Chooch is an advanced artificial intelligence vision platform that provides customized computer vision solutions for businesses.

About Chooch

Chooch is a pioneering platform in computer vision, enabling businesses and public sector organizations to scrutinize video data on a large scale, thereby garnering vital insights to shape better decisions.

Powered by AI, Chooch's platform can swiftly identify, process, and analyze a plethora of visual elements, images, and movements in video streams, positioning it as a leading player in the sector.

The platform's applications span across various industries such as retail, manufacturing, and the public sector. It facilitates data gathering to enhance loss prevention, ensure employee safety, analyze behavior and demographics, conduct aerial surveillance, and more.

Chooch offers ReadyNowTM AI models, fully trained to handle common use cases such as facial recognition, fall detection, license plate recognition, generative AI, and others. This makes the platform ready-to-use with AI Vision solutions.

Chooch presents a sophisticated AI Vision system designed to aid businesses and governmental bodies in parsing video information on a large scale, thus delivering actionable insights for enhanced decision-making processes.

The power of Chooch's AI Vision lies in its ability to identify, process, and evaluate a multitude of visual elements, gestures, and events in video streams within nanoseconds. This speed and efficiency position it as a key player in the competitive AI market.

Industries such as retail, manufacturing, and the public sector widely apply the Chooch AI Vision system. It is leveraged to harvest data insights for a multitude of purposes such as reinforcing loss prevention, ensuring employee safety, analyzing behaviors and demographics, facilitating aerial surveillance, among others.

The Chooch platform comes pre-equipped with AI Vision solutions, boasting fully trained ReadyNowTM AI models, designed to cater to popular applications such as facial identification, fall detection, license plate recognition, generative AI, and more.

Distinctively, the Chooch AI Vision system can function on both cloud and edge computing or in a hybrid setup. It is fully fine-tuned to deliver top-tier performance regardless of whether it is operating on cameras or robot GPUs/CPUs. It continually learns from video data, thus ensuring a consistently high accuracy level.

Moreover, Chooch provides advisory services encompassing consultative design, data gathering, data labeling, model creation, prototype examination, and integration assistance. These services enable businesses to design a bespoke vision solution that suits their unique requirements.

The AI Vision system by Chooch has emerged as a potent resource for enterprises. Its sophisticated AI features make it an ideal choice for firms keen on enhancing operational efficiency, automating tasks, and boosting revenue. Deployed across diverse sectors, the platform has consistently yielded remarkable results.

Uniquely, the Chooch AI Vision platform operates in both cloud and edge environments, or a hybrid of both, ensuring optimum performance across devices, whether they're camera or robot-based GPUs/CPUs. With continuous learning from video data, the platform assures the highest degree of accuracy.

Further, Chooch provides advisory services encompassing consultative design, data collection, data labeling, model creation, prototype testing, and integration assistance, assisting organizations to create bespoke vision solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Chooch's AI Vision platform has proven to be an invaluable asset for companies. With its state-of-the-art AI capabilities, it serves as an ideal solution for firms aiming to enhance operational effectiveness, automate workflows, and boost revenue generation. Its deployment across diverse industries has consistently produced remarkable outcomes.


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