Be My Eyes

Mobile app connecting the visually impaired with sighted volunteers and corporate representatives for live video assistance.

About Be My Eyes


Be My Eyes is a mobile app that has revolutionized the accessible technology market, making everyday tasks manageable for visually impaired individuals. Founded in Denmark in 2012 by Hans Jørgen Wiberg, the app uses live video calls to connect visually impaired users with sighted volunteers and corporate representatives worldwide. The platform has over 4 million volunteers who have assisted blind and low-vision users in over 180 languages, making the biggest online community for blind and low-vision people globally. The app has made notable progress, winning several awards, including Google Play's Best Apps of 2017, the Best Accessibility Award in 2018, and the Apple Design Award for Social Impact in 2021. Companies such as Verizon and Twitter have partnered with Be My Eyes to encourage employees to volunteer their time and skillset to help others with visual disabilities. This has made a significant impact, accelerating the visually challenged's ability to lead happy and autonomous lives, and improving society's inclusivity and diversity.


Be My Eyes is a mobile app that connects the visually impaired with sighted volunteers and corporate representatives worldwide through live video calls. The platform has over 4 million volunteers, making the biggest online community for the blind and low-vision people globally. The app has won several awards and partnered with companies such as Verizon and Twitter, leading to a significant impact on visually challenged individuals' ability to lead happy and autonomous lives, improving society's inclusivity and diversity.

Company Overview

Be My Eyes is a mobile app that aims to make the world more accessible for blind and low-vision people. It was founded in Denmark in 2012 by Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who himself is visually impaired and noticed the need for assistance among this community. The app connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers and companies from all over the world through a live video call.

Since its launch in January 2015, over 4 million volunteers have signed up to assist blind and low-vision users in over 180 languages, making Be My Eyes one of the largest micro-volunteering platforms and the biggest online community for blind and low-vision people. Each day, volunteers join the app to lend their sight to these individuals, helping them tackle challenges and solve problems together.

Be My Eyes was a hit from the start, with the iOS app receiving over 10,000 users within its first 24 hours of release. The Android version of the app was launched on October 5th, 2017, and was also very well-received by the public.

In December 2017, Be My Eyes was chosen as Google Play Best Apps of 2017 in the categories; “Most Innovative”, “Best Daily Helper” and “Best Hidden Gem”, and in May 2018, it won the Google Play Award 2018 for “Best Accessibility Award”. In 2021, the app won an Apple Design Award for Social Impact, a testament to the positive impact it has had on the blind and low-vision community.

In addition to connecting individuals with volunteers, Be My Eyes offers a variety of corporate solutions, including Specialized Help, which enables blind and low-vision users to connect with official company representatives for accessible and efficient customer support. The company now offers Be My Eyes for Work, Corporate Volunteering, Be My Eyes Experiences, and Be My Eyes Careers, making Be My Eyes a one-stop-shop for corporations looking to support the visually impaired community.

Be My Eyes is more than just an app, it is a community that fosters empathy and inclusivity among its volunteers and users. Through the power of technology, the app has broken down barriers and made everyday tasks more manageable for visually impaired individuals, proving that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference.


Video Assistance

Live Video Connection

Be My Eyes offers a live video connection between visually impaired users and sighted volunteers, allowing for real-time assistance. Users can use the camera on their smartphone to show volunteers their surroundings, enabling them to receive an immediate response to their daily living tasks.

Easy Accessibility

The Be My Eyes app is readily available on both Android and IOS operating systems, making it simple for users to access the app wherever and whenever they need it. The app is also compatible with native screen readers, allowing those with low vision to navigate the app with ease.

Positive Community Impact

The app creates a positive community impact by facilitating visually impaired individuals' daily tasks through live video assistance from volunteers. It has also created a space for people who would like to volunteer their time and skillset to help others with visual disabilities complete tasks.

Technical Support

Simple Access to Microsoft Services

Microsoft's Disability Answer Desk can be accessed via the Be My Eyes app, which enables users to quickly access technical assistance during their daily use of Microsoft services. This function is widely appreciated as users can solve their technical issues without delay and avoid frustration.

Diverse and Multi-Lingual Support Network

The Disability Answer Desk Support Network on Be My Eyes employs numerous volunteers, each with their set of skills and languages they can speak. This diverse support network ensures that users can get the technical assistance in a language and cultural framework they feel most comfortable with.

Improved Accessibility for Microsoft's Applications

Be My Eyes improves the accessibility of Microsoft applications by actively connecting the visually impaired with adept volunteers who can help them navigate Microsoft's applications. This results in a more inclusive computing experience for the visually impaired, as they have access to Microsoft tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission Driven Support for the Visually Impaired

Verizon, Be My Eyes partner, acknowledges that investing in social initiatives benefits communities across the board. Thus pursuing the greater cause of making the world accessible for those in need. The association helps the visually impaired through technological innovations, and encourage their employees to volunteer their time via Be My Eyes.

Meaningful Impact via Volunteering

Twitter employees worldwide can volunteer with Be My Eyes, helping people with visual disabilities lead more autonomous lives. Volunteering with Be My Eyes enables Twitter staff members to make meaningful social contributions that align with their corporate social responsibility principles, fostering a positive impact on communities in which Twitter operates.

Global Accessibility Improvement

The impact generated by Be My Eyes is global in scope, accelerating individuals' capacity to lead happy, independent lives. The company operates with equality in mind, placing emphasis on expanding technology's accessibility to the visually impaired, thereby steadily improving societies' diversity and inclusivity.

Customer Service Assistance

24/7 Availability

Be My Eyes offers customer service support that is available round the clock to ensure uninterrupted users' assistance. This support network enables visually challenged users to contact the company at their convenience and get relevant assistance for their issues.

Dedicated Support Team

Be My Eyes team is made up of professionals who are committed to guaranteeing users' convenience and satisfaction. This team of dedicated support staff can help customers to resolve issues related to the functionality of the app or any question regarding navigating the app.

Personalized Assistance

The customer support provided by Be My Eyes is highly personalized, ensuring that customer issues are resolved efficiently. The support staffs are trained to deliver customer care uniquely, taking into consideration each user's life circumstance, ensuring that each user feels valued and appreciated.

Privacy & Security

Protection of Personal Information

Be My Eyes prioritizes user privacy and ensures that all data shared via the app is private and secure. Personal information is encrypted, and the company does not share any personal information with third parties.

Verified Volunteers

Be My Eyes verifies all volunteers that sign up for the service, ensuring that all users are connected to trusted individuals who can provide assistance through the app.

Strict Guidelines

Be My Eyes enforces strict guidelines to guarantee that all users are connected through a secure and private channel. The app's terms of usage state that all users are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct that encourages mutual respect and prevents any form of discrimination.

Be My Eyes

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