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Powerful, scalable, and automated tool that generates high-quality podcast content and enhances audience engagement.

About Swell AI


Swell AI is a powerful writing tool designed to help podcasters simplify their content pipeline and scale their production. The tool boasts a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless integration with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and RSS feeds, streamlining the content curation and distribution process. This AI tool has the ability to generate over 100k words within two days, which is an outstanding feature that can prove valuable for podcasters working within tight schedules to create content. Additionally, Swell AI's writing platform is engineered to learn from the user's inputs and provide suggestions for improvement, making it a high-quality writing tool competing with human writers. The tool also has an automated chatbot generation feature that is built to enhance audience engagement and streamline the podcast production process.


Swell AI is an AI writing tool for podcasters that allows for easy content pipeline building, efficient workflow, and flexible writing capabilities. The tool generates high-quality written content that rivals that produced by human writers, and its chatbot feature enhances audience engagement. Swell AI is versatile, scalable, and automated, making the podcast production process a hassle-free experience for creators.

Company Overview

Swell AI is a writing tool that helps podcasters create content pipelines. Their simple and intuitive interface allows users to easily upload their media, generate content, and export it anywhere. With integrations available for Dropbox, Google Drive, RSS, and more, podcasters can easily manage multiple podcasts from a single dashboard. Swell AI has worked with thousands of amazing businesses, and their SEO-focused approach to content production has helped them become the best AI writer for podcasters.

One unique feature of Swell AI is their ability to generate 100k+ words in just two days. This incredible tool can help podcasters scale their content production and grow their audience and business, no matter the size. Their powerful writing platform can handle any type of content, including podcast transcripts, blog posts, and even books. Swell AI is built for productivity and can easily fit into any podcast production workflow. Their API allows users to scale their podcast production workflow and create unique integrations for each podcast they manage.

Another feature of Swell AI is their ability to build chatbots for podcast episodes. Every uploaded episode comes with a trained chatbot that the audience can engage with, making the podcast listening experience even more interactive and engaging. Swell AI offers different pricing plans to suit all production needs, starting from $0/month for those just starting out, up to $99/month for businesses looking to take their content production to the next level. Swell AI is committed to protecting their users' data and privacy and offers a 100% no questions asked refund policy for those who are not satisfied with their services.

In conclusion, Swell AI is an amazing tool that can help podcasters save time and scale their content production. Their user-friendly interface, powerful writing platform, and unique features make them the best AI writer for podcasters in the market.


Content Pipeline Building

Seamless Integration

Swell AI assists podcasters in building content pipelines by easily integrating with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and RSS feeds. This simplifies the process of organizing content for a podcast and ensures that content is readily available for use when needed.

Single Dashboard Management

Swell AI's user-friendly interface enables podcasters to manage multiple podcasts from a centralized dashboard, allowing easy tracking of content pipelines. This feature helps streamline content curation, generation, and distribution, saving podcasters valuable time.

Efficient Workflow

With Swell AI, podcasters can upload media easily, generate content, and publish across various platforms without the need for extensive editing. Thus, content generation becomes a hassle-free process, boosting productivity and allowing podcasters to focus on other aspects of their craft.

Flexible Writing Platform

Diverse Content Production Capabilities

Swell AI's writing platform is built to cater to a wide range of content types, from podcast shownotes and transcripts to blog posts and even books. This feature makes Swell AI a versatile tool capable of handling various writing tasks.

No Learning Curve

Swell AI's writing platform is intuitive and built with the end-user in mind, meaning that podcasters and content creators can readily adopt and incorporate it into their workflow without special training. As such, using Swell AI becomes a natural extension of the podcast production process.

Powerful Writing Capabilities

Swell AI generates high-quality written content that rivals that produced by human writers. The tool is engineered to learn from the user's inputs and provide suggestions for improvement. This feature enables podcasters to produce compelling and engaging written content with ease.

Automated Chatbot Generation

Enhanced Audience Engagement

Swell AI generates a trained chatbot for every uploaded episode, allowing audiences to engage with every piece of content. The chatbot is powered by Swell AI and can answer any question about that specific episode, leading to more consistent and interactive engagements with listeners.

Easy Integration

Podcasters can easily integrate the chatbot generated by Swell AI into their existing podcasts without any additional training. The chatbot is created automatically and added as an exciting feature to an episode, making it more interactive and engaging for listeners.

Automated Workflows

The chatbot creation feature is built to work seamlessly with Swell AI's content pipeline building capabilities, streamlining podcast production workflows. Combined with the centralized dashboard, podcasters can automate entire podcast production processes with minimal effort.

Scalable API

Flexible Podcast Production

Swell AI's scalable API allows podcasters to scale their content generation and production workflow easily. With integrations for Apple Podcast, YouTube Video, RSS Feed, Zoom Cloud, Dropbox Folder, Google Drive, Webhook, REST API, and Enterprise API, podcasters can easily automate their workflow and expand their content production capacity.

Customizable Projects

With Swell AI, it is easy for podcasters to create projects and have unique integrations for each podcast, keeping content organized and production efficient. Additionally, the scalable API allows for customization enabling podcasters to tailor their projects according to their unique production requirements.

Import Existing Catalogs

Swell AI allows podcasters to import RSS feeds or Apple Podcasts episodes, automatically generating precise show notes, articles, and any other content desired. The easy creation and sharing function of the tool grants podcasters an easy way to delegate work amongst team members or collaborators, making production more efficient.

Swell AI

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