Streamline communication and maximize productivity with customized, integrated ai assistants for businesses.

About Sapling


Sapling is a revolutionary AI company that focuses on creating AI assistants for businesses. They offer a suite of AI tools that help teams maximize productivity and streamline communication processes. Sapling's AI technology is customized to each client's specific needs and workflows, making it an effective solution for organizations of all sizes, across diverse use cases and industries. With their dedication to developing cutting-edge AI technology, Sapling is committed to providing top-notch support and personalized training to help teams fully leverage the power of their tools. Additionally, Sapling's AI-powered tool seamlessly integrates with business platforms such as Slack, G Suite, Greenhouse, and more, allowing organizations to centralize and standardize their HR processes.


Sapling is an AI company that creates AI assistants for businesses to streamline communication processes and maximize productivity. They offer customized AI tools tailored to each client's specific needs and workflows, providing top-notch support and personalized training. Sapling's tool integrates seamlessly with business platforms such as Slack, G Suite, and Greenhouse, streamlining HR processes and improving overall management.

Company Overview

Sapling is an innovative artificial intelligence company that specializes in creating AI assistants for business communication. Their mission is to make communication between teams and clients more efficient and effective, regardless of industry or use case.

Their AI assistants are designed to assist teams across a variety of communication channels, including email, chat, and phone. Sapling's proprietary AI technology is tailored to each client's unique needs and workflows, using machine learning algorithms that become increasingly efficient with use.

Sapling's robust suite of AI tools enables teams to maximize productivity while minimizing the time and resources required to manage and streamline their communication processes. The company's AI assistants help teams identify and prioritize high-priority tasks, assign tasks to the appropriate team member, and even respond to clients autonomously.

Sapling is committed to providing their clients with the highest level of support and assistance, offering personalized training and support to help teams fully leverage the power of their AI assistants. Their team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to developing cutting-edge AI technology that enhances the way teams communicate across diverse use cases and industries.

Whether you're a small business owner or the CEO of a global enterprise, Sapling's AI assistants are the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline communication and enhance productivity. Get in touch with their friendly team today to learn more about how their AI technology can take your team's communication to the next level.

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Automated Text Optimization

Error Reporting

Sapling's AI tool comes equipped with error reporting features that automatically check every message sent by your team. This feature not only identifies errors but also suggests writing improvements, helping you craft more professional and effective messages instantly.

Quality Scoring

With Sapling's quality scoring feature, every message sent receives a computed score, providing you with valuable insights and tracking sentiment to improve your team's communication. The AI-driven scoring system is designed to help you identify areas of improvement and track progress to identify growth.

Real-Time Feedback

Writing Suggestions

Sapling's AI tool provides writing suggestions in real-time to improve your writing skills. The writing assistant analyzes every message, highlights mistakes and provides suggestions on improvements. This feature is perfect for busy professionals looking for an effective tool to help them communicate better and become more efficient.

Data Aggregation

Individual and Team Usage Analytics

Sapling's AI tool provides analytics for individual and team usage, errors made, trends over time, and more. This data helps you identify how your team use the tool, the types of messages being sent and their effectiveness. With this information, you can make informed decisions and improve your communication strategy.

Valuable Insights

Sapling's AI-driven algorithms help teams glean insights by aggregating data for individuals and teams. The tool analyzes thousands of conversations and provides data-driven insights to help individuals and teams identify gaps in their communication skills, improve responses, and better anticipate potential issues.

Smart Integration

User-Friendly Single Integration

Sapling's tool provides seamless integration with your web platform, allowing your team to install a single integration that works across all your web platforms. This feature ensures that your team can collaborate and communicate effectively without disrupting their workflow or using multiple tools.

Collaborative Workspace

With Sapling's tool's smart integration features, your team can create a collaborative workspace that enhances collaboration and communication across the team. This workspace facilitates ideation, better decision making, and faster issue resolution by ensuring clear communication and efficient workflows.

Team Management

Sapling's smart integration tool also provides team management features, giving managers a clearer view of their team's communication effectiveness. With this tool, managers can assign tasks, track progress, monitor performance, and provide coaching to their team members, ensuring efficient workflow and effective communication.

Simplified Workflow

No Spot Checks or Random Samples

Sapling's AI tool eliminates the needs for random sampling or spot checking by automating the scoring of all of your team's messages. This feature ensures that every message sent aligns with your communication strategy, style, and brand, and helps you identify communication gaps and areas of improvement.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

By automating the communication quality review process, Sapling's AI tool saves time and enhances your team's efficiency and productivity. Your team can now focus on more important tasks and projects, while ensuring their communication remains top-notch.

Personalized Messaging

Sapling's AI tool enables personalized messaging by suggesting better word choices, structure, and tone to create personalized messages that resonate with your audience. This feature ensures that your team's messaging is effective across all touchpoints and increases the likelihood of a positive response from prospects and customers alike.


Sapling's AI-powered tool integrates seamlessly with most business platforms, including but not limited to:


Sapling's integration with Slack allows you to manage all your HR tasks and processes without leaving your Slack interface. You can use Sapling's Slackbot to request time-off, and it will automatically update your HR system. Additionally, you can automate workflows, send employee feedback surveys, and more.


Sapling's Zapier integration enables you to create automated workflows between Sapling and hundreds of external business applications without the need for coding knowledge. With Zapier, you can set triggers that send HR notifications to the right people based on your desired rules, like approvals from specific managers.

G Suite

Sapling's G Suite integration allows you to connect employee information and data with G Suite's toolbox. You can sync calendars, automate email templates, and manage data-driven operations. Using G Suite with Sapling ensures that your employee data is up-to-date and standardized across all platforms.


Sapling's Greenhouse integration streamlines the recruiting process by seamlessly integrating with Greenhouse's data. By integrating, Sapling pulls in all new hires and their details from Greenhouse to your database, automatically updating their information. This allows you to quickly and easily move new hires through your onboarding process.

ADP Workforce Now

Sapling's integration with ADP Workforce Now allows you to centralize and standardize all HR processes. With this integration, you can easily manage data transfers between systems, including employee records, job descriptions, and more. Sapling automatically imports new hires into ADP Workforce Now, reducing unnecessary manual data entry.

Custom Solutions

Sapling works with enterprise customers to tailor custom solutions for their specific needs. For example, as mentioned on their About page, Sapling can create multilingual solutions that cater to a global workforce's specific requirements. No matter your specific needs, Sapling can work with you to create a custom integration.

With Sapling's advanced integrations, you can consolidate and centralize your HR information, making it easier to manage and reducing the likelihood of errors through manual data entry. Sapling's tool allows you to automate HR workflows, communicate with employees more efficiently, and improve your overall human resources management process.


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