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Create scalable enterprise applications without limitations using a no-code platform designed for citizen developers.

About Betty Blocks


Betty Blocks is a no-code platform that offers low-code capabilities to build scalable enterprise applications that supports operations and innovative digital products that help generate new revenue streams. With its user-friendly interface, Betty Blocks enables business professionals and IT to collaborate and automate workflows, streamlining tasks to run the business more efficiently. The platform has already been utilized by top organizations like Norton Rose Fulbright and Clifford Chance to enhance their digital transformation efforts.


Betty Blocks is a no-code platform that helps users create scalable enterprise applications without limitations. With its user-friendly interface and multi-device and cross-platform capabilities, it allows developers to create applications in record time. Betty Blocks is geared towards empowering citizen developers, bridging the gap between IT and the business, and preventing shadow IT. With its vast integration options available in the Betty Blocks Store, API integration, direct integration with applications, and personalized demo sessions, Betty Blocks offers a complete integration experience. Betty Blocks offers a flexible subscription model to ensure businesses can choose a plan that fits their unique needs. Betty Blocks offers an alternative to OutSystems, Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, and Appian.

Company Overview

Betty Blocks is the #1 no-code platform that offers low-code capabilities to build collaboratively without limitations. With Betty Blocks, businesses can build scalable enterprise applications that support their operations and develop innovative digital products that generate new revenue streams. The platform equips both business professionals and IT with a tool to innovate together, streamlining workflows, and automating tasks to run the business more efficiently.

Many top organizations have utilized Betty Blocks' platform to enhance their digital transformation efforts. Norton Rose Fulbright has even built over 27 digital solutions on the platform. Clifford Chance experienced a 45-60% boost in efficiency with low-code development, while Mazars in Germany established a no-code foundation, 20+ citizen developers, and nine business applications.

Betty Blocks is perfect for businesses looking to increase efficiency with scalable applications that empower the business while creating client-facing apps to increase profits and competitive advantage. Additionally, the platform is ideal for businesses looking to automate workflows and customer services with automation applications. To experience the impact of Betty Blocks on innovation goals, the platform provides a 30-minute demo based on the business case, allowing for customized innovation solutions.


Visual Modeling for Rapid Application Development

Intuitive Interface for Citizen Developers

Betty Blocks' no-code platform allows citizen developers to rapidly develop and intuitively design applications through visual modeling. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to those without programming experience, enabling them to bring their ideas to life in a controlled environment.

Multi-Device and Cross-Platform Capabilities

The platform is accessible via any device and is cross-platform, allowing developers to build and access applications on a broad range of systems and devices. This feature makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy applications across multiple platforms, thereby saving time and effort.

Surprisingly Easy, Fast, and Fun

Using Betty Blocks, developers can build complex applications at a speed of light without writing a single line of code. The platform's user-friendly interface and visual modeling features make it easy and fun to create applications in record time, preserving IT's role in maintaining the platform, thereby freeing up more time for innovation and growth.

Empowering Citizen Developers

The Betty Blocks Guarantee

Betty Blocks guarantees that citizen developers, with or without IT support, can create customized and integrated applications and launch them in four weeks. This feature bypasses the traditional development process, thus saving time and money.

No-Code Era Frontrunners

Citizen developers are the primary users of the platform. They know what they need and are the primary drivers of innovation. Betty Blocks empowers citizen developers by providing a platform where they can bring their ideas to life in a controlled environment without requiring IT expertise. This feature bridges the gap between IT and the business, thereby enabling innovation that drives enterprise growth.

Shadow IT Prevention

IT departments can control the Betty Blocks platform, enabling citizen developers to innovate in a controlled environment that prevents shadow IT. This feature bridges the gap between IT and the business, enabling responsible innovation by empowering citizen developers to build solutions without bypassing the IT department.

Integration and Customization Capabilities

Flexible UI Builder

The platform's flexible user interface builder enables developers to customize and integrate all aspects of the application, including the front-end, back-end, and data models. This feature makes it easy for developers to create sophisticated custom apps that solve business problems with ease.

Designed for the Cloud

Betty Blocks' no-code platform is 100% cloud-based, designed for multi-device and cross-platform use. This feature makes it easier and faster to develop, test, and deploy applications across multiple platforms, saving time and effort.

Connect with Everything

Betty Blocks has an extensive library of readily available APIs and pre-built integrations, allowing developers to connect their applications with other systems, such as CRM tools, ERPs, or databases, quickly and easily. This feature ensures that developers can create comprehensive, integrated business applications that automate key processes and solve business problems.

Discover the Power of the Platform

Platform Demos and Feature Videos

Betty Blocks provides platform demos and feature videos to help business leaders understand how the no-code platform can transform their organization. These resources demonstrate how Betty Blocks' no-code platform supports innovation and growth in the enterprise by empowering citizen developers and enabling rapid application development with minimal investment of time and resources.

100% Enterprise-Ready

The Betty Blocks no-code platform claims to be the world's first enterprise-ready no-code platform. This feature underscores the company's commitment to providing a platform that is tailored to the needs of the enterprise, enabling citizen developers and IT teams to work together efficiently and securely, while ensuring that applications built on the platform are scalable and maintainable over time.

People First

Betty Blocks places people at the heart of everything it does. The platform is designed to empower people and facilitate innovation. Betty Blocks understands that people are the most important drivers of innovation, and its no-code platform enables developers, business leaders, and IT professionals to work together to create solutions that drive enterprise growth.


Betty Blocks offers several integrations to make platform usage as easy as possible. One of them is the (free) Betty Blocks Store that has pre-existing integrations available for use right away, with no extra cost. Some of the integrations available in the Betty Blocks Store are iManage, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft services, and SAP. Additionally, Betty Blocks is constantly expanding its integration options to fit customers' needs. Users can select any integration options that fit their application's needs, fill in their details, and then drag and drop them right into their application.

Customize Integrations with API

For cases where the desired application or data source isn't supported by the Betty Blocks Store, users have the freedom to create their custom integration via the API. Betty Blocks understands that this might be a technical challenge, which is why it has a squad of solutioneers willing and ready to assist its customers with such queries. Setting up a custom API with Betty Blocks means it's readily available for utilization every time it's needed.

Direct Integration with Applications

Betty Blocks can integrate with any application for its clients, making it easy to execute new assignments and implement changes to existing systems. For instance, Betty Blocks can help to create an application that collects vital client information by making use of a survey form. After a user fills up the survey form, the data collected can be imposed directly into the existing system without delay.


Betty Blocks has partnerships with leading companies like iManage, Thomson Reuters, and SAP that make it easier for users to connect their Betty Blocks application with their systems. By providing easy access to Betty Blocks' customers, these partnerships allow them to seamlessly connect their application with their system, increasing workflow and productivity.

Demo-based Integration

Betty Blocks understands the importance of personalization, which is why it offers personalized demo sessions based on the user's business case. The demo-based integration helps customers to experience the impact of Betty Blocks on their innovation goals. Allowing customers to test out the platform's integration capabilities in a controlled setting demonstrates the value of Betty Blocks.

In conclusion, Betty Blocks offers a variety of integration options to facilitate platform usage and allow users to customize their Betty Blocks application to their specific needs. Whether customers want to choose pre-existing integrations from the Betty Blocks Store or create their own API integrations, Betty Blocks provides technical assistance to integrate any application with their system. By providing partnerships with several established companies, integration with external applications and personalized demo sessions based on business use cases, Betty Blocks offers a complete integration experience.


Betty Blocks offers a flexible subscription model to its users that allows them to choose a plan that fits their needs, with the ability to upgrade at any stage. As a cloud-based platform, there are no downloads or user updates required, and users can access the most current version of the platform automatically without any migration. With Betty Blocks, there are three types of users: internal, external and anonymous, and the pricing is based on a user-based model which ensures that users only pay for what they need.

The subscription model is designed with complete flexibility, so businesses can upgrade from SLA 0 - 3 at any time without interrupting their access to their application network. This means users can choose a package that best fits their current needs and upgrade as necessary further down the line. Moreover, businesses can choose between different platform editions, the number of users for their application, and any add-ons or expansions they might need.

Betty Blocks offers an enterprise package that is best suited for large organizations with high data requirements or need round-the-clock support. This package includes dedicated customer success contact services that provide additional support to developers and end-users. However, for businesses with smaller needs, other packages are available that provide access to the same comprehensive solutions but at a lower price point.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how Betty Blocks pricing plans fit your business, get in touch with one of their representatives to learn more. With Betty Blocks, users always have the ability to build, iterate, and expand solutions without having to worry about costs ballooning alongside their needs.


What is Betty Blocks?

Betty Blocks is a no-code visual model-driven development platform that enables users to build enterprise-grade applications directly from the cloud. The platform stands out because of its user-friendly interface and pre-designed modules (“blocks”) that make it easy for users to get apps up and running quickly. Users do not need to be skilled programmers to use the platform, although traditional developers also seem to love building with Blocks.

How does Betty Blocks work?

The Betty Blocks platform consists of four key components: UI Builder, Data Model, Actions, and Web Services. These components are held together by the Elixir Magic Sauce, which is the programming language the platform is built on. The user builds the app, selecting blocks that are pre-designed for maximum efficiency, and the platform handles everything else. Once the app is completed, it is uploaded instantly to the cloud and is ready for use. Betty Blocks is accessible from any web browser, and the platform will soon be available on Microsoft Azure Cloud as well.

What is the Betty Blocks Block Store?

The Block Store is the “glazing” on top of the Betty Blocks Layered Cake. It provides users with reusable building blocks that raise their efficiency and productivity. For example, when a user builds a web service in a certain application, they can store it in the Block Store so they don’t have to fully rebuild it within the next application. This structure empowers citizen developers that use Betty Blocks, while more experienced developers can build the initial web services and then extend the functions to be further used by Citizen Developers.

Can Betty Blocks be used with existing websites?

Yes, Betty Blocks can be combined with existing websites or other applications. Betty Blocks applications can always work from a specific organization that the user is part of. From that environment, users can create new applications, change the name or settings of existing an application, create new sandboxes, and move their application changes to the next sandbox (if the user has permission to do so).

Does Betty Blocks have templates for commonly used applications?

Yes, Betty Blocks offers a stack of predefined templates that users can use to build their application. There is a large set of pre-designed templates for every kind of application, including CRM’s and other complex systems. Additionally, users can create and share their own templates using the Block Store.


If you're looking for Betty Blocks alternatives that offer similar features, here are some you can consider:

1. OutSystems

OutSystems is a low-code development platform designed to help businesses create, deploy, and manage custom applications. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, robust integration capabilities, and pre-built UI components to streamline app development. With OutSystems, you can build apps for web, mobile, and desktop environments. It also provides AI-assisted development tools for faster, smarter workflows. OutSystems can be used by companies of any size, and pricing is based on the number of users and apps you need.

2. Mendix

Mendix is a leading low-code development platform that can help you build web and mobile apps up to 10 times faster than traditional methods. It offers visual modeling of app components, pre-built UI templates, and a range of integration options to make development quick and efficient. You can also use Mendix to build custom connectors and extensions, and collaborate with team members in real-time. The platform is suitable for businesses in any industry, and pricing varies depending on your requirements.

3. Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code development platform that allows users to create custom business apps without writing code. It offers drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built templates, and robust integration capabilities to help simplify and accelerate development. Power Apps also integrates with many other Microsoft applications, such as Excel, Teams, and Dynamics. The platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes, with pricing based on the number of users and apps you need.

4. Appian

Appian is an end-to-end low-code development platform that helps businesses automate their workflows and build custom applications quickly. It offers drag-and-drop app building, AI-powered automation, and integrations with other business systems to streamline processes. With Appian, you can build apps for web, mobile, and desktop environments. The platform is suitable for businesses in any industry, and pricing is based on your usage needs.

Betty Blocks

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