Songmastr is an open-source, automated audio mastering service using a reference track, boasting high-quality control and quick turnaround time.

About Songmastr


Songmastr's AI-based audio mastering service offers a powerful solution for anyone looking to produce polished and professional-sounding music tracks regardless of their experience level. The service automates mastering to a reference track using an open-source library called Matchering, ensuring that the mastering process is precise and makes the song shine. The free tool allows users to master up to seven songs per week, and more affordable packages are available for higher volumes. However, proper mixing guidelines must be followed, and the reference track must belong to the same genre and vibe as the song. The AI-tool also requires some volume headroom, and there are song length and file size restrictions for optimal processing. The tool boasts high-quality control, and users do not require any registration or downloads, as the interface is user-friendly, making the mastering process simple and efficient.


Songmastr is an AI-based audio mastering service that uses an open-source library called Matchering to automate mastering to a reference track. Users can master up to seven songs for free per week, with other affordable packages available. However, users must follow proper mixing guidelines and use a reference track from the same genre and vibe as the song. The tool requires some volume headroom, and there are song length and file size restrictions. Songmastr boasts high-quality control, and users don't require any registration or downloads, allowing for a simple and efficient mastering process and quick turnaround time.

Company Overview

Songmastr is a powerful AI-based audio mastering service that makes it easier for anyone to master their own tracks - and all without the complexity or hassle of traditional mastering methods. The company offers a free tool that allows users to master up to seven songs per week with ease, and paid packages are available that start at just $4 per track.

The service is based on a powerful open source library called Matchering, which allows the Songmastr algorithm to master your track perfectly, using the same RMS, FR, peak amplitude, and stereo width as a reference song of your choice. This means that the mastering process is incredibly precise, ensuring that every song is given the final polish it needs to shine.

It's important to know that your song must be properly mixed before uploading to ensure the best possible result. Also, Songmastr recommends leaving some volume headroom on your mixed track, and while you can apply some compression, it is important not to apply a limiter as it will be done during mastering.

The reference track you choose must be in the same genre and "vibe" as your song. Vocals are key to the track balance, and if you are mastering a beat or instrumental track, it is best to choose a reference without a singer. If you decide to upload your own reference track, make sure it is of good quality and at a normal commercial volume.

With no software or registration required, Songmastr is both user-friendly and accessible to all, guiding you every step of the way to a perfectly mastered track. The tool allows you to upload a song or beat from your computer and then redirects you to the download page once your mastering is complete. The only limitation to Songmastr's service is that songs must be under 10 minutes and 80MB - small restrictions to ensure that the server doesn't become saturated.

Overall, Songmastr offers an affordable, user-friendly, and powerful solution for anyone to master their songs easily, regardless of their experience level. If you're looking for an easy way to get your music sounding professional and polished, you can't go wrong with Songmastr's AI-based mastering services!


Song Mastering

Automatic Mastering to a Reference Track

Songmastr's AI-based tool automatically masters any song in either WAV or MP3 format to a reference track that you upload. The tool works based on the open-source library matching.

Genre and Vibe Matching

The algorithm matches the RMS, FR, peak amplitude, and stereo width of the reference song with your track, ensuring that it has the same genre and vibe as your song, giving it a polished finishing touch.

Free Service with Low-Cost Plans

The tool allows for up to seven free song masterings per week. If you want to process more songs than that, there are affordable paid plans available, starting at just $4.

Quality Control

Proper Mixing Guidelines

Songmastr's tool requires each song to be adequately mixed before uploading to the service. If the mix isn't good, it might not be mastered correctly.

Volume Headroom Required

Leave some volume headroom (typically -6db) on your mixed track, as the tool applies compression and limiting during the mastering process.

Reference Track Quality and Vocals

The quality and volume of the reference track should be normal for commercial use, and vocals play a massive role in balancing the track. If you're mastering an instrumental track or beat, choose a reference track without a singer to achieve the best balance.

Technical Limitations

Song Length and File Size Restrictions

Songmastr's tool can only master songs up to 10 minutes in length and 80MB file size. These limitations ensure that the server doesn't saturate, causing processing failures or delays.

No Registration or Software Required

The tool doesn't require any registration or software to download. All you need to do is upload your file, and in a matter of minutes, you'll have a polished, professional sound.

Example Tracks and Results

You can check out the results of audio mastering from the included examples section and experiment with different reference tracks to determine the best sound for your music.

User Experience

Simplicity and User-Friendly Interface

Songmastr's tool is easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly, streamlining the process of mastering songs. The simple and straightforward layout guides you through the process of uploading the file and choosing the reference track, making it convenient for even the most inexperienced users.

Quick Processing Time and Instant Downloads

After processing, the tool generates the final track, which is immediately available for download. The quick processing time ensures that you can enjoy the polished, professional sound of your music without any delay.

Acceptable Terms of Use

By using the tool, you are accepting the terms of use, and there is no hidden cost or fees involved. The tool is free to use for up to seven tracks per week, with additional low-cost plans available for higher volumes.


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