AI-powered co-pilot for families managing schedules, sending reminders, and organizing information at an affordable price of $60/mo.

About Milo


Milo is a family scheduling and organization tool powered by GPT-4, an advanced AI large-language model. This AI co-pilot is designed to ease the overwhelming burden of scheduling and organizing family activities, providing a centralized location for storing and accessing all data related to the family's schedule. It uses AI to sort and categorize data and sends it to the appropriate recipients based on user preferences, while also anticipating user needs and learning to structure and organize data based on feedback. Milo also provides insights into how much time is spent in different activities, offering valuable data to manage family schedules more effectively. With Milo, everything is organized and accessible in one place, saving parents time and keeping them informed, all for a reasonable $60/mo.


Milo is an AI-powered co-pilot for families that can manage an endless stream of dates, transcribe voice memos, send reminders, and provide useful information about family activities and schedules. It also utilizes learning and customization to adapt to each family's unique schedule, communication preferences, and habits. With Milo, all information is organized, accessible, and shareable with collaborators both inside and outside of the family network. Moreover, Milo's affordable price of $60/mo makes it an ideal tool for families aiming to manage their schedules efficiently and reliably.

Company Overview

Milo is an AI co-pilot designed to help parents sort and organize information related to their family's schedule and activities in one central location. The tool is powered by GPT-4, one of the latest and most sophisticated large-language models used for complex problem-solving and high levels of accuracy. It is aimed at easing the overwhelming burden that comes with organizing family calendars, sending reminders, and keeping everyone in the know about upcoming events, plans, and appointments.

Milo uses AI to sort and categorize all data related to the family schedule and sends it to the appropriate recipients - partners, grandparents, caregivers, etc., based on the user's preferences. It also anticipates user needs and preferences based on feedback and learns to structure and organize data based on user habits. Milo simplifies the clutter of endless text messages, emails, voice memos into an organized and structured display that can be accessed from any device.

Parents can rely on Milo to provide reminders, work calendar invites, daily rundowns, and weekly summaries without worrying about manual sorting and scheduling. It also offers insights into how much time is spent in different activities, providing useful data to manage family schedules and maximize productivity. Notably, Milo also offers human customer support behind the scenes when needed, ensuring efficient resolution of technical issues.

With Milo, everything is organized and accessible in one place, saving parents time and keeping them informed without the need for constant back-and-forth communication. The user-friendly tool is available at $60/mo, making it an affordable option for families seeking efficient, reliable organization and scheduling.


AI Co-pilot for Parents

Endless Stream of Dates

Milo is an AI co-pilot for parents that can handle the overwhelming amount of information that comes with managing a family's schedule. It can organize and sort endless streams of dates, ensuring that appointments, events, and other important information are easily accessible. With Milo, parents can dump all of their scheduling-related data into the tool without worrying about organizing it themselves, and let the AI handle it.

Voice Memos Transcription

Milo is also capable of transcribing voice memos, providing parents with a much-needed hands-free option for recording important information. The AI technology can convert late night rambling voice memos into easily digestible written notes, complete with time stamps and other relevant details. This feature is ideal for parents who are too busy or tired to physically input data into the tool, providing more flexibility and helping them stay on top of their schedules and to-dos.

Distribution and Reminders

Once the data is sorted, Milo sends it to where it needs to go, with human help behind the scenes when needed. This allows for more personalized attention, as parents can rest assured that the information is being handled by a team of professionals. Milo can also send back relevant data about appointments and events when and how parents need it, with options for SMS reminders, work calendar invites, and daily rundowns to the whole crew. With Milo, parents never have to worry about missing another appointment or forgetting an important task.

GPT-4 Powered AI Co-pilot

Larger Language Models

Milo is powered by GPT-4, the latest in large-language models designed for accuracy and complex problem solving. This means that it can handle a vast array of natural language input, making it more versatile and capable of handling the complexities of managing a family’s schedule, events, and appointments.

Learning and Customization

One of the most impressive features of Milo is its ability to learn and get better over time. It anticipates what parents need and how they need it, based on their feedback. The customized learning feature of Milo allows it to learn from parents' habits and preferences, ensuring that it can provide tailored recommendations that work best for them. As a result, Milo can adapt to each family's unique schedule and communication preferences.

Fully Structured Sanity

Milo calms every form of family chaos, whether it’s SMS threads, emails, screenshots, or whiteboard pictures. Milo digests everything and turns it into structured sanity. With Milo’s ability to make sense of unstructured data, parents can focus on thinking strategically instead of feeling overwhelmed and buried in family chaos. Milo provides an efficient way to manage all aspects of a family's schedule, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Accessible and Convenient Collaboration

Organized and Accessible Information

Milo is a collaborator that saves time and sanity. It ensures that everyone in the know can access information easily and quickly. Whether it's grandparents, caregivers, or partners, Milo makes all of the relevant data and information organized and easy to understand. Milo has the ability to centralize scheduling information, making it accessible to everyone who has permissions. This feature makes it easier for parents to keep everyone in the loop and more efficient in planning family activities.

Collaboration with Anyone

Milo provides the ability to collaborate with anyone. It allows parents to share access with others, including grandparents, caregivers, or anyone who needs to be in the know. It also enables external communication with others outside of the family; for example, the tool allows parents to invite and collaborate with friends or partner's contacts outside of the family network. This makes it easier for parents to gather and share information with an extended group of people.

Reasonably Priced

Milo's AI-powered tool is available for just $60 per month and $40 per month for beta families. It is a reasonably priced option for an AI-powered tool, which normally can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The tool also offers a trial period to make sure parents are getting the most out of the tool before making a long-term investment.


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