Juji's cognitive chatbots provide personalized guidance and reduce response times using advanced human soft skills and real-time data insights.

About Juji


Juji is an AI tool designed to create, manage, and deploy custom cognitive AI assistants. These assistants engage in open and two-way conversations, build authentic connections, and provide personalized guidance while reducing administrative burdens. Powered by advanced human soft skills, including computational psychology and active listening, Juji cognitive AI assistants have an unassuming and non-judgemental personality, which works wonders with empathy and responsibility, and collaborates well with other humans and AI alike. Juji's innovative features, including out-of-the-box AI, no-coding AI tools, and real-time AI learning and chatbot upgrade support, make it easier to build and customize AI chatbots faster and respond to user inquiries faster. Juji also offers rich audience analytics in real-time, allowing users to plan the next best action and continuously improve their chatbots. Businesses can enjoy the benefits of Juji's cognitive AI by embedding Juji chatbots into their apps or websites.


Juji cognitive AI tool creates, manages, and deploys custom cognitive AI assistants. With advanced human soft skills, Juji chatbots engage in open, two-way conversations that build authentic connections and provide personalized guidance while reducing administrative burdens. Juji's features include out-of-the-box AI, no-coding AI tools, real-time AI learning and chatbot upgrade support, chatbot agenda topics, mini-dialog auto-generation, and customizable chatbot personas. Juji lets you respond to user inquiries faster with secondary chatbot actions and deploy chatbots for social media marketing and sales. Juji provides real-time data insights to drive continuous improvement. With Juji's API integration, you can embed Juji chatbots into your apps or websites to deliver better customer experiences and develop effective chatbots that can deliver better response efficacy and precision. Juji's cognitive AI is continuously learning and improving from user interactions, enabling businesses to provide more personalized and efficient assistance while reducing customer response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Company Overview

Juji is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that leverages cognitive intelligence to automate complex human interactions empathetically and responsibly, 24x7. The AI assistant is powered with advanced human soft skills such as active listening, and computational psychology, which enables it to read between the lines of the conversation texts and infer user's psychographic insights, including user personality. With such skills, Juji cognitive AI assistants provide several distinct benefits such as personalized guidance and reducing administrative burdens.

One of the major features of Juji is that it enables non-IT professionals to create and manage custom cognitive AI assistants with no code. The AI assistant can be created using a custom workflow, Juji chatbot templates, and pre-built AI dialogs, without defining every intent or entity from scratch. The Q&A pairs can be defined using a CSV file or a GUI table. Juji automatically generates a custom AI assistant and manages its conversation context, enabling out-of-the-box cognitive intelligence.

Juji cognitive AI assistants have an unassuming and non-judgemental personality, which engages users in open, two-way conversations and builds authentic connections with them. The interactions provide users with psychological safety, reduce social desirability biases, and foster productive human-AI collaboration. Juji cognitive AI assistants work wonders with empathy and responsibility, and work well with other humans and AI alike.

Juji provides rich audience analytics in real-time, including topic summarization of user input and personality insights. This enables human staff to quickly obtain audience insights and plan the next best action. Juji also automatically notifies human staff of unanswered user questions and suggests potential answers. Human staff can then supply answers to these questions and improve chatbot instantly.

Juji makes cognitive AI accessible to every organization that needs it by radically simplifying AI adoption. The tool enables non-IT staff to set up and deploy a custom cognitive AI assistant rapidly. The cognitive AI assistants can be single or a team of them to run in the cloud or on premise. Organizations have the full flexibility to select the best way to integrate AI assistants with their applications and workforce. Juji cognitive AI assistants can augment the workforce by unifying human and machine intelligence to make both customers and employees infinitely happier.


Build AI Chatbots Faster

Out-of-the-Box AI

Juji Studio offers turnkey, cognitive AI assistants that enable the building of chatbots faster. The out-of-the-box AI includes natural language understanding and generation, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and conversational flows, reducing the need for coding. With this feature, building chatbots is faster and easier than starting from scratch.

No-Coding AI Tools

Creating AI chatbots becomes simpler with Juji's no-coding AI tools. These tools enable users to customize chatbots by adding or removing intents or dialog flows using drag-and-drop features. The no-coding AI tools also allow customization of chatbot personas, dialog, and main conversation flows without requiring coding knowledge.

Real-Time AI Learning and Chatbot Upgrade Support

With Juji Studio, users can improve their AI chatbots faster with real-time AI learning and live chatbot upgrade support. Real-time data insights extracted from chats enable businesses to understand their audience better. Live update support for chatbots reduces downtime while streamlining the control process.

Customize AI Chatbots Faster

Chatbot Agenda Topics

Juji Studio makes building chatbots easier by providing a graphical user interface (GUI) to define a main flow, which describes all the chatbot-initiated actions known as chatbot agenda topics. With a single slide per topic, users can understand the conversation topic in simple terms.

Mini-dialog Auto-generation and Coherent Conversations

Juji auto-generates mini-dialogs around each topic and links all topics to form coherent conversations automatically. This eliminates the need for manual dialog prototyping and speeds up the creation of chatbots. Mini-dialogs result in greater engagement and customer satisfaction, making chatbots more effective overall.

Customizable Persona to Match Your Brand

Juji enables users to customize chatbot personas to match their brand. Users can select a stock persona with a particular personality or define a custom one by providing a profile photo and name. Chatbot personas can be customized to fit the user's needs and goals.

Respond to User Inquiries Faster

Chatbot Fallbacks

Juji Studio supports secondary chatbot actions, known as chatbot fallbacks, that respond to arbitrary user inquiries faster. Users can submit a Q&A list in a CSV file or a GUI table to enable chatbot fallbacks. Juji responds to user inquiries with pre-defined answers, which can help reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.

Deploy Chatbots for Social Media Marketing and Sales

Facebook Messenger Deployment for Automated Customer Interactions

Juji Studio enables the deployment of chatbots in Facebook Messenger to automate customer interactions on Facebook. Businesses can boost customer engagement, gain deep customer insights, and improve social media ROI. Deploying a chatbot on Facebook Messenger allows businesses to save costs by automating simple tasks that would otherwise require several employees.

Deploy Chatbots on Your Website as Your "Eyes" and "Ears"

Juji Studio provides an AI tool for businesses that they can embed into their websites, which acts as an interactive chatbot. The chatbot introduces products, answers visitor questions, and gathers sales leads, making customer support and sales easier for businesses. Deploying chatbots on websites also increases customer engagement and helps to improve website traffic.

Real-time Data Insights for Continuous Improvement

Analyze Questions Asked by Users Automatically

Juji Studio automatically analyzes questions asked by users during a conversation. This information allows businesses to understand what their users care about and the challenges they face, which helps businesses offer better services faster. Data-driven insights provide businesses with the information they need to optimize their chatbots for the audience they serve.

Summarize User Responses Automatically

Juji Studio automatically summarizes user responses gathered during a conversation. This information allows businesses to understand what their users are like, what motivates them, and what they need best served. With Juji Studio, users can offer better services, boost customer satisfaction, and improve customer retention.

Get the Latest News from Juji support

Juji Studio provides regular support for users, helping them to better understand the software tool, receive the latest updates, and get help with technical problems they might encounter. Users can get the latest news and updates from Juji support by emailing [email protected], or from their social media accounts at @juji.io.


Juji's API enables seamless integration of Juji chatbots with different applications and platforms. These integrations provide users with the benefits of Juji's cognitive AI, allowing them to build and operate effective AI chatbots in different business environments. Let's explore the different types of Juji API integrations and how they can benefit your chatbot development strategies.

API Integration for Chatbot Development

If you are using Juji Studio or Juji IDE to develop a chatbot for your business, Juji API can help you embed cognitive AI chatbot powers into your app or website. With this integration, your chatbot can deliver better response efficacy and precision to your customers. You can deploy your chatbot on the web or use Juji chat API with your chatbot URL to include it in your app. The advantage of using Juji API is that it ensures collaborative and efficient development of chatbots in different business workflows. By allowing independent teams to focus on specific aspects of chatbot development, Juji API ensures that chatbot quality is optimized, and ROI is maximized.

Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech API Integration

Juji chatbots are text-based, but with Juji API, you can transform them into voice-enabled chatbots. By integrating Juji API with any speech-to-text and text-to-speech API, you can create chatbots that can hear and speak naturally just like humans. With this integration, you can offer customer support that is both efficient and engaging. Users can interact with your chatbot using any device, and Juji's cognitive AI will deliver the best responses to queries using natural language processing.

Language Translation API Integration

To expand your chatbot's capabilities beyond English speakers, you can integrate Juji API with any language translation API. This integration will make it possible for your chatbot to understand and speak multiple languages fluently. This is especially useful for businesses with global customers as it allows the chatbot to be more inclusive and accessible to non-English speakers.

Custom Configuration Document Integration

You can use Juji API to add Juji conversational AI powers to any existing chatbot. By wrapping up each conversation element in an existing chatbot into a Juji element and constructing a custom Juji config doc, you can use Juji API to upload the custom config doc and launch the chatbot. This integration enables efficient chatbot development workflows, as it allows teams to collaborate more effectively, with each team focusing on specific aspects of the chatbot's development. By deploying chatbots with Juji's cognitive AI powers, businesses can deliver more effective and efficient communication with their customers.

With Juji's API integration, businesses can leverage the powerful capabilities of Juji's cognitive AI and develop effective chatbots that can deliver better customer experiences.


Can Juji's chatbot interact with your audience naturally, e.g., answering user natural language questions any time during a chat?

Yes, Juji's chatbot is designed to understand and respond to natural language questions or requests from the user at any point during the conversation. It uses state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify the user's intent and provide appropriate responses.

Can Juji's chatbot handle multi-step tasks with highly diverse (often non-linear) user paths that are difficult to numerate or anticipate?

Yes, Juji's chatbot is equipped to handle complex tasks that involve multiple steps and diverse user paths. It can dynamically adjust its responses based on user behavior and leverage its memory to maintain context and provide personalized assistance.

Can Juji's chatbot bond with your audience through natural, social interactions?

Yes, Juji's chatbot is designed to create an engaging and personalized experience for the user through natural and social interactions. It can engage in small talk, recognize emotions, and adjust its tone and style to match the user's characteristics and preferences.

Can Juji's chatbot learn insights of your audience from a chat and use such insights to help them in the chat in real time?

Yes, Juji's chatbot uses cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to continuously learn from user interactions and adapt its responses to better serve the individual's needs. It can identify patterns, preferences, and behaviors and use this information to provide personalized recommendations and assistance.

Can Juji's chatbot improve and learn from more user interactions over time?

Yes, Juji's chatbot is designed to continuously improve and learn from user interactions over time. It can leverage its memory to keep track of previous interactions and use this information to deliver more personalized and efficient assistance. The more interactions it has, the more it learns, and the more accurate and effective it becomes in addressing user needs.


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