An intuitive and customizable user feedback tool that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses enhance their product development through contextual insights.

About Hubble


Hubble is an AI-powered user feedback tool that provides businesses with the ability to monitor, measure, and enhance their user experience. With Hubble, businesses can collect contextual user experience insights from their users at any point in the user journey through engaging in-product elements, allowing for improved product development. Hubble helps companies to reduce the internal resources used to collect and summarize user experience insights while generating automated reports with key insights to share with stakeholders. Hubble's customizable features, such as no-code in-product survey modals and customizable reporting, enable businesses to improve their qualitative user research continually. Additionally, with Hubble's flexible scaling capacity, even large enterprises can take advantage of its benefits. Hubble's advanced analytics and dashboards provide businesses with reliable data into product usage, user behavior, and feedback trendlines that allow for making informed product decisions.


Hubble is an AI-powered user feedback tool that empowers businesses to collect contextual user experience insights and improve their product development. With Hubble's customizable features, businesses can improve their qualitative user research continually and generate automated reports with key insights to share with stakeholders. Hubble allows for reliable data into product usage, user behavior, and feedback trendlines that enable businesses to make informed product decisions. Hubble offers flexible pricing structures tailored to meet the needs of businesses small to large, with a range of customizable features and a dedicated account manager to ensure that businesses can utilize the full capacity of the tool.

Company Overview

Hubble is an AI-powered user feedback tool that enables businesses to monitor, measure and enhance their user experience. The platform helps companies collect contextual user experience insights from their users at any point in the user journey through engaging in-product elements. Real-time user interviews can be insightful but they don't scale well, and traditional user research solutions do not connect businesses with real users, so Hubble fills that void in the market.

Hubble's solution works in a simple yet effective way. The platform empowers businesses to reduce the internal resources used to collect and summarize user experience insights while generating automated reports with key insights to share with stakeholders. Hubble enables businesses to engage with users early in the product development cycle to perform usability and concept tests and get insightful feedback during ideation, as well as even recruiting participants directly from their product to test designs and prototypes.

Hubble's AI technology and contextual surveys provide businesses with an enhanced research capability that ranges from usability testing, feature satisfaction, and concept tests among others. With Hubble, businesses can have real user insights available anytime anywhere and can generate on-demand reports and send them to stakeholders at any moment, making it feel like having an internal user insights team. Hubble helps businesses elevate their user experience intelligence to another level by providing real-time monitoring of user experience metrics.

What makes Hubble stand out is its ability to give businesses any user feedback in just a couple of hours and flexible scaling that can accommodate even the largest enterprises. With Hubble, businesses can see usability test results with precision, including screen level heatmaps and user paths or replay video clips of user testing sessions. As an AI-powered user feedback tool with an engaging user interface, Hubble ensures that businesses have real user insights at the tip of their fingers at any moment.


Collect In-Product Feedback

Scale Up Your User Feedback with Hubble's SDK

With Hubble's SDK, you can collect detailed user feedback in-product to highlight product features, components, and user flows. This powerful feature allows you to scale up your user feedback at a faster pace, improving the overall user experience of your product.

Continuous Feedback from Real Customers

Take advantage of Hubble's library of customized tooltips, modals and popovers to launch qualitative in-product research in minutes. This will enable you to get continuous feedback from real customers, allowing you to build better products based on their requirements.

No-Code In-Product Survey Modals

Anyone on your team can create a no-code in-product survey modal using Hubble. With this feature, you can get more specific feedback from users while still in your product environment. This feature allows you to set up messages triggered by specific user actions, such as abandoning a shopping cart or visiting a certain page on your website, and gathering their opinions on it more effectively.

Maximize Tracking User Behavior and Engagement

Gain Insights into Customer Behavior

Hubble's tool features configurations settings that will enable you to maximize tracking user behavior and engagement. Gain insights into customer's behavior that will allow you to target your messages more effectively.

Real-time Analytics and Dashboards

Stay on top of what's happening in your product in real-time with Hubble's analytics and dashboards. This feature will enable you to visualize the data you collect through Hubble, which includes product usage, specific user behavior, and feedback trendlines. With this feature, you'll be in complete control of your product growth.

Debug Issues with Hubble Tracking

Hubble's tool features debugging tools that will allow you to monitor and debug issues with Hubble tracking by logging data on each user's interaction with your product. This will enable you to ensure that Hubble's tracking is accurate and gives you optimal insights into customer behavior.

Quickly Launch Feedback Campaigns

A/B Test Feedback Campaigns

Hubble allows you to launch A/B test feedback campaigns quickly and effectively, enabling you to improve your product in real-time and based on feedback. Hubble will automatically randomize the users who receive the survey or feedback request so that A/B test results are statistically significant.

Automate Feedback Requests

Hubble's tool allows you to automate feedback requests, so you can collect responses in real-time without constant manual oversight. This feature means that Hubble will identify the right time to request feedback to avoid interrupting users and avoid annoying your customers.

Custom Branding Support

Hubble comes with custom branding support to allow you to maintain brand consistency in your feedback campaigns. You can customize everything from the campaign templates to the messages of automated, in-product triggers to better match your brand voice.

User Feedback Analytics

Identify Top Feedback Themes

Hubble will analyze and categorize feedback collected by users. This feature will highlight the top feedback themes, identifying the primary issues and pain points that users experience within your product. With this information, you can create strategies to address these user needs as they arise.

Track User Activity on Your Product

Hubble provides an easy to use dashboard for you to see precisely how users are interacting with your product. You can track everything from feedback trends to request response rates, and, of course, user behavior. This feature means you'll know exactly what parts of your product users use most, where they're struggling, and what they hate.

Customizable Reporting

Hubble's customizable reporting system allows you to create reports as per your unique requirements. You can export data and analytics as spreadsheets, CSV files, or graphs, making it easier to share data across teams and with stakeholders.

Dedicated Support and Resource Center

Dedicated Account Manager for All Users

All Hubble users have access to a dedicated account manager, ensuring that any questions or concerns relating to the product can be addressed promptly and effectively. Your account manager will guide you in the use of Hubble's features and strategies to improve product performance.

Hubble Resource Center

Hubble also provides its users with a vast resource center consisting of how-to guides, helpful case studies, and industry best practice pieces, among other things. Users can stay up-to-date with the latest best-practice advice and strategies to improve their product through this center.

24/7 Customer Support

If you need assistance with the Hubble tool or have any technical issues, the Hubble team is always available to help you. The team provides 24/7 customer support via chat, email, or phone, ensuring you always have access to the help you need.


Hubble offers a range of plans to help businesses of all sizes elevate their qualitative user research through their tool. The pricing structure is straightforward and easy to understand.

If you're an individual just getting started with collecting user feedback, their Basic plan is perfect for you. This plan is great for early stage founders and small startup product teams. Prices for the Basic plan start at affordable rates and elevate depending on the number of users and projects.

For growing product and design teams, Hubble offers a Professional plan that provides more advanced features and functionality. This plan includes features, such as custom branding, advanced filtering options, and access to Hubble’s library of commonly used user research questions. The pricing for Hubble’s Professional plan is also based on the number of users and projects.

If you have a large team or complex research needs, Hubble's Enterprise plan is your best option. In addition to all the features of the Professional plan, the Enterprise plan includes personalized onboarding and technical support, as well as exclusive access to new Hubble features and updates. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is tailored to each business's unique needs.

Overall, Hubble's pricing structure is flexible and designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you're just starting out or have a large product team and complex research needs, Hubble has a plan that can help you elevate your user research. If you have any questions about which plan is right for you or want to learn more about their pricing structure, you can get in touch with their team.


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