Generate learning and development training videos from text prompts using generative artificial intelligence, cutting production time and costs significantly.

About Colossyan

Colossyan is an AI-supported video creation tool that offers exceptional explainer videos with real presenters, personalized learning content, and AI marketing videos that increase engagement and sales. With the help of the platform’s AI technology, users can create professional video content without needing to have formal video production training or studio equipment. Colossyan is used by companies such as Hewlett Packard, BASF, and BMW and has recently raised $5 million in Series A funding. In addition, the company recently made a significant impact by enabling trial product use without signing up, demonstrating its transparency and commitment to customer needs.


Colossyan is an AI-driven video creation tool for businesses looking to create personalized learning content, AI marketing videos, and exceptional explainer videos with real presenters. The platform offers a wide range of features, including generating numerous versions of the same video and transforming dull documents into professional videos. The AI-powered actors in Colossyan add emotions to videos, capturing viewers' attention and leading to increased engagement and click-through rates. Colossyan's pricing plans are flexible and based on video generation minutes, allowing users affordable access to scalable AI-powered video creation that offers exceptional customer service and unmatched responsiveness. Try Colossyan Creator without signing up and reap the benefits of this innovative video creation tool that’s used by global corporations such as BASF, BMW, and Hewlett Packard.

Company Overview

Colossyan is a company that specializes in creating exceptional AI explainer videos with presenters, developing businesses' messaging to maximum impact with AI videos, and increasing engagement and sales through AI marketing videos. The company is dedicated to bringing studio-quality videos to everyone and providing creators with ideas, news, and all sorts of content that can help make video creation easier.

The company's history began when three friends who were working at another company saw how time-consuming video production could be. They gathered a team of world-class engineers and AI researchers to create a platform that could take minutes to create and localize videos that would have taken months before. Colossyan's platform is now used by companies such as Hewlett Packard, BASF, and BMW.

Colossyan's innovation in the video creation industry is driven by their values, which extend beyond words and are ways of living, creating, and doing. Value for customers is the primary driver, along with simplicity and honesty in design and communication. The company embraces the challenges of deep tech, forging ahead through uncertainty and difficulty. It is dedicated to making the startup process fun by prioritizing culture fit over technical skills and experience. The company thinks beyond the specific responsibilities of individual roles, challenging decisions and clarifying ideas, and highlighting issues across the business.

The company is committed to working with clients to create and tailor training and learning content libraries, building the future of video creation alongside customers by providing exceptional AI-powered video creation services. Colossyan has recently made the decision to enable users to try the product to create videos without signing up, which has had a significant impact. Additionally, the company has raised $5 million in Series A funding and credits video content for being a must-have for learning and education websites.


Create Your Own Training & Learning Content Library

Generate Training Content with No Studio Equipment

Colossyan Creator makes producing high quality training and learning videos easy for businesses who don’t have access to studio equipment. Users can create their own avatar and synthesize their own voice to create engaging, custom learning content. Taking advantage of this feature is an excellent way for businesses to stay up to date with customer and employee training demands.

Personalize Learning Content on a Budget

Colossyan Creator allows users to generate personalized training videos and initiatives, even for companies with limited resources. Our AI technology allows companies to scale employee training and make personalized content, and our clients have reported a 25% increase on click-through rates when A/B testing personalized videos against traditional marketing content.

Ditch the Time Constraints and Have Learning Content Produced Almost Instantaneously

Previously, producing training content could be a time-consuming task, with plenty of ill-fated takes causing delays. With Colossyan Creator, users can create high-quality training videos instantaneously, effectively reducing the time it takes to produce educational content.

Exceptional AI Explainer Videos with Real Presenters

Studio-Quality Explainer Videos for Everyone

Creating great explainer videos for sales and marketing hasn’t been easier. Colossyan Creator provides each user with access to commercial templates that are both easy to use and affordable. Being granted access to a wide range of AI actors with adaptable accents, voices and mannerisms allows for tailor-made explainer videos and promotions that suit the needs of each individual audience.

Generate Multiples Versions of the Same Video In Minutes

In a successful video strategy, testing various types of content with your audience is paramount. With Colossyan Creator, users can create and test multiple versions of their videos to determine which is the most successful in just a few clicks. Unlike traditional video creation, users do not need any editing skills to create multiple projects using Colossyan Creator.

Transform Dull Documents into Professional Videos Instantly

Transforming PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, reports, and blog posts into engaging videos is a breeze, thanks to Colossyan Creator’s AI technology. With just one click, users can increase engagement and maximize retention by inserting a presenter, inserting their own transitions, and adding a voiceover.

Level Up Business Messaging for Maximum Impact with AI Videos

Generate High-Quality AI Videos & Campaigns at Scale with Little Extra Time and Cost

Businesses who use Colossyan Creator can make video campaigns without investing much extra time or money. With AI-generated content and customizable templates, users have everything they need to communicate their message effectively.

Get Shareable Videos With Real Actors in No Time

Colossyan Creator allows users to create polished, custom social media content featuring real actors, all in an effort to increase viewership and boost engagement. Comparable to other types of media, video content is typically shared twice as much, and businesses using Colossyan Creator have found it easy to generate sharable social media content.

Build a Brand Identity & Boost Business Sales

Colossyan Creator offers businesses the ability to create professional-quality branded content with minimal effort. By using a brand kit and templates, users can maintain a consistent image across all video content. With this feature, businesses can build their brand identity as well as boost direct sales.

Increase Engagement and Sales through AI Marketing Videos

Fast, Affordable and Effective Content Creation

Colossyan Creator is a fast and easy video creation platform that provides users with the tools to create marketing videos that will boost customer engagement and sales, all at an affordable price. With Colossyan Creator's AI technology, users can create, save, and generate videos using customizable templates with the touch of a button.

Customizable Features Tailor-Made for Your Audience

Choosing the right presentation and persona is key for content that is developed exclusively for each audience. With Collsoyan Creator, businesses get access to a broad range of authentic faces, accents, and voice customizations from which to choose, allowing for tailored content that fits any target audience.

Use AI Technology to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Businesses employing Colossyan Creator's AI-produced video content technology have a distinct edge over their competition. Studies have shown that an increasing number of customers are interested in personalized content - something Whitemoss has long offered. Utilizing Colossyan Creator’s AI technology allows businesses to provide personalized content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video making.


Colossyan offers flexible pricing plans based on video generation minutes and access to premium features. The monthly plans can be canceled at any time without any additional fees. However, if you opt for yearly plans, you should note that they are paid upfront for the entire year, and you won't receive a refund for the unused months.

Your pricing plan is based on your plan's allowance of minutes. If you exceed the minute limit, you'll need to upgrade to a more generous subscription to generate additional videos. Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase additional minutes. But, you can create your very own Custom Actor on any active plan, which offers a unique touch to your videos.

If you're under your video minute limit at the end of a billing period, unused minutes do not roll over to the next billing period. Generated videos are the final rendered version of your drafts, so it's not possible to edit them. However, you can go back and edit your draft videos anytime you want. Remember, only generated videos count towards your allowance; you can create as many drafts as you like.

Colossyan offers a free plan that automatically converts your account to it when you reach the limit of your paid plan. Suppose you're not satisfied with the plan you selected. In that case, you can reach out to their customer support and pause your account for up to two months for free without losing your progress.

Colossyan's customers praise the platform's scalability in terms of e-learning content creation, as a Colossyan video takes only 20% of the time to create as compared to filming. Users also note that the responsiveness and engagement they've experienced with Colossyan have been unmatched.


What is Colossyan Creator?

Colossyan Creator is a video creation tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) actors to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily. It offers features such as text-to-video, video customizations, multiple languages, AI script assistant, actors with emotions, and much more. With its user-friendly interface, users can create engaging and interactive videos to capture their audience's attention and drive engagement and sales.

Who can benefit from using Colossyan?

Colossyan Creator is suitable for individuals, businesses, companies, and organizations looking to create AI-powered videos without having to learn complex video production skills. It is ideal for marketing, sales, eLearning, training, and development professionals who want to create engaging and personalized video content quickly and at an affordable cost. Additionally, it is perfect for individuals who want to create fun and exciting videos to share on social media or YouTube.

What are the advantages of using Colossyan Creator?

Colossyan Creator is designed to simplify and expedite video creation. The primary advantages of using Colossyan Creator are speed, affordability, and quality. With Colossyan, users can create professional-quality videos in minutes, without the need for expensive equipment, studios, or actors. Additionally, the AI-powered actors are capable of conveying emotions, which makes the videos more engaging and helps capture the viewers' attention. Colossyan also offers multilingual support, enabling users to create videos in over 75 languages.

How does Colossyan Creator work?

Colossyan Creator works by using artificial intelligence algorithms to create videos from text input. Users simply input the text, select an AI actor, choose a template or customize their video, and Colossyan does the rest. The AI algorithms will use the input text to generate a script, and the AI actor will read the script while conveying different emotions. Colossyan Creator can produce videos in various resolutions, ranging from 360p to 1080p, and supports various aspect ratios, including 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.

Can I try Colossyan Creator without signing up for an account?

Yes, Colossyan recently decided to enable users to try the product and create videos without signing up. This decision has been welcomed by many potential users who want to test out the product before committing to it. This shows Colossyan's commitment to providing a transparent and honest service and is also an excellent way for users to determine whether Colossyan Creator meets their video creation needs before purchasing a subscription.


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