Designs AI is an online design platform harnessing artificial intelligence to simplify graphic design for professionals at an affordable cost.

About Designs AI

Designs AI is a company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce creative solutions that enhance your visual content. The company provides a variety of AI-generated content, including brand logos and brand kits, instant videos for multi-platform campaigns, customizable color palettes, and natural-sounding voices from text scripts. Their dynamic templates are user-friendly and designed to help expand their growing community. Designs AI's team of AI experts works to constantly improve their tool and scale creative production through AI technology.


Designs AI is an AI-powered tool that offers a range of solutions to enhance visual content. AI-generated brand logos and brand kits, instant videos for multi-platform campaigns, customizable color palettes, and natural-sounding voices from text scripts are all features of Designs AI. Their dynamic templates are user-friendly and designed to help expand their growing community.'s tools make it easy for both non-designers and professionals to create stunning graphics, fonts, and colors, with a vast collection of templates, fonts, icons, and stock photos. They are committed to improving their tool and scaling creative production through AI technology.

Company Overview

Designs AI is a company specializing in creative AI-powered solutions designed to elevate your visual content game. From generating brand logos and brand kits to producing stunning multi-platform campaigns via instant videos, the company delivers a wide range of AI-generated content. Their suite of tools includes dynamic templates with natural-sounding voices from text scripts, enabling perfect color matching and free SVG vectors with an in-browser editor.

The company’s flagship tool, AIA, generates stunning font combinations, allowing users to create beautiful visuals without the need for design expertise. Designs AI also offers a collection of social holidays and events, with quick and simple tutorials to help you get started. Their user-friendly interface is designed to expand their growing community, while their team of AI experts are constantly working to scale your creative production through AI technology.

Whether you’re a marketer or a designer, Designs AI makes it possible to create stunning visuals that are both SEO-friendly and optimized for multi-platform campaigns. So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your content game and try out today!


Elevate Your Marketing and SEO-Friendly Content Game

AI-Generated Brand Logos and Brand Kits

Designs AI's tool enables you to create a unique brand logo and brand kit in minutes with the help of AI. Simply enter your business name and niche to generate a set of logo templates that you can customize according to your preference. Take your brand further by creating a brand kit with fully customizable color palettes and font combinations that are perfect for SEO-friendly content creation and marketing.

Instant Videos for Multi-Platform Campaigns

Creating videos for multi-platform campaigns can take a lot of time and effort, but with Designs AI's tool, you can easily create videos in minutes. This AI-powered tool selects the most relevant images, clips, and music for your brand and string them together to create a marketing video that's ready to be uploaded to any platform.

Stunning Visual Content with Dynamic Templates

With Designs AI's tool, you can create stunning visual content that stands out on any platform. Choose from hundreds of dynamic templates that are fully customizable to your brand and your content's message. Whether you're looking for an image for a blog or thumbnail for a video, designs AI will help you create visually appealing content.

Generate Audio and Visual Content in Minutes

Natural-Sounding Voices from Text Scripts

Designs AI offers a natural-sounding voice feature that makes your audio content production a breeze. It offers you a variety of voices that you can use in your podcasts, video content, and more. With just a text script, you can generate your next voice-over within minutes, saving you time and effort in curating the perfect voice for your content.

Use AI to Match Colors for the Perfect Palette

Designs AI's color palette tool uses AI to match the colors you choose on your computer screen to the perfect color palette. The tool generates multiple palettes that you can use for your brand, logo, and any other visual elements. Whether you need to match your brand's colors with your blog post or marketing materials, this tool will save you time and effort in selecting the best color palette for your content.

Free SVG Vectors with an In-Browser Editor

Designs AI's tool offers free SVG vectors that you can edit right in your browser. This feature allows you to access various vector graphics to incorporate into your visual content. Simply select and import the graphic, then edit and resize it to your liking in the in-browser editor, saving you both time and money in outsourcing graphics for your designs.

Expand Your Knowledge and Resources for AI, Design, and Marketing

A Collection of Social Holidays and Events

Designs AI's tool has a collection of social holidays and events that you can utilize to create timely and relevant marketing materials for your brand. The tool collects and lists important holidays and their dates in various countries, so you never miss an opportunity to create something unique for your brand.

Quick Simple Tutorials to Get Started

Designs AI's tool provides quick, simple tutorials to get started with the platform, ensuring that you can make the most of the tool without struggling through the learning curve. These tutorials take you through the features and processes, making it easy to become an expert in a short time.

Help the Growing Community Expand Their Creative Production with AI

Designs AI's growing community welcomes users, whether you're new to AI-powered design or already experienced in the field. The platform provides you the opportunity to learn from other experts in the community, share your own expertise and concerns, and receive feedback on your designs, enabling you to expand your creative production with AI.

Pricing offers a range of services to elevate your marketing game, from AI-generated brand logos and brand kits, to stunning visual content with dynamic templates, and even natural-sounding voices from a text script. Prices vary depending on the service you choose, but offers a number of options to suit any budget.

For those looking to generate stunning font combinations or find the perfect color palette, offers a collection of social holidays and events, as well as quick and simple tutorials to get you started. And if you're looking to learn more about AI, design, and marketing, has you covered with a range of resources to help you expand your knowledge and grow your community. premium resources can only be used to create end products with tools. They cannot be downloaded and used on a stand-alone basis with no other content. For more information, please refer to our license agreement.

Whether you're a non-designer or a seasoned pro, makes it easy to create stunning graphics, fonts, and colors. With over 20,000 templates to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your project. And with easy asset sharing, you can increase productivity and ensure consistent branding on all your creations. Best of all, all your creations are in social media-compliant sizes, so you can easily share them on your favorite platforms.

So why wait? Cut out manual work and let AI generate for you with Prices vary depending on the service you choose, but with a 34% discount available, there's never been a better time to scale your creative production with AI. And if you need any help along the way, is always here to assist you in finding the perfect graphics, fonts, and colors.


What is Designmaker?

Designmaker is an A.I. powered graphic design tool that enables users to create stunning layouts and media designs without previous design experience. It utilizes a drag-and-drop interface and provides access to millions of pre-made templates, fonts, icons, and stock photos.

What features does Designmaker offer?

Designmaker offers a wide range of features that include access to millions of pre-made templates, fonts, icons, and stock photos in its library. It also uses A.I. technology to provide suggestions based on the user's input and make design suggestions. Additionally, Designmaker enables users to upload their images and customize their designs.

Is Designmaker suitable for beginners?

Yes, absolutely! Designmaker was created with the beginner in mind. The application is user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-navigate interface, making it ideal for users without design experience. The drag-and-drop feature empowers users to create designs in just a few clicks. Furthermore, the A.I. technology provides suggestions, making the design process seamless.

Can I upload my custom images on Designmaker?

Yes, you can upload your custom images on Designmaker. The platform allows you to import your images or designs and use them in your creations. This feature enables customization and can provide a unique touch to your designs.

What kind of designs can I create with Designmaker?

You can create a wide range of designs using Designmaker, including social media posts, flyers, cards, brochures, and much more. The platform's vast collection of templates, fonts, and icons can inspire a wide range of creations, which are suitable for any occasion.

Designs AI

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User-friendly cloud-based design platform powered by artificial intelligence for streamlined graphics development.

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