the workload for your customer service team.

Facebook Messenger

By integrating your chatbot with Facebook Messenger, you can offer unique and personalized customer service. With features such as suggested and recommended products in a chat conversation, 24/7 support, and feedback collection, the chatbot can improve customer experience and increase the conversion rate. Additionally, the integration can help you find and recruit candidates through an innovative approach.

Watermelon API and Webhooks

Watermelon Pulse offers an extensive API and webhooks support for developers looking to integrate with external platforms. With this integration, you can access diverse data sources and provide customers with an accurate and fully informed answer every time. You can allow your chatbot access information that's stored in external systems, such as CRM, and share relevant information with the customers. This ensures a seamless experience for customers and a more efficient workflow for the customer service team.


Watermelon Pulse offers an all-in-one chatbot solution with GPT-4 integration for fast and instant customer service. With personalization, statistics, and their app, they streamline customer communication, creating an efficient business operation and automating customer service. Their shared inbox brings all communication channels together, making it easier to manage customer conversations in one place. Watermelon Pulse offers four pricing plans, designed to fit various needs. The first plan starts at €99 per month, automating frequently asked questions with a personalized chatbot. The second plan starts at €199 per month, automating up to 95% of conversations with a GPT-4 chatbot. The third plan starts at €399 per month and is perfect for larger businesses that need full integration of their AI chatbot into their enterprise infrastructure. Custom pricing is available for the biggest players with multiple chatbots. Having multiple chatbots can be beneficial for different brands, teams, or departments that require chatbot technology, and Watermelon Pulse recognizes this benefit. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of channels that can be connected. Popular channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and live chat on your website are all supported. Although Watermelon Pulse does not provide email and voice as a channel yet, these additional channels are expected to integrate into Watermelon by the end of this year, allowing users to manage all customer conversations in one central location using their software. Transform your customer service with Watermelon's AI and GPT-4-powered chatbot solution. With their various pricing plans, you are sure to find a solution that works for your business. Try it free now, with no need to provide credit card information!

Watermelon Pulse

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