Cardinal is an all-in-one product management tool featuring smart properties, impact mapping, prioritization, and real-time visibility for seamless collaboration.

About Cardinal


Cardinal is an AI tool that helps product teams attain their objectives by providing data-led specifications, real-time visibility, collaboration tools, and clarity in work being done. The tool has various integrations to connect live data to specs and establish KPIs. Cardinal also ensures that each task is essential and adds value to the product by comparing impact areas and initiatives instead of features with features. Additionally, Cardinal Web, Inc., a United States-based company, owns and operates Cardinal.


Cardinal is an AI tool for product teams that provides data-led specifications, real-time visibility, collaboration tools, and clarity in work being done. It has various integrations, including Salesforce and Figma, and supports custom integrations if requested. The tool features smart properties that make work easier, impact mapping, prioritization, and offers real-time top-level visibility. Cardinal makes product work easy while maintaining consistency across the team.

Company Overview

Cardinal is a AI tool created to help product teams. It does this by providing real-time visibility, clarity, collaboration, and data-led specifications of the work being done. It is designed to aid stakeholders in identifying, prioritizing, and building their project to achieve their goals.

It offers a range of integrations to connect live data to specs and set KPIs, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Linear, Atlassian, Shortcut, Notion, Mixpanel, Posthog, Tableau, Amplitude, Sigma, and Figma. Say what you want about an integration, and Cardinal gives simple responses, data, and visualizations in real-time.

With Cardinal, users can make their product work consistent and creative by collaborating with their colleagues while tracking essential goals or KPIs. It utilizes smart properties to allow users to work more accurately and more efficiently, bringing live data into one's specs and, most importantly, provides a means to identify which initiatives and impact areas yield better results while comparing between schedules and features.

Cardinal also allows stakeholders to have real-time top-level visibility and discussion over work, KPIs, and progress across teams and projects, leading to a better understanding of what everyone is doing and how it will impact their work.

Cardinal Web, Inc owns and operates Cardinal. It was founded in 2023 and is headquartered in the United States. The terms of service and privacy policy are available on the website. Users can also contact Cardinal for further details and support.


Data Integration

Connect live data to your specs and share KPIs

Cardinal allows its users to connect live data to their project specifications and share key performance indicators (KPIs) across the team. It integrates with various systems such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Linear, Atlassian, Shortcut, Notion, Mixpanel, Posthog, Tableau, Amplitude, Sigma, Figma, Slack, and more. If users do not see their preferred integration, they can submit a request and Cardinal may incorporate it in the future.

Real-Time Visibility

Oversee work, KPIs, and progress across teams and projects in real time

One of the best features of Cardinal is its real-time top-level visibility, which provides an up-to-date understanding of the project's status, KPIs, and progress across teams and projects. This ensures that everyone is aware of what is happening and can prioritize tasks more effectively. The team can discuss areas that need improvement, identify problematic patterns, and make data-driven decisions to consistently improve work.

Collaboration Tools

Make product work consistent while being creative & collaborative across the team

Cardinal is equipped with various collaboration tools that help the team stay on the same page while remaining creative and collaborative. The tool makes product work consistent and allows for flexibility in accomplishing tasks. By being able to work effectively across different skill sets and functional areas, the team can ensure that everyone is aligned with each other and working together smoothly.

Data-Led Specifications

Bring live data into your specs and work faster and more efficiently

With Cardinal, users can bring live data into their project specifications and work faster and more efficiently. Its smart properties feature allows users to write freely, cleanly, and effectively. The tool can also bring live data into the specs to ensure that everything is accurate and data-driven. This allows users to work at their own pace and frees up time that is normally spent checking for errors or incorrect data.

Impact Mapping and Prioritization

Compare impact areas and initiatives, not features with features

Cardinal changes the traditional method of road mapping with its impact mapping and prioritization feature. It allows users to compare impact areas and initiatives rather than features with features. The software identifies what worked and what did not by comparing the areas of impact and initiatives. This ensures that every feature is essential and adds value to the product.


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