Web-based tool offering top-quality voice generation technology with customizable styles, morphing, and recording modification.

About Voiceful.io


Voiceful.io, a web-based AI tool owned by Voctro Labs, S.L. in Barcelona, Spain, offers high-quality voice generation technology to its users. Users can generate AI speech and singing, create custom voices, and modify recordings with time-scaling and pitch-shifting features. Additionally, the voice generation tool offers a software development kit (SDK) for Unity 3D game development and has customizable voice styles and voice morphing technology, producing unique sound combinations.


Voiceful.io is a web-based AI tool that offers high-quality voice generation technology, including AI speech and singing, customizable voice styles, and voice morphing. The tool's feature set includes time-scaling and pitch-shifting for recording modification and SDK for Unity 3D game development. Voiceful.io's pricing includes a basic plan starting at €10 per month, a business plan at €450 per month, and an enterprise plan at €4500 per year. Additionally, users can evaluate the API for free by contacting Voiceful.io.

Company Overview

Voiceful.io is a web-based AI tool that offers high-quality voice generation features to users. The web site is owned by the company Voctro Labs,S.L., which is located in Barcelona, Spain. The company has registration numbers and has been registered in the Companies Registry of Barcelona. The company's objective is to provide high-quality voice generation technology to its users.

Voiceful.io has a range of voice features such as speech customization, music, and soundtracks creation, and time-scaling for high-quality sound. Users can record voice and transform it into any kind of voice they desire, such as a child's voice, a monster's voice, or a robot's voice. The tool offers excellent quality time-scaling and pitch-shifting features for enhancing sound quality in music and dialogues.

Additionally, the website has an SDK (Software Development Kit) for Voiceful that offers voice generation features for Unity 3D game development. The SDK is available as a Unity Package and produces game character voices. The company offers a limited trial version of the Voiceful software that only allows up to 15 words per sentence and 30 synthesized sentences per hour.

Voiceful.io aims to create a more technologically advanced world with innovative AI technologies. Their technology is suited for individuals, businesses, app developers, game developers, and anyone else who wants to generate unique and high-quality voices. To learn more about the Voiceful.io’s features and services, users can visit the Voiceful.io website.


Voice Generation

Deep Learning Technology for High-Quality Expressive Voices

Voiceful.io utilizes an innovative Deep Learning Technology that initially developed to generate artificial singing voices. The AI tool can generate new speech content or singing by learning a model from existing recordings of any individual. This technology can produce high-quality expressive voices that can be used in various applications such as podcasts, audiobooks, and commercials.

Voice Morphing for Unique Sounds

Voiceful.io offers voice morphing technology that allows users to morph their voices with over 10-20 different voices. Users can select any voice they prefer and morph their voice with another voice to create unique sound combinations. This feature is ideal for voice actors, game developers, and anyone else who wants to have fun with their voice.

English and Spanish Voice Production

Voiceful.io offers voice generation features for both English and Spanish languages. The AI tool can generate AI speech and AI singing in both English and Spanish languages, suitable for businesses, podcasters, and anyone else who needs high-quality voice production.

Speech Customization

Customizable Voice Styles

Voiceful.io has customizable voice styles such as child, monster, or robot, offering users a wide range of possibilities. The tool enables users to create a unique voice that caters to their needs.

Time Scaling and Pitch Shifting

Voiceful.io provides excellent quality time-scaling and pitch-shifting features. Users can adjust the speed, frequency, and pitch of their recordings, enhancing the overall sound quality. This feature is useful for musicians, audio engineers, podcasters, and anyone who needs to manipulate their recordings' sound.

Customization API and SDK

Voiceful.io offers a customization API and SDK that allows users to integrate voice generation features into their mobile, desktop, or server applications. The API/SDK produces cross-platform C++ libraries that enable users to have more control over their voice production, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Music and Soundtrack Creation

Generate Virtual Singing Voices

With Voiceful.io, users can generate virtual singing voices that sound like human voices but offers a unique twist. The platform allows users to create singing voices in any style and genre. No matter what the genre or style of music is, Voiceful.io always has a voice to suit it.

High-Quality Sound Output

Voiceful.io has high-quality sound output, offering users an exceptional sound experience. The platform ensures that the sound always comes out at the best quality possible, with no loss in audio quality.

Voice Correction and Noise Reduction

Voiceful.io enables voice correction and noise reduction, which helps in enhancing the overall sound quality. This feature is useful for users who are just starting in the audio industry. It helps in cleaning up their recordings and delivering a more professional sound.

SDK for Unity 3D Game Development

Unity Package for Game Character Voices

Voiceful.io offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) specially designed for Unity 3D game development. The SDK is available as a Unity package that produces game character voices, enabling game developers to have more control over their game's characters' sounds.

Easy Integration

The Voiceful.io SDK is easy to integrate into Unity, making it simple for game developers to use voice generation technology in their games. The SDK can also be integrated as cross-platform C++ libraries for Mobile (iOS/Android), Desktop or Server applications.

Custom Services

Voiceful.io offers custom services that extend and customize the company's technologies for the specific needs of a project idea. Users can get in touch for a quote and have their technology customized according to their ideas and requirements.

Limited Trial Version

Free Limited Version

Voiceful.io offers a free limited version of the software that allows up to 15 words per sentence and 30 synthesized sentences per hour. This feature enables users to test the company's technology before purchasing it.

Flexible Pricing

Voiceful.io offers tier-based yearly licenses, allowing customers to pay only for what they need. Customers can also scale up as needed with Voiceful.io's flexible pricing.

Registration and Reliable Company

Voiceful.io is owned by Voctro Labs, S.L., a reliable company located in Barcelona, Spain. The company is registered in the Companies Registry of Barcelona and has registration numbers, ensuring users of the tool's legitimacy.


Voiceful.io offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the needs of developers, media professionals, and creative artists. Their basic plan starts at €10 per month, with the business plan priced at €450 per month and the enterprise plan priced at €4500 per year. The basic plan includes access to their Cloud API, which is a RESTful API that is simple to integrate into websites, mobile apps, and other SaaS platforms. For those who need more advanced features, the business and enterprise plans provide access to their advanced tools, including speech and singing synthesis, user voice transformation, pitch correction, time alignment, and audio-to-midi conversion.

Users can also evaluate their API for free by contacting them directly. Voiceful.io's products include Cloud API and standalone SDK. Their AI can generate singing and speech in English and Spanish, and can generate new speech or singing content by learning a model from existing recordings of any individual

Overall, Voiceful.io's pricing is relatively affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, their advanced features, such as emotional states, stress patterns, and prosodic features, using machine learning algorithms, allow synthetic voices to express a wide range of emotions and moods, giving users the ability to create truly unique digital voice experiences.


What is Voiceful.io?

Voiceful.io is a product of Voctro Labs, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate human-like voice signals. It offers a patented voice transformation technology for real-time integration and batch processing in post-production workflows. Its analysis algorithms can also be extended for medical or forensic applications.

What can I use Voiceful.io for?

Voiceful.io has several applications in the creative media industries, such as film, games, animation, TV, and music. It can manipulate voice recordings without altering the original voice quality, synchronize voice recordings in automatic dialogue replacement (ADR) workflows, generate lip-synched animations, estimate the musical key of an a capella recording, apply pitch correction, and change the duration and key of audio recordings while preserving the quality of the original recording. It also allows you to create custom voice models and mix voice content with existing musical or sound effect backgrounds.

What is the pricing for Voiceful.io?

Voiceful.io offers a Cloud API starting at €10/month, which is a RESTful API that can be easily integrated into web sites, mobile apps, and other SaaS platforms. It also offers a Standalone SDK with tier-based yearly licenses, which can be integrated as cross-platform C++ libraries for mobile (iOS/Android), desktop, or server applications. Additionally, it offers custom services to extend and customize its technologies for the specific needs of your project idea. To get a quote for custom services, you can get in touch with the company.

How do I contact Voiceful.io?

You can contact Voiceful.io by email at [email protected], by phone at +34 931 587 637, or by visiting its registered offices in C/ Pujades 74-80, 08005 - Barcelona (Spain).

Is Voiceful.io a speech recognition solution?

No, Voiceful.io is not a speech recognition solution. It analyzes voice recordings and applies voice transformation technology to manipulate them without altering the original voice quality. It can be used in several creative media industries and even medical or forensic applications to extract information from voice recordings.


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